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Looking for a YouTube alternative because YouTube sucks? Censoring freedom of speech and demonetization are only a few reasons why YouTube sucks. YouTube video creators have been looking for YouTube alternatives.

There is another YouTube alternative in town:

YouTube is the biggest video streaming service in the world, with the video sharing platform boasting more than 1 billion monthly active users, but most video creators aren’t happy.

YouTube sees millions of hours of new content getting published every day and has videos on almost any topic you can think of. That said, the platform’s huge success has also become a pain point for the company.

YouTube has released many policy updates, which have hurt it’s video creators. YouTube policies and strict censorship have taken away monetization from YouTube video creators, removed videos and even banned channels.

YouTube policies and censorship have gotten out of control, resulting in many video creators in search of YouTube alternatives. As years go by, YouTube policies and censorship get more ridiculous.

YouTube’s policies have made it very hard for new content creators to earn money. YouTube has stopped video creators from making money if their videos are geared towards children!

YouTube’s policies and rules seem to be made up with the throwing of dice, monthly. YouTube was once a fun place for video creators to create and grow together, but now YouTube sucks.

YouTube, after being purchased by Google, has become a cold, sterile place for video creators. YouTube punishes their video creators instead of inspiring them to thrive.

If you’re looking for an alternative to YouTube as a video creator, we don’t blame you.


I have been wanting to start a video sharing website as a YouTube alternative for a few years. RoxyTube was started in May 2020.

“YouTube sucks” videos are on the rise, with video creators looking for another video platform as a YouTube alternative.

Once coronavirus news started hitting in 2020 (which I don’t believe by the way), YouTube got serious in the banning of videos and their video creators.

There is No freedom of speech on YouTube / Google.

YouTube video creators have expressed their hate for YouTube, using YouTube’s own platform, to create YouTube sucks videos.

President Trump signed an executive order on May 8, 2020 stating that large social media platforms must release their grip on content creators. YouTube, Google and Twitter did not comply.

The next day, May 9, 2020, I uploaded a video to YouTube, which was taken down the same day.

Of course I disputed it, including a copy of President Trump’s executive order regarding censorship.

Within one hour YouTube responded that the video will remain down. Remember those #filmyourhospital videos? My #filmyourhospital video was removed by YouTube 8 times in one week in April 2020.

YouTube has turned against video creators. This is why I created RoxyTube. Not only has YouTube taken away monetization (making money on your videos), they remove videos and even YouTube channels.

Unless you’re a video creator making thousands of dollars a day for YouTube, YouTube doesn’t care about you.

YouTube sucks because their crazy algorithms make it nearly impossible to gain exposure.

YouTube (Google) is all about money and will do anything to dominate the market, catering only to their sponsors. The only video creators YouTube cares about are the ones making YouTube thousands of dollars a day.

If you have a chance, check out RoxyTube. RoxyTube Is for the video creators!

RoxyTube has subscribe option, favorites option, PM (private messaging to other video creators), less censorship and more!

RoxyTube is open to all ages so we ask you have common sense when posting video content.

As we grow, Roxy Tube will offer monetization and live streaming to our video creators.

If you’re looking for a YouTube alternative, check out RoxyTube.

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