Rottweiler dogs are vicious?

Such a sweet rottweiler boy. The first one I ever met. Love this guy. 2 years old.

Rottweiler dogs are vicious?

Do you agree with this title? I don’t. There are only vicious people who make dogs that way. Dogs are perfect souls who pattern their behavior after those around them. It is crucial they learn proper care at an early age, just as with children. Sure, genetics play a role in this of course, as with any dog or person. You could get a bad seed or a difficult animal right out of the gate.

We were on a bike ride with my 2 young sons, 5 and 9, this weekend. At a crossing, a german shepherd walked passed them and went off barking. The husband and wife didn’t say anything except “keep your distance”, as he pulled back on the leash. The dog continued to bark and dig into the ground.

This is NOT a german shepherd. It LOOKS like a german shepherd, but a GERMAN SHEPHERD has the knowledge to know the difference between a little boy and a threat. These people have done this dog wrong. Maybe the dog was rescued with these issues. In that case, the original owners did that dog wrong. It’s unfortunate, as this dog gives the german shepherd breed a really bad reputation.

Our last shepherd, Nora, greeted everyone with kisses. She loved people and especially kids and babies. She also knew what a threat was. Jerky people or people screwing around at the park were given firm stares by her. She watched and observed. She studied them. This is a german shepherd. Nora also stood in front of me, making sure she was out front. She was protecting me and this started at 6 months of age. This is what a german shepherd does. They observe and they study. They are incredibly loyal to their family.

German Shepherds have the ability to learn simple tasks after only five repetitions and obeyed the first command given 95% of the time. Coupled with their strength, this trait makes the breed desirable aspolice, guard and search and rescue dogs, as they are able to quickly learn various tasks and interpret instructions better than other large breeds.

Our current shepherd, Leia, is the same way. At 4 months old she is more loving but as she matures, that will change into what Nora was.

A good dog doesn’t attack everyone and everything in the name of “protection.” A lot of owners will say, “oh, she’s really protective, she’s a really great guard dog…that’s why you can’t pet her.”


The dog clearly can’t tell the difference between a threat and a little girl. This same dog may also have a hard time determining the difference between a crying human baby and an injured animal in the wild….that’s trouble. Take away the owner and put the dog in a field with strangers and the dog will more than likely act differently. They act crazy when mommy or daddy are around.

I once met a chiwawa and this was one bad dog. It never shutup, didn’t like anyone, and never gave anyone a chance. It was mistreated as a puppy and through it’s life. This is terrible. People made this dog this way.

Back to the Rottweiler.

My wife is dog sitting for a neighbor who is out of town. I have never met this lady. She is a cop. Her dog is a rottweiler. I have never met a rottweiler. I just heard they are mean. I get in the house and the dog doesn’t come closer than 5 feet. I don’t reach out and I don’t try to get him. I know he’ll come when he’s ready. No growling or teeth showing. He’s just pacing.

After 2 minutes he comes over and I show my hands for him to check out. Never reach up and pet a dog on their head or where they can’t see your hand until trust is formed.

Such a sweet rottweiler boy. The first one I ever met. Love this guy. 2 years old.

2 minutes later he’s next to me on the couch giving kisses and laying by me. My wife said that’s strange because he doesn’t care for people too much, especially men. His owner brought him to the police station and he doesn’t like the cops either.

Dogs sense emotions very well and pick up on everything. They can confuse your fear of them with odd behavior and not trust you. They don’t understand why you’re afraid. If you’re afraid, you can’t pretend not to be. I was excited to meet him. It’s natural for me to see a dog and want to love him / her. He obviously sensed this…it just took him a couple minutes.

I spent 30 minutes with him. Such a great boy and I look forward to seeing him again.

It’s no secret I have always loved dogs more than most people and always will.

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