credit card fraud

A jerk had a pizza party for free!

credit card fraud

It’s obviously unnerving to be stolen from. How can people do this with a clear conscience? Maybe they think the card belongs to a high profile stock trader who doesn’t mind losing $130 on a pizza lunch. Well, money for me is really tight and I didn’t even get any pizza!

credit card theft and fraud
A jerk had a pizza party for free!

I received a text this morning from my bank saying my account was overdrawn with a penalty fee of $34 on top of that. WTF! I rarely use this debit card and it’s still on me. Being in technical support, my mind started to race on all the ways this could have happened. People can get blank cards easily and copy your card data to them. If they have your number and name with expiration, they can also set up apple pay on their phone to flash their phone at the card reader. It has to be one of those two, unless they called the expensive order in over the phone and read my numbers to them.

My bank was great, cancelled the card, and will issue a new one, with a credit, in the next 2 days. No questions asked. That’s great and I’m very grateful but someone out there got a free lunch and that’s BS!

This happened to me twice at a gas station over the last 2 years. I swiped my card at the pump and the next day, got a call from the bank saying my card had $400 activity on it from a grocery store in Texas. I don’t live anywhere near Texas. The second time was at the same gas station a few months later. I put together that someone had some card sensor connected to the pumps to read cards and transmit the credentials. It only happened a day after I was at this station and I have only been to this station twice in my life. Although I didn’t need to, I got ahold of the local police and detectives. They got involved and investigated the gas station. That didn’t need to be done but I NEEDED IT TO BE DONE. I wanted them busted.

I will be contacting this restaurant for them to pull receipts that occurred within 5 minutes of the transaction, looking for the one for $130 and change. I want to know how it was charged and what format they used to pay for it. Maybe it will help the restaurant or lead to the person getting busted.

Credit card theft and fraud occurs everyday and costs banks a ton of money, which they pass on to you in the way of fees…..late fees, interest rates, etc. etc. Fraud can happen whether you use your card online, in a store, through a drive through, etc. My parents think they’re safe since they never buy anything online. What about the teenager taking their order in a restaurant? Or the innocent – looking mom working at the toy store. A lot of people are hurting and get desperate for cash. Being this was a $130 pizza party, it was just some bastard having fun at my expense.

I will do the best I can to find them and put a little scare into them….maybe even lead the cops to their door.

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