Is the ouija board real? YES IT IS

is the ouija board real

What is a ouija board and is the ouija board real?

The ouija (pronounced “wee jee”), also known as a spirit board or talking board, is a flat board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0–9, the words “yes”, “no”, “hello” (occasionally), and “goodbye”, along with various symbols and graphics.

The Ouija board uses a small heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic called a planchette. Participants place their fingers on the planchette and slowly move it around the board in a figure 8 pattern while asking the ouija board questions.

The planchette starts to move on its own, while the players continue to lightly touch the planchette. The planchette points to letters and numbers around the board, spelling out sentences to talk to ouija board players. Ouija board players ask questions and “wait to see what the planchette spells out” for them.

The ouija board is believed to contact spirits on the other side 9the dead.) People for generations have used the board to speak with deceased relatives, or what they think are deceased relatives.

is the ouija board real
I didn’t feel comfortable looking for ouija board pictures because the ouija board is a very bad thing to get involved with. I’m an empath so I have always had very bad feelings when looking at Ouija boards or being around them.

In this post, I will give you insight as to what happened with us when we experimented with the ouija board in 2004.


The truth about ouija boards cannot truly be answered, I believe, until our days are spent and we no longer roam this earth. Until that time, I’ll give you some insight based on my experiences with the ouija board. I will tell you this…the planchette you place your finger on, chooses its own path.

It’s hard to explain, but, if you work the ouija board correctly, it does truly move on its own, with you barely touching it. Until you feel the pull of the planchette across the board, it’s easy to doubt and say it’s not real.

Once we started using the ouija board, I knew right away that no one could be moving the planchette like this. The planchette, seemed to have a mind of its own, moving quickly and rapidly, digging into the ouija board as it moved. We barely touched the planchette to the ouija board, and yet, it moved rapidly with an attitude, if you will.

There is no way that planchette could have zipped across the board as hard as it did, with the incredibly light touch we had on it. We barely touched the thing, and yet, it zipped along. To move it across the board with quick and accurate spelling precision, one would need to have a firm press on the planchette. We would have to press much harder than we did.

The movement from the ouija board planchette will become very strong and the sensation feels like a “pulling” sensation. It’s almost like it has a mind of it’s own and your fingers are just touching it, going along for the ride.

You have to learn to keep your fingers on the planchette in order to keep up with the movements! As far as I’m concerned, it is real and I do not recommend playing with any ouija board.

is the ouija board real
2 players ask the ouija board questions, allowing spirits to move the planchette, spelling out answers.

Some Christian denominations have “warned against using ouija boards”, holding that they can lead to demonic possession. Occultists, on the other hand, are divided on the issue, with some saying that the ouija board act can be a positive transformation; others reiterate the warnings of many Christians and caution “inexperienced users” against it.


By itself, the ouija board is not bad. A loaded gun sitting on the dresser by itself is not bad either…you see where I’m going with this? The ouija board is nothing more than a device to speak to the dead…to those who have moved on. It’s a doorway to spirits…good or bad…but mostly bad.

The Ouija board is like a telephone to the other side. If you dial a number at random on your phone, you never know who is going to pickup. Make sense? By using a ouija board, you are, in essence, calling the dead. You never know what will pickup on the other end. Results can be dangerous.

My parents got a ouija board as a wedding gift, of all things, and figured they would try it out one night. My dad asked who is working the board. It spelled out a long name that didn’t make sense until it was read back. They took notes during their ouija board session. The name was Mephistopheles and that was the end of ouija boards for them. That’s the DEVIL in case you don’t know.

The video below gives you an idea of what can happen. I chose this video to give you a look at how the planchette moves over the ouija board. See how they’re barely touching it?

I’m not trying to convince you if the ouija board is real or not, but I do want to warn you, some freaky crazy stuff happened when many have worked a ouija board. I don’t believe in anything until I can prove it’s true. We went into ouija board research mode for months, trying to find answers. We weren’t just screwing around like so many others do.

I write this post to those interested in the ouija board. I want you to know what happened to us.

