q says trust the plan. we have been duped


Considering the amount of political “dis-information” put out on the web on a daily basis, I have started to wonder if maybe we haven’t all been duped by a huge psyOp campaign.

This psyOp by the government (Deep State) intended to keep the people at bay long enough for the “bad guys” to pull off their black-hearted takeover of our lives while pushing us into the throes of a totalitarian government system right in front of our eyes while we were “trusting the plan.”

The fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election called for Joe Biden, who we all know did NOT win.

Everyone in the United States (except for a few million people who actually thought it was a good idea to vote for an idiot because they have been conditioned to hate the opposition), knew this was wrong.  This is obvious and proven.

Everything Feels Corrupt

People kept waiting for the courts to hear the evidence on election fraud and overturn this atrocity to make things right, but it never happened.

Under the Constitution, the courts were put in place to hear evidence and make decisions based on evidence. 

The courts are as corrupt as the majority of the people in congress.

Around the time of the 2020 Presidential Election, I, among many other people, could not continue to watch anything the main stream media put out. 

Everything main stream media says is a lie! 

Once you know this, there’s no going back to watching them.  

q says trust the plan, what plan? where is trump? Considering the amount of political “dis-information” put out on the web on a daily basis, I have started to wonder if maybe we haven’t all been duped by a huge psyOp campaign.
What’s real and what’s going on?

The need to find other sources of TRUE INFORMATION has come to the forefront and we all started looking around. 

In the quest for answers it seems most of us have all ended up in the same areas for real news and truth.  

Don’t you think that part is kind of strange by itself?

I have to ask myself, why is it some people have become prominent sources of information on the internet around the same time this election was called for the person who really lost it?


I’ve been listening to, watching, following, whatever you want to call it, (insert almost any name here) and (or insert well-known names here) for at least 6 months.  

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Would you like to know what I have found out from these people who are supposedly well-connected and know things we don’t know and have said they can’t tell us because they’re under an NDA?  

NOTHING!! That’s right, NOTHING!!

But, if you want to join their club and pay them money every month to be an “insider”, I’m sure you will get more of the exact same thing! I don’t know because I refuse to handout money for information that should be free to everyone.

If that’s how these people want to make their living; leading others on, so be it. Personally, I could never lead people on like that. 

These people can’t be accused of leading anyone on. They always have an excuse and can always say they never told us anything, which would be true.

– Post by RJ

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