German Reporter Passes Out on TV While Demanding Forced Jabs

German Reporter passes out on tv from vaccine jab

German Reporter Passes Out on TV While Demanding Forced Jabs on Tuesday on live tv.

German TV host Clara Pfeffer was overcome by a sudden bout of sickness and nearly fainted live on camera just moments after fiercely advocating for mandatory vaccination in Germany on Feb. 15.

A German news host nearly passed out live on TV just seconds after pushing for mandatory vaccinations—and blames her bout on skipping breakfast. 

“So you are saying we should only activate mandatory vaccination as soon as it will be vital?” Clara Pfeffer, “NTV Frühstart” host asked in an interview with Union politician Sepp Müller on Feb. 15.

“Won’t it be much too late then?” Pfeffer added.

Then, Pfeffer seems to lose it completely, mumbles a few unintelligible words before collapsing forward, bracing herself against the desk she was hanging onto as Müller rushed to her aid.

The show’s anchorman quickly cuts off the interview and tries to save face by introducing another topic.


Shortly after the German reporter passed out, NTV Editor-In-Chief, Sonja Schwetje gave the all-clear. “After an attack of weakness on air, our reporter is feeling better again,” she wrote on Twitter, announcing Pfeffer was receiving medical treatment.

German Reporter Passes Out on TV While Demanding Forced Jabs on Tuesday on live tv. German TV host Clara Pfeffer passes out from vaccine jab.
They said she passed out from not having breakfast

German Reporter Passing Out On TV Goes Viral

But the damage was already done. A clip of the German reporter passing out on tv quickly went viral on social media.

“German TV interviewer pushes for sooner enforcement of generel [sic] vax mandate, then collapses live on air due to climate change,” one Twitter user commented.

German Reporter passes out – video

Pfeffer rushed to assure that she was all right, “I’m feeling better again, I’m stable,” she said, reassuring her followers that she had been medically examined, NTV reported. 

“It’s all right, that was probably a bout of weakness…And then I was gone for 1 or 2 minutes,” she said, adding she could hardly remember the situation.

“I should now recover and will also have everything medically checked again. And above all, have at least a little breakfast next time,” she added.

Other Jab Faintings

Where Is Tiffany Dover? Still MISSING

And let’s not forget Tiffany Dover, the nurse who passed out on live television and was never heard from again. The hospital she worked at said she was fine a couple days later, and yet, Tiffany Dover’s social media remains silent (she was very active on social media.)

Tiffany Dover – Nurse – Passing out – video

In December 2020, nurse manager Tiffany Dover passed out 17 minutes after receiving her Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine during a press conference at the CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Doctors later said the fainting was not related to the vaccine, according to WTVC-9. Of course they did.

Pfeffer was not the first—and probably not the last—public figure to pass out live on stage or camera after advocating for COVID-19 gene therapy vaccines.

On Feb. 7, a cameraman with the German-language national broadcaster ZDF channel lost his steady hand dramatically after feeling unwell while filming an interview at the Beijing Olympics.

“Hypothermia in sub-zero temperatures ZDF cameraman has a fainting spell,” Latest Page News headlined on Feb. 7.

Comedian Heather McDonald collapsed on stage in the middle of a set, fracturing her skull on Feb. 5, right after boasting about accepting all three Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) shots, and how great she was feeling about it.

Last month, Brazilian journalist and television host Rafael Silva suffered a heart seizure and fainted on-screen just days after he celebrated having received his booster shot on social media.

In April of 2021, Denmark’s top health official, Tanja Erichsen, toppled sideways during a national television presser announcing the suspension of WHO-approved AstraZeneca adenovirus vector vaccine.

Share this post amongst family and friends, since we are in grave danger, being subject to medical and social tyranny, which is striving to destroy humanity. This is a silent war against the people, planned by governments around the world.

Demonstrations continue throughout the world, as we face governmental tyranny for a farce that can no longer be sustained.

Share your thoughts on German reporter passes out on tv from jab in the comments section below. All a psyop? If so, why would THEY fake paintings to go against their agenda?

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