I was raised catholic turned christian. I’m very religious but not the bible banger type, ok? I still swear and wish vengeance on people who hurt animals, so no, I’m not perfect.

The side effects of using the Ouija board will depend greatly on the location, level of personal understanding of supernatural law, perhaps your own psychic development, and whether you’re fortunate enough to encounter a good spirit, or, unfortunate enough to encounter a bad one.

The Ouija board is NOT a toy

If you do not have an intimate understanding of what you are doing, and, more importantly, how to undo it if you screw up, you shouldn’t play with a ouija board. You are dealing with forces you can’t possibly understand.

You are opening a doorway to the other side, into something that you have relatively no understanding of, which often contains entities that understand you better than you understand yourself.

It’s quite possible that nothing bad will happen when you use a ouija board, but I have to warn you that others were not so lucky.  Keep in mind that some are unfortunate and regret experimenting with the ouija board. If you happen to have a certain level of psychic ability which you haven’t become aware of as of yet, it could actually be unfortunate indeed. Your being could be like a lighthouse in the dark drawing in all the moths.

Long story short, I shouldn’t be messing with this, right? Well, me and a few friends, including my girlfriend at the time, did.

What happened during our first ouija board session

We decided to try the ouija board after talking about it. We went to the store to buy one by Parker brothers. Many people think it’s just a game since it’s Parker brothers. You can actually make your own ouija board. We drew letters and numbers on typing paper and used the bottom of a Dixie cup as a planchette. It worked great. It’s just a way of communication. You don’t need a fancy ink pen from Paris. You can use an old pencil written on toilet paper. Get what I mean?

So two of us got on the ouija board. None of us used it before. We started to move it slowly in a figure 8 around the board, barely touching it, asking the first question. It was a creepy feeling.

No sooner did someone ask a question, the planchette stopped cold on the first number. It was a solid stop. We couldn’t have stopped it as sudden as the way it stopped, while barely touching it. Of course the question is always…did you stop it? NO, DID YOU?!

ouija board seance
The ouija board is a gateway to the other side.

The ouija board started to ask us questions on its own like, “why did you kill me?” Of course we had no idea what was going on. The questions made no sense and many times they do not.

The planchette moved faster and harder, making sudden stops at a letters, frantic to spell out sentences. If we didn’t write fast enough, we asked it “what was that last letter?” The board was getting pissed off, we could tell, if the spirit had to repeat itself. It would lunge the planchette back and forth, pointing at the last letter repeatedly, until we said, ok! The spirit controlling the ouija board had an attitude, as if to say, “there, do you understand now!?”

The board kept asking WHY DID YOU KILL ME? We were all confused until it spelled the name of a girl. One of our friends in the room, not operating the ouija board,  started to cry. We had no idea what was going on. The board quickly went from H to A then H then to A. It was laughing… HAHAHA, rapidly. That was odd. The girl in the room, who was crying, never told any of us she was pregnant and that she had to have an abortion just a couple months before. The girl who had the abortion was not working the board. Obviously the demon enjoyed the pain it caused, as it kept going from H to A at a fierce rate. This is what you will find with most ouija board sessions, demons. The 2 people working the board removed their hands quickly out of panic.

Were a little freaked, and yet, intrigued. Let the testing begin. I wanted to ask it something no one in the room, including me, would know the answer to. What are my great-grandmother’s initials? It spelled 3 letters right away. The next day, I asked my mom what her grandmother’s name was. The board was correct. Her initials with her maiden name. I had no idea what any of them were.

The ouija board session lasted about 2 hours and got freakier. We got rid of the board by burning it. That is the only way to truly get rid of it. No one wanted it in their house. No one wanted an open gateway anywhere near them. I always had a bad feeling while using the Ouija board. There was always an open presence around us. It was a rush of odd anxiety all the time. We knew we had to stop but we were addicted.

If you use the ouija board, there are some words you should say first. Look them up. It is basically a prayer asking the Lord to protect you and to not allow any spirits out of the board. It is also a wise idea to sprinkle salt around the table, surrounding the board.

