YouTube Censorship is out of control

YouTube censorship out of control

YouTube censorship is out of control and has been for some time now, censoring any videos YouTube or Google (same company) they don’t believe in.

YouTube started out as a fun video platform in 2005 with video creators expressing their thoughts via vlogs and videos, from funny to serious, but this was to end around 2010.

Google bought YouTube years later and that’s when it all hit the fan. You see, Google doesn’t just provide you with a popular search engine, oh no!

Google is meant for one thing! Google collects your data

Wherever you go, wherever you surf, whatever you buy, Google is collecting your data and it is stored FOREVER!

Before I continue, I want to let you know I started a video sharing site for video creators called RoxyTube in response to the overwhelming complaints about YouTube censorship.

Video creators are fedup with YouTube censorship so I did something about it. RoxyTube is for the video creator and we believe in FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND ART!

RoxyTube is a YouTube alternative for video creators Freedom of Speech and fun for Video Creators

YouTube censorship went from bad to worse with the coronavirus hoax, planned by corrupt politicians and the “elite.”

YouTube censorship is out of control and has been for awhile but they aren’t the only ones. Twitter and Facebook also have heavy censorship especially when politics are involved.

Social media platforms started out as fun places but have turned into evil overlords, censoring whatever doesn’t fit their agenda. Political posts and videos have been censored the hardest.

Why is censorship so bad on social media platforms? Because these social media platforms are part of the agenda. These social media monsters started small and grew into what they are today. They are part of the problem, part of “their” plan.

THEY do not want the truth exposed on many topics.

Another alarming truth to social media censorship is how Google’s search engine operates. Try searching Google on a political topic or anything related to coronavirus hoax or the George Floyd death hoax. You won’t find much. Now, do the same search using a search engine like You will find an abundance of info! Why is this?

Google doesn’t want you to find anything related to freedom of speech or the truth.

I use duckduckgo as my search engine. NEVER Google.

DuckDuckGo does NOT track you and provides search results for anything. I have set my browser of choice to launch duckduckgo in all my devices instead of Google.

I’ve had many videos removed from YouTube due to their ridiculous censorship policies. One video talking about #emptyhospitals for the coronavirus hoax, was taken down 8 times in one week.

I kept uploading the #filmyourhospital video and YouTube kept taking it down.

YouTube / Google will censors all media that doesn’t fit their agenda.

Did you know Facebook wasn’t started by a college kid, Zuckerberg? Facebook was started by the government to collect personal data, photos, videos and thoughts posted by people all over the world. Would you use FaceBook if you knew this?

A massive red flag that YouTube censorship is out of control is President Trump’s executive order against social media censorship.

President Trump signed an executive order on May 8, 2020 stating that social media platforms need to stop censoring and banning content. There is a thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

The next day, I posted a video on YouTube, talking about coronavirus hoax truth, which was taken down by YouTube due to “YouTube censorship policies.”

I responded with a copy of President Trump’s executive order he signed the day before. Within an hour I received a response from YouTube saying the video will remain down.

So ask yourself, what is going on with YouTube and social media censoring if they will not abide by the law by the President of the United States? .

Something much bigger is going on here. Something is definitely wrong and it’s very obvious to see.

Censorship is needed, I will agree, but not to the extent these social media platforms have taken it. Many YouTube video creators have had their videos removed, demonetized (they can’t make money on their videos) or their YouTube channels removed from the YouTube platform.

A simple search for YouTube censorship will show thousands of complaints from content creators. People are fedup with the scams, censorship and lies being told by the government and social media platforms.

You aren’t alone, Google is a monster that is hell-bent on removing content that doesn’t fit their agenda. What’s they’re agenda? Not spreading the truth and keeping certain info from people around the world, such as the truth on what is going on in the world.

I used to have the NEST thermostat, which is designed and run by Google. I ripped that off the wall, as it monitors when you’re home to “control the temperature” of your home.

You must realize that YouTube / Google are more massive than you can imagine. On the surface it looks like a great tool to get info and be entertained, however, there are powerful forces at work collecting your data and using it for purposes you can’t even imagine.

If you’re fedup with YouTube and it’s ridiculous censorship, check out RoxyTube, we have more features, more fun and much less censorship! Spread the word!

I hope this post on how YouTube censorship is out of control has shed some light on the evil YouTube and Google are trying to spread.


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