Gas Prices To Hit $6 and HIGHER

Gas prices in 2022 are hitting record highs with no sign of lowering any time soon. Gas prices and recession are caused by government.

Gas prices in 2022 are hitting record highs with no sign of lowering any time soon.

In 2014, the gas price was at its peak with a rate of $3.62 per gallon. Although it decreased in 2013, it still was over $3. The prices fell to $2.43 per gallon in 2015 and $2.14 in 2016. Compared to the previous years, in 2019, gas stations charged $2.6 USD per gallon. However, in 2020,  the price was 2.17, which means the price went down by a total of 17%. 

Although the following reasons below explain why gas prices go higher, the real reason is, the government is behind it all.

Have you wondered why the covid hoax and empty hospitals drama lasted for so long and then just kind of went away?

Remember the crisis for ventilator shortages and how vehicle manufacturers stepped in to manufacture ventilators for those dying (actually murdered by hospitals) from covid? What a story that was.

Vehicle manufactures did not step in to make ventilators. Government had to do whatever they had to do to sell the story of covid.

Covid was / is a money grab which also forced people into submission (for many anyway.)

Governments could sell their death jab (money) and create job loss (stay in your homes.)

The story isn’t over yet on how the government is trying to screw us all over.

Gas prices in 2022 are hitting record highs with no sign of lowering any time soon. Gas prices and recession are caused by government.
21 gallons of gas – $125

George Floyd protests didn’t work; even with planted bricks placed in every major city for people to riot with.

Sept. 6 hoax of storming the capitol building didn’t work; but at least the crisis actors made overtime pay.

There is also much talk of food shortages with 18 massive food manufacturing plants catching on fire, around the USA. Odd how so many locations in different states caught on fire.

Now with gas prices rising (and gas not lasting as long since it burns faster…have you noticed that?) people definitely may not be traveling as much; another way to lockdown people.

At the time of this writing, gas prices are $5.18 in the midwest, with some places at $5.78.

Gas prices are said to be over $6 by August 2022 and $10 and over per gallon by end of year.

Some gas stations in the midwest are upgrading their pumps to handle the double digit pricing.

Gas prices could hit $10? Interesting. You don’t see anything odd about any of this yet?

Have you noticed your utility bills much higher as well?

See what they’re doing?

With all the food “shortage” stories and gas prices, with the black plague hoax, all within 2 years? What is their Agenda?

I think you all know it’s about control. But why now? They have been planning their agenda for years.

Bitcoin, DOGE, Apple, and basically anything that trades on the markets, has been crashing daily for the last few weeks, daily.

stock market crashing 2022 and gas prices are getting higher.
S&P500 chart of MARKET CRASHING AGAIN from today 5/18/2022

If you can’t see they’re trying to destroy the people by any means possible, you need to please wake the hell up!



IT IS UP TO THE PEOPLE now more so than ever! THIS MEANS YOU!

Government and their handlers are the reason gas prices are so HIGH.

Here are THEIR Reasons why gas prices are so high (they left out the part about controlling you):

Oil Supply

Crude oil is the most significant factor affecting the direction of gas prices. The price you pay for gasoline is determined by crude oil. This type of oil is easy to refine because it contains very few impurities. Heavy or thick oil has a massive amount of pollutants. Therefore, it is challenging to get refined as well. 

Since the sweet/light crude oil is hard to access, you’ll notice its price to be high. On the other hand, sour/heavy oil is globally available, so its price is much lower than sweet/light crude oil.

Consumer’s Demand

Over the last few years, the world’s population has increased dramatically. The more people, the more likely they drive cars and trucks, so more gasoline is required. Let’s take China and the U.S as an example. 

China built more than 80,000 miles of interprovincial highway in 2020. On the other hand, the U.S has 47,000 miles of interstate highway. These numbers indicate that more people would drive vehicles and use gasoline, thus increasing the price of those specific areas. 


Inflation is defined as the rate at which the prices of services or products are increasing. You can also call it the annual growth in a product or service price. Inflation and gas price have a directly proportional relationship, So, when one rises, it leads the other to increase as well. 

Suppose, in January 1950, a gallon of gasoline cost 20 cents in the US. Adjusting the inflation, in January 2020, if the taxes, demands, and supplying state remain the same, the rate would increase up to $2.89.


Sales taxes and taxes applied by municipal or local governments can also affect the price of gas. For one-gallon motor gasoline, the excise tax is 18.30 cents the fee for the federal leaking underground pump is 0.1 cents, which makes the federal tax 18.40 cents per one gallon of gasoline. 

Refining Cost

In the United States, refining costs vary according to seasons and regions, based on the crude oil and the oil refining technology. Moreover, the price of gasoline also differs due to the ingredients blended with the oil, such as fuel ethanol.

Distribution And Marketing

Marketing, distribution, and retail dealer costs also affect the price of gas. Usually, gasoline is shipped from refineries to the terminal in an area which is then transferred to the gas stations in that pacific area. 

Although few refiners operate or own retail outlets, few individual businesses purchase gasoline from marketers and refiners and sell it to the public. The gas price also changes based on the marketing strategy used by the gas station owners. For example, if the other gas stations in the area are charging high, they would keep their price lower to bring more people in. 

Moreover, the prices also depend on the location of gas stations. If there are multiple gas stations in a single area, the competition becomes very high. At the same time, if there are just two gas stations, the competition is comparatively low. Gas prices also vary based on other factors such as salaries, wages, equipment, rents, lease, and benefits. 

Share your thoughts on The HIGH GAS PRICES in the comments section below. 

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