Days later we decided to try it again. We made a Ouija board out of loose leaf paper and the bottom of a Dixie cup. It worked flawlessly. 4 of us sat in my car in a parking lot for a few hours, working the board. One of the first questions from the ouija board was, “new board?” We didn’t ask it anything. It just sped to the letters, as if it was waiting for us. That was really odd. It’s hard to explain, but we knew, at this point, none of us were moving the planchette. It’s just something you would have to feel to know. Again, the planchette moves on it’s own and your fingers are just there for the ride.

The question was from a spirit named John. I do not feel comfortable typing his full name. John appeared on the board quite often. We felt comfortable with him. His presence was definitely NOT like the other spirits. John made us feel comfortable and there was never ever a moment of discomfort.

We still were having a hard time grasping all this, but we moved on and took it at face value. A part of me had my guard up at all times while chatting with John, but mostly, I felt comfortable. I was able to sense presences, good and bad. This ability, if you will, got stronger as I used the board. I know this sounds odd. Years later I discovered I am an empath.

make your own ouija board

This next part is interesting. Sometimes the messages didn’t quite make sense or didn’t match what we asked. John said when a living person uses the ouija board to ask questions, the spirit world lights up. John said so many spirits go to the “small light” or “window” to speak with the living. Our spirit friend, John, said they were in a form of purgatory, and the spirits were clawing for a chance to get messages to the living. Some good, some bad, and some very bad.

Whether you believe this or not is up to you. I don’t recommend you try the ouija board. If you do, you should NEVER ask a spirit to show itself. You should also NEVER invite it in your home in any way, shape or form. If you are strong mentally, use that as your defense. The more spiritual you are the better.

To rid any bad or evil, say, “In the name of Jesus I command you to leave.” They have no choice. If you mean it, and if you say it, they will leave. Do not mock the spirits and be a jackass. They don’t like that. You’re just asking for trouble.

Don’t be stupid and ask spirits to enter you or anyone else. These spirits do not want to be where they are so any invite to leave their realm will be appreciated.

Again, I do not recommend using a ouija board but if curiosity gets the best of you, don’t use it in your home. Anything that comes out of the board will stay in your home and can even follow you or a loved one FOREVER.

We continued to use the ouija board for some weeks. It became addicting. I was spending more time with the dead and researching than I did with the living. We were working with the ouija board for research purposes only, and were never idiots about it. We needed to find answers. We needed to find out if it was real or not. It certainly got more real and John got closer to us as well.

After a couple weeks, it was only my friend Joey and I, getting together after work, to chat with John. It was becoming almost a daily thing. If for some reason either of us couldn’t make it, it was a let down. We would get upset.

a ouija board is dangerous. you never know what is on the other side. good spirits or bad

John told us all kinds of things. He was in his early twenties. He told us about the girl he fell in love with but couldn’t have. He told us how he died at such an early age. He died over 150 years ago, in the mid 1800s. I researched all he said and found it to be true. That freaked me out and that’s close to when we stopped.

I’m not sure we learned much of anything of any value but it was interesting. From what I remember (it was about 25 years ago) John said purgatory was very dark and just full of nothing. Purgatory was literally NOTHING and spirits were stuck there. It was just blackness and nothing. If this is true, you can imagine now, why spirits got so crazy to speak to the living when that opening appeared in purgatory. That brief moment when they could speak with, or taunt the living.

Spirits in purgatory are there for a reasons and it’s a very lonely place. I’m sure many spirits there are the result of people dying way too soon, before they wanted to. Some spirits may not even know they are dead. I’m sure it’s very complex.

This one time, the Ouija board went totally nuts. The planchette jumped all over the board for no reason. I asked what is happening, while we chatted with John. He spelled, music, music. There was some big band fast swing song from a movie soundtrack I used to play all the time and it was playing then. Joey and I worked the board in my car and that song made the board go crazy. John said he loved that song. The board went nuts every time. He would ask to hear it at times. This is so weird I know. Each time we played it, we barely touched the planchette and the board would just go nuts, dancing all over the board in fast motions. There was no way we could move it around as fast as it was going with the little force we had on the thing.

