Covid Lockdowns In Australia

australia lockdowns

The ongoing Covid lockdowns in Australia, and in particular, the extreme lockdown measures in the Australian State of New South Wales (NSW), must appear shocking to the rest of the world. 

Let’s be honest, it is shocking, and not only because those in the state’s capital of Sydney and the Greater Sydney region have been in lockdown for weeks now, it is because Australia became the HQ of the New World Order on July 10 as reported on Australia’s 10 News First at Five, owned by American Media, CBS Corporation

Once announced, things drastically began spiraling out of control for residents in 11 Local Government Areas of Sydney and the Greater Sydney region, with lockdowns in multiple states imminent, and the endless narrative push for everyone to receive any experimental vaccination (aka jab) that contains the poisonous mRNA cocktail.  Yet, there is one problem to their constant push for jabs.  It lies under Section 51 (xxiiiA) of the Australian Constitution, which explicitly PROHIBITS any form of compulsion upon the citizens to take any form of medical or pharmaceutical service, including vaccination. 

In addition to this is covid vaccine mandate in Australia, the giving of any experimental vaccination without INFORMED CONSENT; meaning knowing exactly what the ingredients are in the vaccine you are having, and all side effects that may result from. 

Without informed consent, the experimental vaccination is ILLEGAL.  Look at Article 6 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Bioethics (2005), which states:

Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free, and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information.  The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice along with many restrictions, mask wearing and border control.

Covid lockdowns in Australia and vaccine mandates. Australia freedom for people but at what cost? Internet blackouts Australia. ROTTER News

To those people who have been vaccinated, how many of you were afforded informed consent?  If the answer is none, your human rights have been contravened and this is ILLEGAL, especially considering what the vaccines do to your blood. 

Covid Lockdowns in Australia were due to end on August 28; however, a new health directive was issued, and the NSW Government further announced that the lockdown would now be extended until December 30.  Which brings up another interesting point about lockdowns.  They too are illegal. 

For those who are unaware, a committee comprising of the Prime Minister and State Premiers was created known as the National Cabinet to discuss Covid matters and implement the National Plan.  There is only one issue with this.  National Cabinet was deemed illegal in the Appeals Court of Australia on August 5.  G&B Lawyers defeated Scott Morrison, aka SCOMO, the Prime Minister of Australia! This means that EVERYTHING discussed and implemented by not only the Prime Minister, but ALL State Premiers in agreement is ILLEGAL, and the people of Australia SHOULD NOT COMPLY. 

So, everything decided upon: the Covid lockdowns in Australia, masks, passports, everything! Before the court case and after the court case is ILLEGAL.  It should be noted that the now illegal National Cabinet is still in session.

And for those in power pushing for this to occur, it appears their efforts to either forcibly jab people against their will, or have people rock up and get vaccinated is working as the people listen to the calls for protection and numbers climb higher toward the 80% mark of first jabs in NSW, indicating pending freedoms loom closer.  

Yet currently, those living in the elite northern Sydney beaches areas; whether fully vaccinated or not vaccinated at all, are allowed some freedoms.  They have been afforded the freedom of unlimited exercise, while those in the Greater Sydney regions must still be locked down and face constant harassment 24/7 until they are ALL vaccinated. 

Yes, it appears the fight is between the rich and the poor as well.  All those living in the elite Sydney regions don’t face massive fines, or police patroling their every move, let alone appearing on their doorstep asking if they have been vaccinated, and if not, forcibly jabbed. 

Covid lockdowns in Australia and vaccine mandates. Australia freedom for people but at what cost? Internet blackouts Australia. ROTTER News

Those in the elite areas are allowed to go out all day, and if they tell police they are out exercising they won’t be touched by the police.  This is in stark contrast to those living in the Greater Sydney region, where venturing outside their doorstep or backyard will immediately face police presence, and arrest for not complying with NSW Health directives, meaning lockdown and restrictions.

Those in the elite Sydney areas don’t have to endure a helicopter hovering over their homes while they sleep, NOR do they have a curfew.  

This is a TOTAL injustice of human rights and not fair to those who have done nothing wrong despite what mainstream media (MSM) mention.  

The elite shouldn’t be allowed to do whatever they want more so than those in the Greater Sydney regions.  If there’s a rule for one part of Sydney, the other must also be rewarded, not punished in the manner they are. 

Yet injustices are being played out, with further injustices on the unvaccinated to take place next month when the vaccinated are set FREE, yet still must wear masks, while the unvaccinated stay home or be fined. 

