Robb Elementary School Shooting – More Gun Laws

Robb Elementary School shooting promotes more gun laws. Government needs to stay out of the lives of people. Gun laws are useless.

The Robb Elementary school shooting will promote more gun laws, because as we all know, gun laws keep guns out of the hands of bad guys and crazy people.

Texas Governor Says New Laws to Be Passed After the Robb Elementary School shooting.

Yes, more gun laws will prevent senseless killings by crazy people or politicians (sandy hook.)

New gun laws will be passed after the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said on May 27.

“Do we expect any laws to come out of this devastating crime? The answer is yes. Absolutely yes,” said Abbott, a Republican.

Those laws will be “in multiple different subject areas,” he added.

One area will be making schools “safer.” He also wants laws that address the “array of healthcare issues that relate to those who commit gun crimes.”

“The status quo is unacceptable. This gun crime is unacceptable. We’re not going to be here and talking about it and do nothing about it. We will be looking for the best laws that we can get passed to make our communities and schools safer,” Abbott said.

Governors across the nation, and members of Congress, have discussed new legislation following the shooting, which left 21 dead, and the shooter, at Robb Elementary School on May 24.

Some legislators and governors see the need for bills that curb access to guns, but Abbott suggested he isn’t of the same mind.

Where Were The Cops?

WHY were 19 fully trained and armed police officers told to step down, while 19 children and 2 teachers were slaughtered at Robb Elementary School?

And the most disgusting question… why did those 19 fully-armed officers stand down, while hearing gun shots, children’s screams and parents’ anguished pleading to save their children?

The cops at Robb Elementary School did NOTHING for OVER AN HOUR, while the shooter was locked in a room with his victims.

It took one brave, clear-thinking border patrol officer, with his barber’s shotgun to stop the massacre.

Robb Elementary School shooting promotes more gun laws. Government needs to stay out of the lives of people. Gun laws are useless.
Should we do something? Nah

New Gun Laws? No need. New cops? Yes, because these 19 “following orders” cowards allowed one crazed gunman to destroy an entire town. These cops at Robb Elementary School neglected their duty to “serve and protect” and should be prosecuted.

Pressed on whether he’d support legislation to tighten background checks for gun controls laws, Abbott said background checks can be avoided, pointing to how the Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a 17-year-old who carried out the shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, in 2018, took the gun he used from a parent.

Robb Elementary School shooting promotes more gun laws. Government needs to stay out of the lives of people. Gun laws are useless.
What do you mean the donuts are gone?!

“Anyone who suggests, ‘well, maybe we should focus on background checks as opposed to mental health.’ I suggest to you is mistaken,” Abbott said.

The Republican also brushed aside talk about moving the legal age to buy rifles to 21, noting that 18-year-olds in Texas have been able to buy the guns for some 150 years and school shootings have only recently started happening.

Salvador Ramos, the alleged Uvalde shooter, was 18 and legally bought two guns.

State. Sen. Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat, interrupted the briefing to urge Abbott to call a special session so lawmakers can reconvene, and said the session should focus on gun laws.

“We have to do something,” Gutierrez said, adding that he feels 18-year-olds shouldn’t have guns.

These political puppets are beyond pathetic. When do bad guys follow gun laws? IDIOTS!

The Texas Democratic Party, meanwhile, called for a bill that would ban “assault weapons,” which it did not define.

“The Texas Democratic Party joins their call for a special session to ban assault weapons and pass life-saving legislation to end gun violence in Texas,” Gilberto Hinojosa, the party chairman, said in a statement.

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, a Republican, has largely aligned with Abbott, saying he thinks the focus should be on mental health legislation as opposed to bills concerning firearms.

More laws will not help. Why was the elementary school guard not on guard? Why did a teacher prop open her door?

More gun laws will not stop crime. Was not the school a gun free zone? The answer begins with returning to a healthy respect for all humans with a deep respect for the family unit.

We simply cannot have the government running our lives. This showed its ugly head when the local police at Robb Elementary School did nothing. More gun laws will not stop crime. Was not the school a gun free zone? The answer begins with returning to a healthy respect for all humans with a deep respect for the family unit.

Texas Democrats say an 18 year old shouldn’t have a gun, but most feel it’s okay to let children get abortions, receive puberty blockers and request a gender change without parental consent. Who votes for these people? Sorry, there is no voting; these demonic puppets are placed in office.

Strict gun laws not only go against the Declaration of Independence, but the US Constitution.

Strict gun laws only take guns away from good people, not murderers.

We should not be political at this moment, but, biden absolutely is and it is disgusting.

biden said in a speech on Tuesday night that it was “time to turn this pain into action,” adding that “we have to have the courage to stand up” to the gun manufacturing industry. Biden also reflected on the frequency of mass shootings in America in his speech.

We all know that biden knows what’s best…for their agenda. They want our guns!

So What’s The Deal?

At a briefing for reporters, DPS spokesperson Victor Escalon said the gunman, Salvador Ramos, 18, made his way unimpeded on to the school grounds after crashing his pickup truck nearby. The carnage began 12 minutes later.

Preliminary police reports had said that Ramos, who drove to the school from his home after shooting and wounding his grandmother there, was confronted by a school-based police officer as he ran toward the school. Instead, no armed officer was present when Ramos arrived at the school, Escalon said.

The suspect crashed his pickup truck nearby at 11:28 a.m. (1628 GMT), opened fire on two people at a funeral home across the street, then scaled a fence onto school property and walked into one of the buildings through an unlocked rear door at 11:40 a.m. (1640 GMT), Escalon said.

Two responding officers entered the school four minutes later but took cover after Ramos fired multiple rounds at them, Escalon said. So police took cover and did nothing further.

The shooter then barricaded himself inside the fourth-grade classroom of his victims, mostly 9- and 10-year-olds, for an hour before a U.S. Border Patrol tactical team breached the room and fatally shot him, Escalon said. Officers reported hearing at least 25 gunshots coming from inside the classroom early in the siege, he said.

When even the parents are calling it fake you know you’ve fucked up. There have been reports of evidence that the feds groomed both this shooter AND the shooter in Buffalo in the same discord server. Government needs these tragedies to happen to push gun control and target American citizens. It could also be a mass satanic sacrifice for the elite, who they serve.

We only know what’s on the news and we know how that works.

Share your thoughts on the Robb Elementary School shooting and ridiculous gun laws in the comments section below. 

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