Joey and I got experimental and and put a pen through a Dixie cup (our planchette) and a piece of paper over the Ouija board. We asked John to write his name. He did. It is pretty shaky and scribbly but you can read what it says. Years later, I came across that piece of paper and can’t bring myself to throw it out.

ouija boards are dangerous
You never know who, or what, you are speaking with


25 years later I found that paper with John’s writing, in some folder while cleaning the basement. I had no idea I still had it. I didn’t throw it away but probably should. Probably a good idea to burn it.

Years later, people move on and go their separate ways. I talked to Joey on the phone last year, since I found him on Facebook. He said ever since we worked with the ouija board, his life has been different. I had no idea since it’s been years since I talked with him. He says he is never alone and he sees things. Sometimes bad things. I had no idea this was going on with him. He said it started about a year after doing the board. It was hard for him to talk about.

Joey sees things out of the corner of his eye, things have moved in his apartment, along with other odd things. This is something he has lived with for years. None of this happened before he touched a ouija board. I had no idea. I need to get in touch with him again.

As for me, nothing like that, but I do feel things and find it very easy to read people. I can sense things quite easy. Walking in a room, I am able to sense a room’s vibe without a problem. The more I followed my gut, or, these feelings, the stronger it got. I freaked some people out.

When my wife and I were looking through model homes about 15 years ago, I was overwhelmed with an overwhelming feeling of weirdness upon entering one of the bedrooms. The girl showing us the last model house said she had to close and lock all the models for the night. We were standing in the master bedroom and I had this weird / bad feeling. I just blurted out that I feel weird in the room, like something bad happened, like someone had sex in the room, like they cheated on someone in that model home. I didn’t know where this was coming from, but I just said what came into my mind. I felt it. I knew it. The look I got from the girl was shock. I knew I was right. The girl said something did happen in that room. Her look was that of amazement, on how I knew that. It wasn’t her but she knew who it was. When this happened, I didn’t feel weird, it just felt normal to me.

This other time, years later, we were at the park with our kids. This girl we have never seen before shows up with her kids and for some reason the name “Sharisse” pops in my head. My wife started talking with her and a minute later I was being introduced to Sharisse. She was a young white girl in her late twenties. I’ve never met a Sharisse before.

There are other things that happened but they’re too long to type. We researched deep and freaked ourselves out.

There were times, when we used the ouija board years ago, it got so bad for me one night that I rushed to find an open church so I could talk with a priest. That was a mistake, since priests of today don’t know anything about the occult or the spirit world.

Priests today have no knowledge of these things. It’s a shame. Generations ago, priests knew about the spirit world, but they just don’t know now. There are only a few experts in the area of exorcism today. The priest and I sat together in his office. He asked if I was on drugs of any kind and hinted it could be some form of drug-induced instance. Nope, never tried drugs. I was giving him facts about the bible and spirits that I assumed he knew. Instead, to him, I was a teenager experimenting with drugs. He knew nothing of the spirit world and admitted it.

Final ouija board thoughts

If asked, I would say stay away from Ouija boards. No good will come of using one and the negative possibilities far outweigh anything you could possibly gain. Any paranormal investigator will tell you the same. Once you open a portal, there is no way you can tell really who or what you connect with. You might think, or even be convinced, that you are communing with a benign, helpful spirit, but there is really no way you can be sure.

Ouija boards are similar to chat rooms on the internet. You might think you are talking to a young boy or girl when, in reality, you could be talking to a 50 year old child molester. There is just no way to be sure. As bad as that situation would be, it pales in comparison to the possibility of what could happen with the ouija board. You could get yourself into a situation that you would regret for the rest of your life.

I do not recommend the Ouija board. Once you use it, you just know it’s something not of this world.

That song John liked started to play on a movie we saw tonight, which is what prompted me to write this.


I hope I didn’t freak you out. I enjoy writing about so many things and the paranormal has always interested me. Not too into horror films…that stuff is fake.

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