Covid lockdowns and restrictions are not just happening in NSW

Of course, Victoria is still in lockdown for Covid lockdowns in Australia, as is the ACT, while other states still have closed borders to the rest of the country. The only area in Australia as of yesterday that is TOTALLY FREE is the Northern Territory, home to many Indigenous Australians, Uluru, and some of the outback.

In New Zealand, the North Island is also in lockdown.

There is no denying any longer that this is a war against the people by the Deep State.  

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way. 

So, to all my brothers and sisters in Australia I ask you the following:

Do you want to continue living in the darkness of never-ending lockdowns? OR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Do you want to live, and enjoy the freedom we all had before Covid?  

Because there’s only one way out of lockdowns, one way out of everything that has been — to stand up, rise, speak up and


Research everything, after all it is YOUR BODY, and no government can touch it.

Do NOT engage in anything the MSM has to tell you, let alone both the Federal and State Governments, they have their own agenda as part of the Deep State, and it’s one that will shock you when the truth you can no longer hide from, emerges.

Do NOT get tested! Why you ask?

Firstly, there is NO such thing as a variant.  There is NO ALPHA, BETA, DELTA, or ANY strain.  It was made up to cover up a whole list of things the Government doesn’t want you to know about and avoid you ever tapping into.  This is one reason behind vaccinations.

Secondly, being tested for the common cold or flu with a PCR testing kit that has been recalled by the US Government is a HUGE indication of the sort of government we have in Australia. They have their own agenda, and it does not involve it’s elected people, whether you are vaccinated or not.  


To have Covid, you MUST have a severe upper respiratory infection which develops into pneumonia within a day or two.  Has everyone forgotten that?  Doesn’t matter what strain if there is no variant in existence.  If you don’t have a severe upper respiratory infection that develops into pneumonia very quickly, you have the common cold/flu, or you are suffering from ascension symptoms, which resemble all the above.  


There is no doubt the people of this great nation of Australia need to wake up and realise what is happening to them by their elected officials.  

For those that have woken up, and understand what ascension does to your body, who know what is really happening by their Deep State government, then PLEASE!!!

Continue to stand up for your rights as other nations are currently doing, and the rights of everyone that cannot stand up for themselves.  If one man in Canada can beat the Government at their own game in court, an entire nation can rise and do the same.

Otherwise, the Australian Covid lockdowns will NEVER end.  We must all unite and realise what our government is doing.  Regardless of what political side you take, whether youre vaccinated, unvaccinated; regardless of race, creed, colour or financial status, treat each other with respect and continue to help one another in the spirit Aussies know well.

We are one, but we are many, so c’mon Aussies!

UPDATE 18 October 2021

Stand up and be proud Australia!! The efforts in protesting for EVERYONE’S freedoms regardless of whether people are awake or not, or whether they are vaccinated or not, in the country I call home is nothing short of miraculous!

Through the good fight, constant questioning and more people awakening to the corruption and Covid lockdowns in Australia going on, the Governments of at least two States so far have shown that people power, and a voice, are stronger than those who sit at home complaining about all the protesters spreading Covid.

Of course, a little divine intervention doesn’t go astray. The face of politics certainly changes rapidly overnight.  NSW has gone from tyranny to a new leader and complete freedom for the ‘double dose’ vaccinated in a matter of a couple of weeks, and not only that, but complete freedom for everyone regardless of vaccination status in NSW from 1 November 2021. 

Former Premier Gladys Berejiklian resigned on 1 October 2021 and faced court today on fraud charges over allegedly giving over $35 million in grants to her former boyfriend, while new Premier Dominic Perrottet; sworn in on 5 October 2021, got to work quickly in freeing the state into the new ‘normal,’ as well as announce he and his wife are expecting their 7th child.  

While NSW was amid rapid change, Victoria was doing the complete opposite!! Harsh lockdowns were enforced, curfews administered, and rubber bullets pelted at peaceful protesters simply for standing their ground over mandatory vaccinations, which are not mandatory throughout the entire country, let alone Victoria. Victorian Premier Dan Andrews launched an all-out assault on his own people, and Covid-19 cases began to rise and kept rising, with over 2000 cases reported in one day – the highest in the country at any one lockdown period.

Of course, those that aren’t awake complied with every order, even dobbing people into authorities!! And yet, he too has done a complete 360 degree turn by releasing everyone that has been double vaccinated in Melbourne ONLY on Thursday, 21 October at 11:59 PM AEST! 

