FEMA Concentration Camps Coming?

concentration camps by FEMA by biden

FEMA Concentration Camps for the unvaccinated (and even vaccinated) may be coming.

The camps are already built and are called “Green Zones.” They are currently empty and waiting to be populated.

The government will never say you’re going to a concentration camp, which is why they are calling them “Green Zones.”

Their Green Zones include fencing, barbed-wire, and what looks like dog kennels – what dogs they will have onsite? Maybe those chained kennels are for people.

Conveniently, there is a crematorium onsite for each Green Zone to burn trash (or maybe something else.)

What are Green Zones?

A Green Zone is for your “safety” and the safety of others. We can’t have covid killing everyone, now can we?

If your health is compromised or you are elderly, or they think you are a health threat, you will be brought to a Green Zone.

A Green Zone is certainly NOT a nice condo with good living conditions; you’ll find out once you get there.

FEMA Concentration Camps ARE NOT Conspiracy Theory

The government is going to call concentration camps by FEMA something nice; they’re going make it sound good; they’re calling them green zones.

Everything they labeled green is environment friendly and safe, right?

Innocuous green zones are what they’re labeling them; a.k.a. internment camps or concentration camps. This is known as the shielding approach and it’s right there on the CDC website.

Concentration camps by FEMA a.k.a. GREEN ZONES

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All of America needs to know about what the shielding approach is because they’re being built right now.

A lot of people have been talking about how biden is probably going to issue another nationwide lockdown; predicted August,2021.

Will You Comply? Will You Be Locked Down Again?

It’s not known if Beijing Joe (Deep State puppet) will announce mandatory lockdowns in August, 2021, but if it happens, it’s rumored this one will be more strict due to the Delta Variant they made up (more fear porn to force compliance.)

This next covid lockdown is said to include the shielding approach.

The shielding approach is removing people from their households, from their families, and even separating couples who they believe are a high risk for “Covid”, and putting them in these FEMA camps / Green Zones.

Concentration Camps Coming? WAKE UP PEOPLE! ASK QUESTIONS!

At first, the government may try to trick you into thinking it’s in your best interest to reside in a Green Zone / Concentration Camp.

This is Auschwitz repeated.

Concentration camps by FEMA for the unvaccinated (and even vaccinated) may be coming; they're already built and waiting to be populated. Green zones are what the government is calling these concentration camps.
FEMA Camps for Enemies of the State

The green zone camps are built in different communities across the nation.

The government will determine who they consider is a high-risk individual (“health risk.”)

The elderly or anyone with a compromised health condition or a pre-existing condition will more than likely be considered a health risk (or maybe you’re disobedient; refusing to get the jab.)

The government would believe that anyone who is not vaccinated is a high-risk individual.

The government is pushing for FDA approval on the Covid “vaccine” (which has killed thousands.)

So the government rips the person from their home against their will because it’s all about “safety.”

The government says their Green Zone program would be at least six months, but there’s a caveat in their document that says they have the right to extend your stay indefinitely; until Covid is over or until covid deaths are lower (neither will ever happen.)

Concentration Camps For The Unvaccinated – Your Tyrant Governor Signed A Nazi Executive Order

Maybe Green Zones / Concentration camps will start with the unvaccinated not being allowed in grocery stores. The only way to get food is by entering a Green Zone.

NY has already started the Covid Vaccine mandate, where you can’t enter restaurants or public places without showing proof of vaccination.

What if you can’t buy or sell anything unless you’re vaccinated (Mark of the Beast – book of Revelation in the Bible.) Your only choice (per government) may be to live and be “safe” in one of their Green Zones.

Wait to see the creative ways by government to get people into Green Zones.

Maybe it’s more bribery; maybe the winners of some lottery will win a trip, or maybe they will just force you out of your home.

The government is trying to force FDA approval for their “vaccine” and when that happens, they will try to force everyone to get the jab by any means possible.

FEMA Concentration Camps for the unvaccinated (and even vaccinated) may be coming; camps are already built and waiting to be populated. FEMA camps are called Green Zones by government.

You have to ask yourself, why are governments relentlessly forcing the jab? I think you know the answer to this already.

All of this is unconstitutional, but since when did politicians ever follow the U.S. Constitution?

What if you don’t comply?

The government has always been full of deceit; we’re just now seeing more clearly now (since March 2020.)

Deep down you know what they are doing with the covid scare tactic and the pushing of the jab.

Better start thinking about these things before it’s too late.

Hopefully Concentration camps by FEMA (Green Zones) won’t happen. Start looking into things.

Share your thoughts on FEMA Concentration Camps / Green Zones in the comments section below.

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