gun sales on the rise

Gun sales are on the rise across the U.S. with some experts predicting that gun reform policies championed by the biden administration, mistrust in the Government, as well as the continuing uncertainty around the planedemic, will keep gun sales high. 

A record number of background checks were performed in the past year, according to data released by the FBI, reaching over 39.6 million background checks for firearms in 2020. 

While there’s no official data on exactly how many guns are sold in the U.S., background checks serve as a good proxy, according to Adam Winkler, author of the book “Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America.” 

The “pandemic” led businesses small and large to shut down, leaving millions of people unemployed. 

Gun Sales Are Surging Among First-Time Gun Owners

 Gun sales, driven by panic and fear over the coronavirus pandemic and George Floyd protests, have been on the rise since March. However, unlike previous surges in firearm sales, the buyers this time are not gun enthusiasts but first-time owners.

“In gun scares in the past, when we’re worried the government’s going to try and confiscate our guns, you see a group of people, most are either gun enthusiasts or people who already own guns, want to get more,” said Georgia Gun Store owner Mike Weeks. “This time it’s very different. We see almost nobody like that buying a gun.”

David Chipman is a former special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who is now with Giffords, a gun violence prevention group.

He is concerned with the surge of first-time gun buyers and says without proper training or coaching, new gun owners will mean a greater number of gun accidents.


Gun sales on the rise. Gun shops are seeing more first time gun buyers than ever before
Gun shops are seeing more first time gun buyers than ever before

“First time gun owners are the people that are most likely to have accidents. Those are the people that are spending $500 on a gun and not $20 on a mask, which would actually protect them from the biggest dangers they’re facing today,” he said.

In my opinion, this David Chipman is a joke. He said people should spend $20 on a mask for the plannedemic, which would protect them more than a $500 gun. I beg to differ FOR MANY REASONS.

Masks will not protect you if someone breaks into your home. Actually, over-the-counter masks won’t protect you from anything – especially the “Black Plague.” Sorry David, you’re wrong.

PODCAST version of Gun Sales On The Rise

biden’s gun plan includes banning the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines (more bullets held per gun) and requiring background checks for all gun sales. Gun safety advocacy groups have praised his platform as one of the toughest of any presidential candidate. 

“Simply put, biden is the gun lobby’s worst nightmare.

Gun stores across the country have seen a massive boom in gun sales over the past year and many experts agree this trend is likely to continue as social division and the plannedemic rage on.

At gun stores from California to New York, the American people are stocking up in enormous numbers, almost as if the end was near.

Gun sales on the rise. Gun shops are seeing more first time gun buyers than ever before. More people are buying guns for protection.
More people are learning gun safety and buying guns compared to previous years

“Trying to buy ammunition because of everything that’s going on with the virus and stuff, it’s horrible and I don’t want to take any chances,” Angel Colon told ABC News affiliate WPVI-TV in Spanish.

People are arming themselves. They are lining up outside gun stores. Or going online. In February, the internet retailer reported a 309% increase in revenue and a 222% surge in transactions. The group is calling the sales “unprecedented.”

In Colorado, more than 14,000 background checks for firearms transfers have been received in the last week, compared to about 7,000 checks conducted in the same timeframe last year, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation said in a statement on Tuesday.

Another weekend at the range with Ruger GP100 357

Fun Fact – Most gun ranges NEVER require masks – patriots don’t do that.

The rise in gun sales is nothing but a good thing for supporters of the second amendment, outside of the increase in ammo costs of course.

More people buying guns means more people are learning about guns and the procedure to get a gun in their area, which will make it harder for politicians to pull the wool over the eyes of the voter when it comes to gun control legislation. 

Local gun stores are reporting gun sales on the rise and an influx of first-time gun buyers, pointing to doubts about the election and fears that biden might keep his gun-control campaign promises.

biden’s gun agenda includes making manufacturers culpable for products used in crimes, stopping the sale of guns and ammunition on the Internet, banning high-capacity gun magazines and reviving the 1990s ban on assault weapons.

biden Wants Your Guns

The 2nd Amendment in the U.S. Constitution clearly states THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it state what type of weapon you can and can’t have.

There is a reason the government wants your guns.

Gun sales on the rise. Gun shops are seeing more first time gun buyers than ever before. More people are buying guns for protection.

“When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty” – Thomas Jefferson

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