Mask Mandates Lifting

mask mandates lifting

Mask mandates are lifting, just a little bit, with some stores not caring if you wear masks and schools loosening mask mandates for kids.

Why mask mandates are lifting – to give people the illusion of freedom.

Maybe you’ve noticed more people tired of mask mandates, vaccine mandates and all mandates altogether.

It’s been two years since the covid planned-demic by the deep state started to take form.

In the beginning stages of covid, it was the covid fear porn that fueled the lockdowns and government control that is still going on today (two years later.)

The virus that was killing everyone in China would spread to the USA and other countries, they said.

Within a few weeks, “a case of covid” was found in the USA and from there it “spread like wildfire” killing everyone in its path.

Lying news media networks showed hospitals “full of dying patients” while nurses danced for us between working on dying patients.

Smart people took to the streets to film their hospitals, showing that most were empty. CBS was caught using video footage from an Italian hospital and passing it off as a New York hospital with crowded rooms (filmed with crisis actors.)

Podcast version of Mask Mandates Lifting

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter started shutting down accounts, censoring anyone who questioned the government or covid. Freedom of speech is a very large part of America, although these tech companies don’t think so.

People rushed to grocery stores to buy toilet paper, leaving none for those who arrived too late. The toilet paper hoarders left grocery store shelves full of cough medicine, medical supplies and cold remedies, but took all the toilet paper when a killer virus was on the loose.

Pop stars sang to us via video from their homes on major lying news networks to “calm us down”, while car companies had sales and low interest rates to help us in these “difficult times.”

Students Protest Mask Mandates – 2/2022

When mask mandates came out, you needed to wear masks or else. Stores closed, people lost jobs and the stock market crashed, with massive losses for most everyone, due to the FEAR of covid, planned by governments around the world.

Mask Mandates Are Lifting To Create The Illusion Of Freedom

Taking a look back, nothing has really changed except for the destruction the lying politicians and lying news media networks created with covid fear porn stories.

The flu disappeared and was never heard from again…it’s all covid.

Hospitals marked non-flu / covid deaths as covid to get the covid numbers up. Each patient death marked as covid rewarded hospitals $48,000, paid by government.

Their “vaccine” was rolled out in record time (5 months) when it usually takes 8-10 years to study, test and implement a vaccine.

The “vaccine” was forced on people with bribes and job loss threats, if not taken.

Is it coming together for you yet?

The PCR test (never meant to test for covid) was used to see if you had the Black Plague. If you tested positive for covid, you were told to stay home for 2 weeks from your job. If your kids tested positive, they were also kept home for 2 weeks.

Let’s not even get started on the millions of schools that were empty while remote learning took place. Parents lost their minds, along with teachers, trying to keep kids focused on school while remote learning from homes across the nation continued for weeks.

mask mandates are lifting to give the illusion of freedom by government.
I must do as I’m told, even though I’m outside and alone

Look at what a train wreck this was…all part of their plan. The economy crashed, families fought, friends separated and relationships were ended. People turned against each other, forming two camps – the obeyers and the free thinkers.

Two years later, government is lifting the mask mandates a bit because they know people have had enough.

Governments know they can’t cry wolf everyday or they will lose power…it just won’t be believable.

This post is to remind you of one thing….NEVER FORGET WHAT GOVERNMENTS HAVE DONE!

Governments do not care how long it takes to gain control, which is why they give a little freedom now, to take more later…it’s not as noticeable this way.


Governments want to control and win back your trust…don’t let them! You were born free!

Taxes are illegal, and yet, people are forced to pay them. Aren’t we “paying politician salaries with taxes?” Don’t politicians work for us? Didn’t we elect politicians? If so, why are these people telling us what to do?! Elections don’t matter by the way…it’s all setup, just like the lying news on the tel-lie-vision.

NO ONE has the right to control you, EVER!

Share your thoughts on mask mandates lifting in the comments section below.

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