How to get more video and blog views using SEO

How to get more video and blog views using SEO

Get more YouTube subscribers and views.

YouTube has over 200,000 videos uploaded per day with more than 100 million videos watched daily. Over 300 million You Tube accounts exist.

Understanding YouTube can be complicated when starting out and also when you’ve been at it awhile. It’s important to know how to make your videos discoverable by viewers. YouTube is the third most popular site in the world and the second most popular search engine after Google.

get more youtube views and subscribers
get more youtube views and subscribers

What Determines YouTube Video Ranking:

Have you ever wondered what YouTube actually takes into account to determine which video should rank higher in its search results?

  • Relevant Keywords: Just as a Web page with relevant keyword terms and phrases always ranks better in search results, videos with the relevant keywords will appear at the top of YouTube search results. Keywords are the words viewers search for when looking for videos.
  • Video Tags: Tags are not very important, but they help. Including a few keywords in the tag area helps YouTube to know what your video is about.
  • Title: The video title is a huge factor in determining your video ranking. Try to avoid generic video titles such as “weekend birthday party.” Try to be more specific like “spider man birthday party 2017.” Tip: Put your keyword at the beginning of the title to give a slight boost to your video for searching.
  • Description: Description is very important because that’s what YouTube depends on to determine what your video is all about. Make the first 2 sentences high in keywords. Avoid generic words like “and” “or” “the” Try to include as many keywords in your title while still making it sensible.
  • Thumbnails: The thumbnail creates the first impression of your video. Custom thumbnails, rather than YouTube’s auto-generated snapshots taken from anywhere in the video, are always preferred. When you make a thumbnail image, name the image of what the video is about. Don’t keep the image that’s in your camera! People aren’t going to search 1458.jpg but they will do a search on “how to bake a birthday cake.”
  • Video Transcript: YouTube uses the transcription to rank your video. To help YouTube get a summary of your video you can include the targeted keywords in the transcription. A transcription is the subtitles you see that pop up like closed captioning at the bottom of videos. You can manually create these after you upload your video. This is highly recommended.

Here’s a video I made on how to get more video views. This technique applies to getting more blog views as well.

YouTube takes into consideration:

  • Views and Video Retention: Views improve your video’s YouTube SEO (search engine optimization.) How many people have watched your video? Even if they have, did they watch it till the end? Watched videos until the end is huge!
  • Comments: More comments on your video also give an authority signal to YouTube for your video. But remember, YouTube is quite smart at finding out which comments are spam or fake. If viewers comment on your video, it means they have enjoyed watching your video.
  • Subscribes: If people have subscribed to your channel after watching your video, this means they enjoyed it or learned from it. This indicates to YouTube, as well as Google, that your video informative or enjoyable.
  • Shares: Are people sharing your video on social media sites? If they are, google takes note of this as well. More points for you.
  • Favorites: Another factor is the number of people who favorite your video or add it to their “Watch Later” list.
  • Thumbs Up/Down: The number of thumbs up and thumbs down counts your video gets also determines your video’s ranking in search results. There is no difference between thumbs up or thumbs down. Thumbs down still ranks your video as someone viewing it. It counts towards your video in a good way.

Tips to Rank Your Video Higher on YouTube Search Results:

  • Optimize Your Video Title and Description With Relevant Keywords: Make sure your video title and description contain the relevant keyword terms and phrases. The title should be at least five words long.
  • Embed your video in your blog posts and mention it on forums you visit. Post links to your videos on your website. Email a link to your video to your customers and newsletter subscribers to reach a greater audience.
  • Write a good video description for your video. About 200 words is good enough but only the first 2 sentences count for search. Include great keywords three to four times. The keywords should be included in the first 25 words of the description.
  • Optimize Video: Creat six to eight tags / keywords for your video. Include the keyword phrase in the video tags and also slight variations of this phrase. The tags need to be relevant to your video. Don’t type the word “sex” thinking you will get more views. Tricking your audience will result in hurting your channel.
  • Ask Viewers to Rate and Comment on Your Video: At the end of your video, include a call-to-action button asking viewers to rate your video and leave a comment. Also ask them while filming your video.
sex sells
Sex sells but don’t use keywords or photos reflecting sex in your video description or title if it has nothing to do with your video. Don’t trick your audience!

Following these steps will definitely help you to rank your videos higher in YouTube. Comment below to share your strategies for YouTube video optimization.

As a side note, I DO NOT recommend Tube Buddy for video SEO optimization. I used it for 6 months. A waste of money and it slowed my browser to a crawl. Read my Tube Buddy review here.

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I hope this post on How to get more video and blog views using SEO has helped you! These are the key tips.


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