Once vaccinations reach 80% fully vaccinated, regional Victoria and Metro Melbourne come together under the same rules.  And lastly, once 80% of Victorians aged 12 and over are fully vaccinated, restrictions will align with the National Plan to transition Australia’s National COVID-19 Response, agreed to by National Cabinet, you know the illegal National Cabinet. 

There are NO PLANS at this stage for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated to be set free as NSW have agreed to.

Furthermore, Victoria will NEVER have another State or Melbourne-based lockdown due to high vaccination rates.

What has drastically changed the entire tyrannic status of two states that were hell bent on keeping its citizens permanently locked up?  Has the world gone mad suddenly? Are any other countries going through the same madness? Why have two Premiers; one of which is of course new, completely changed their outlook on lockdowns and tyranny?  Have they changed their stance on the New World Order?

NO, of course they haven’t. Why would a leopard change its spots? However, GOD; also known as The Prime Creator, or Source, and the entire Galactic Federation have simply had enough of the control and the forced segregation on the citizens living in especially NSW and Victoria. Despite only NSW and Victoria being mentioned here, these freedoms apply to ALL States and Territories in Australia.

It appears the devil made deals with the heavens above to end all tyranny in NSW on 1 December 2021 in exchange for their lives – even if all will be jailed – and by this, I mean in Gitmo.

YES! NSW; the fully vaccinated AND the unvaccinated, will be completely free on 1 December 2021. 

So, what happens until everyone is set free? Once the State reaches 80% or higher fully vaccinated (currently stands at over 90% first dose vaccinated and over 80% second dose vaccinated as of 18 October 2021 NSW Government), the FULLY VACCINATED will be able to do whatever they want, except wear masks indoors.  This doesn’t include their own homes.

However, those that are not fully vaccinated, can only visit critical retail premises, of course complying with mask wearing rules all fully vaccinated must also comply with Covid lockdowns in Australia. These include:


grocery stores

shops that mainly sell food or drinks, like butchers, bakeries, fruit and vegetable shops, and delicatessens


petrol stations

banks and financial institutions

hardware and building supplies

landscaping material supplies

rural supplies

shops that mainly sell:

pet supplies

newspapers, magazines, or stationery (for example, newsagents)

office supplies

maternity or baby supplies

medical or pharmaceutical supplies (for example, chemists)

alcohol (for example, liquor stores)

post offices

garden centres and plant nurseries

vehicle hire businesses but not businesses that sell vehicles

shops that mainly carry out repairs of mobile phones

laundromats and drycleaners.

For any other retail premises, or a business that provides goods or services, you can only visit these premises if the business chooses to offer Click-and-Collect.

If you visit critical retail premises, you must:

check in with the Service NSW app or provide your contact details to the occupier

follow the face mask rules.

People who provide an emergency service can enter premises if they are not fully vaccinated and are at the premises to provide an emergency service.  

(NSW Government)

Come 1 December 2021, none of this will matter because EVERYONE in NSW will be FREE!!! I cannot speak for other States who still have mandates in place, or NZ who are still in lockdown, but I also do know that my own State of Queensland will open borders to NSW on 17 December 2021.

The light has won so the Deep State must comply with the original agreement they all signed before The Galactic Federation before coming to Earth and step back to allow freedom for all, vaccinated or not. All that is needed from we humans, is patience. Everything will happen when it is supposed to happen.

However, while we are waiting for full freedoms to occur from Covid lockdowns in Australia, we must also incur the clean-up costs.  I don’t mean monetary costs, I mean blackouts involving the Internet, communications (land line and mobile/cell phone), even Tell a Vision blackouts. Why? To clean up what the Deep State has left behind, and to prevent the Deep State from leaving Earth. 

This is the reason why all flights were grounded across the world over the weekend of 16-17 October in Australia, and why there were internet disruptions and telecommunications stopped. I personally could not contact anyone via phone or email (I use GMAIL), and no one could contact me.  Others I know in the same City had mobile phone services revert to 3G from 5G, no data or hotspots while out and yet could still access the internet.

This is a taste of what is to come BEGINNING 19 OCTOBER 2021 (that’s what the video says) until every Deep State being has been captured and arrested.  Already, China is seeing widespread blackouts and electricity cuts also. I suspect the blackouts are also happening to implement Nesara/Gesara, but I cannot be sure about this without sufficient information to back it up. That’s just my gut feeling.  

Anyway!!!! A lot happening, and a lot yet to come regarding Covid lockdowns in Australia and the rest of the world.

Written by Lehonani McEchaidh for ROTTER News

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