Red exclamation when importing video from SD card to iPad pro RESOLVED

Red exclamation when importing video from SD card to iPad pro

Red exclamation when importing video from SD card to iPad pro RESOLVED!

I get a Red exclamation (!) when importing video from SD card to iPad pro. I have been editing video mostly on my iPad pro using Lumafusion and love it! I have been a video and audio editor for over 25 years.

I film most of my YouTube videos with my iPhone, Panasonic GH5 and iPad pro, sharing files between the two, for easy editing in Lumafusion.

editing video on ipad pro with lumafusion. video filmed with panasonic gh5 micro four thirds mirrorless cameraOver the weekend I thought I’d break out my Panasonic GH5 for some nice High resolution filming with my favorite lens, a Panasonic 25mm F1.7 prime lens.

The next day I took the SD card out of the GH5 body and popped it into my Apple SD card reader to lightning adapter, for importing photos and videos into my iPad pro.

As always, the import screen came up, showing what photos and videos are available to import to the iPad pro from the SD card. I SAW ALL FILES IN THUMBNAIL FORM!

Red exclamation when importing video from SD card to iPad proAfter a couple minutes, the video thumbnails were greeted with the RED EXCLAMATION POINT.

The videos were not importing to my iPad PRO!

Reading forums and complaints from many video editors turned up no answers. Some people said it’s the file size, while others said it’s the file name. Other people said you need a special SD card reader. None of these are true.

I was fearing it was a 4k thing, since I was able to import 1080 60p just fine into the iPad pro for editing in lumafuion.

Would I be able to edit 4k video in different resolutions on my iPad pro?! YES! READ ON!

The issue is the 10 bit video files I filmed. Apple IOS CANNOT HANDLE 10 BIT VIDEO FILES at the time of this writing. You are limited to 8 bit video files.

In your camera settings, choose a video setting that is 8 bit if you want to import video into your iPad pro.

IOS (Apple iPhone and iPad) only accept 8 bit video files, not 10 bit.

Luckily, there are many settings in 8 bit to choose from in most camera settings. Is there a difference between 8 bit and 10 bit and are you losing much? It’s nothing you have to worry about unless you want to zoom in a lot on video. For zooming in, you will be better off filming with a 10 bit setting and editing on your iMac, Macbook, via Final Cut Pro X.

10 bit isn’t too much different than the 8 bit in video quality tests I have done.

I was able to edit the 10 bit 4k 60p video in Final Cut Pro X on my iMac with no issues. Moving forward, I will need to choose an 8 bit video setting if I want to edit video on my iPad. No big deal at all.

I ran a dozen tests filming with different settings and they all pointed to the bit rate. 8 bit video could be imported into the iPad for editing but 10 bit would never show up…just fail with the red exclamation. This was regardless of the file size or video editing software used.

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