Who’s the President of the USA? It ain’t Biden.

puppet biden is not president

Who’s the President of the USA? It sure isn’t Biden / Beijing Joe.

Where is Joe Biden and the lying news media during the border crisis?

Why is Biden wearing a mandatory mask when he supposedly got the death jab “vaccine?”

Where is Joe Biden when he’s not filming in the Oval Office at Amazon studios?

Tyler Perry studios. biden is not the president and not at the whitehouse.
Biden filming at NOT THE WHITEHOUSE
Biden Fake Whitehouse set vs REAL WHITEHOUSE…details details

IF Biden is the President, why isn’t he filming at the Whitehouse?

Why isn’t Biden allowed in the capitol building?

Why isn’t Biden on Airforce One?

Why are military not around most of the time for Biden?

Biden and the US government don’t own us or run us! WE THE PEOPLE RUN THEM! People forget this.

Check out this speech by the Deep State puppet Biden telling us what we’re allowed to do if we obey and take the death vaccine (which isn’t a vaccine.)

Biden says if we take the Covid Vaccine / Death serum, we can have a normal 4th of July 2021.

BIDEN: “If we do our part… by July 4, 2021, there’s a good chance you, your families, and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout or a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day… Small groups will be able to get together.”

News flash Joe, no one cares; we’ve been having get togethers for months without masks.

They’re all Deep State Puppets

If you don’t know by now, Biden, along with thousands of others, are nothing more than puppets, forcing The Deep State Agenda.

The Deep State has always wanted world domination and control.

Regardless of who you voted for or what you believe is true, the bottom line is THEY are telling you what to do.

THEY say You MUST get the Covid Vaccine to have a normal life.

If you don’t get the Covid Vaccine, you will not have a normal life.

You will not be allowed in stores, concerts, gatherings, events, movies or anywhere groups of people are.

Can you see it?

The US Constitution says people have rights and the government works for the people.

Why are the people obeying what the government says?

Do you have the Black Plague virus?

Are there bodies piling up in the streets?

They want you to take a preventative vaccine (not a vaccine) for something you don’t have.

It’s not a vaccine, it’s a gene-altering serum.

Their “Covid Vaccine” has not been tested and they are not responsible for side effects or death.

Insurance companies will not cover anything resulting from their covid “vaccine.”

Who’s running the USA? It’s not Biden (we knew that)

Where is Joe Biden? Where is the lying news media coverage on the border issue?

Everyone can see the problems, yet many still wear masks because they’re told to.

Nothing will get resolved unless you start following the Constitution only.

IF you want your life back, take it! Stop wearing a mask and live your life!

Don’t wait for things to fix themselves because they never will. Remember who started the problem.

Everything was fine until the lying news media blasted The Deep State Agenda over the air waves.

Stop watching the television and doing what you’re told!

lying news media. MSM works for the deep state and the lying government.

Are you living under your parent’s roof? You’re following rules of others for their benefit (agenda.)

Why are we told to obey them when they work for us?

We work hard for our money; most of us struggling from month to month, giving much of it to the US government in taxes, which are not used for the people or your retirement.

When does it stop? When will you live your life?

Follow your gut and the Constitution. Get out of the mindset that you need to follow anyone with created authority.

You are not breaking any laws by not wearing a mask or getting together with family and friends.

It’s proven Biden is a criminal. Why would you listen to anything that demonic puppet says?

Who’s the president? It sure isn’t Biden.

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