The Internet of Things – The People’s Network and Helium HNT Mining

the internet of things

There’s a lot of noise at the moment about the Internet of Things and its impact on everything from the way we travel and do our shopping to the way manufacturers keep track of inventory.

What is The Internet of Things?

In a nutshell, the Internet of Things is the concept of connecting any device to the Internet and to other connected devices around the world.

The Internet of Things is a giant network of connected things and people, all of which collect and share data about the way they are used and about the environment around them.


The Internet of Things will connect countless objects of all shapes and sizes – from smart microwaves, which automatically cook your food for the right length of time, to self-driving cars.

Self-driving cars would carry complex sensors to detect objects in their path to avoid collisions before they happen.

Wearable fitness devices that measure your heart rate and health can be linked with your doctor’s office and medical insurance company.

With a massive wifi web, lost pets could be tracked, along with the whereabouts of your children…and even YOU.

Actually, you’re already being tracked; we each carry GPS trackers on us at all times; smart phones.

Helium HNT hotspot will connect all wifi devices for the internet of things the people's network. The Internet of Things will connect countless objects of all shapes and sizes – from smart microwaves, which automatically cook your food for the right length of time, to self-driving cars, whose complex sensors detect objects in their path, to wearable fitness devices that measure your heart rate and the number of steps you’ve taken that day.
Helium HNT hotspots will connect all things to create The Internet of Things

All this collected data will help you and others to have a more productive and efficient life.

There are even connected footballs that can track how far and fast they are thrown and record those statistics via an app for future training purposes.

Perhaps technology is getting carried away. When does technology advancement become too much?

I’ve written a post on the vaccinated being tracked – would this be part of that?

How Does The Internet of Things Work?

Devices and objects are connected to each other through the Internet of Things platform.

This massive wifi network of devices integrates data to allow devices around the world to talk to each other.

Analytics are used to share the most valuable information with applications built to address specific needs.

The Internet of Things – Good or Bad idea?

The video advertising Helium HNT mining is fun and comical, enticing people to get involved by showing how harmless and fun it is.

The Internet of Things platform can pinpoint exactly what information is useful and what can safely be ignored. This information can be used to detect patterns, make recommendations and detect possible problems before they occur.

For example, if a car manufacturing business, wants to know which optional components (leather seats or alloy wheels, for example) are the most popular. Using the Internet of Things technology, they can:

  • Use sensors to detect which areas in a showroom are the most popular, and where customers linger longest
  • Drill down into sales data to identify which components are selling fastest
  • Automatically align sales data with supply so popular items don’t go out of stock
  • Track what customers are looking at what types of cars and for how long in the showroom
  • Since potential customers are linked to the Internet of Things, their phone could talk to the Internet of Things and let the car manufacturer know what cars they have been looking for

Helium Hotspots (HNT)

This new people’s wifi network will be created by hotspots connected throughout the world by individuals like you.

For $500 you can own an HNT hotspot, which you will connect to your home wifi, that will join to other HNT hotspots and so on.

Why would you purchase a $500 device to share part of your home wifi to help create a massive wifi network for the world? You will get paid for it.

People can make anywhere from $1 to $50 a day or more by owning one of these Helium HNT hotspots.

The $500 investment would be paid for by the money you make by owning one of these Helium units with HNT cryptocurrency.

The more HNT devices in your area, the more money you can make, since the network would be stronger with more units connected together within a 10 mile radius.

Helium needs to build a network of these LongFi hubs for as much coverage as possible.

LongFi, as the name suggests, has a much wider range than Wi-Fi.

Each hotspot can cover up to 10 square miles, so the more people who invest in hosting hotspots ($500 per hotspot), the bigger the world network becomes.

Helium rewards you with HNT crypto currency when in range of other hotspots.

The Helium HNT hotspot device doesn’t use much of your home internet’s bandwidth (speed) at all (5-10 kb), but what about network security risks?

There must be some type of network security, or perhaps part of your home network wouldn’t be accessible at all.

Remember, better security only makes for a better hacker.

The Internet of Things Can Be Helpful – OR is it TOO MUCH?

Imagine you wake up at 7am to go to work. Your alarm clock does the job of waking you just fine, until something goes wrong.

Your train’s cancelled and you have to drive to work instead. It takes longer to drive, and now you’re late late.

An Internet of Things alarm clock would reset itself based on all these factors, to ensure you got to work on time.

Your wifi alarm clock would know your train is canceled, calculate the driving distance and travel time for your alternative route to work, check the weather and factor in slower traveling speed because of heavy rain.

All these calculations by all devices talking to each other would have your alarm clock wake you up so you’re not late.

Your coffee maker would ensure your morning caffeine’s ready, a bit earlier, when you wake up.

There are thousands of these hotspots in place around the world, creating the new People’s network; it’s growing daily.

PODCAST version of The Internet of Things and Helium mining

The Internet of Things sounds great but it feels the human element would be taken from much of daily life, not to mention privacy.

Some say the Internet of Things is the Illuminati’s Network – sounds like it.

What are your thoughts on the The Internet of Things – The People’s Network and Helium HNT Mining? Let us know in the comments section below.

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