Cure for cataracts without surgery in humans and dogs. Castor oil could save his vision.

cure for cataracts without surgery using castor oil

Cure for cataracts without surgery in humans and dogs

There are natural ways to treat dogs with cataracts. Natural eye drops for diabetic dogs is the most popular method to break down cataracts in dogs and humans. I’m researching for my dog, Jack, who is now blind due to cataracts.

I read many castor oil reviews for treating cataracts in dogs.

This article applies to humans and animals with cataracts. Cataracts are the clouding and deterioration of the eye lens from age-related thickening which usually occurs in older people, usually leading to blindness.

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts, as with any other degenerative condition, are a result of free-radical or oxidative damage. In the case of cataracts, it’s an oxidation to the protein structure of the lens, a process called glycation. The damage is likened to the process of egg white protein turning opaque when it is slowly heated (the process of glycation), working from the outer ring of the lens to the center of the lens.

My dog Jack (12 years old) is on insulin shots twice a day for the rest of his life for diabetes. It’s hard to see him staring at a wall, crying for me, because he doesn’t know where he is or where I am. He’s trapped in a blackened world due to cataracts.

I would like to share with you what I found in case your loved one, canine or feline have cataract issues.

cataracts in dogs cure
cataracts in dogs. Castor oil drop in each eye before bed once a day may cure it.

Jack has cataracts in both eyes, which I saw forming slowly for 6 months. He was ok until the morning he wasn’t. He went blind overnight and that’s how it happens.

A few days before “going blind”, he found it difficult to find dog treats a foot away. This was not like my boy Jack. Just a couple weeks ago he was racing through the yard, chasing birds on his lawn. He is still very much full of life.

When the faint blue circles in his eyes were small and not very pronounced, he saw fine. The vet said he would go blind within a year and he did, overnight, about 4 months after diagnosis. His cataracts were caused by diabetes and covered most of both eyes. My 5-year-old says Jack has “moon eyes.” It’s a build up of sugar in the lens from diabetes..

The first couple weeks Jack would sit inches from the wall and bark. He couldn’t find his way through the house and bumped into everything. This was heartbreaking. The vet said all dogs with cataracts going through this stage and find a way to manage.

Veterinarians say surgery is the only way to help with dog cataracts, as all vets will. Either veterinarians don’t know about holistic medicine (most do not) or they want to make a ton of money via surgery.

Did you know cataracts are a 1 BILLION DOLLAR a year business? Now you do. One thing I love about my vet, is that he is honest. He told me Jack will manage and that for him to justify the price of surgery is difficult.

I can only imagine how horrifying it is for Jack, especially since he doesn’t understand why he can’t see. The vet said cataract surgery will be $3,000 – $4,000 per eye! I feel bad to say I can’t afford it. There is just no way. Everywhere I read says dogs will adjust but I was determined to find an answer for a fix. I’m a believer in herbs and natural medicine and tons of research.

Doctors don’t know everything. Many people see doctors and attorneys and car mechanics, or any professional as all-knowing. Just because they have degrees, are in the profession and we aren’t, DOESN’T mean they know everything. They do have a limit in knowledge, just as you do, in your profession. What can it hurt to research? YOU SHOULD!

What can it hurt to try something if the damage is already done and it won’t cause pain? That’s where I come from. I never give up until all avenues have been exhausted.

I found a few companies online selling cataract cures for dogs such as CAN-C. Some people really like CAN-C for dog cataract treatment.

I found many people talking about castor oil as a cataract reduction method. It must be 100% pure castor oil though, which is naturally high in antioxidants. Castor oil cleans and heals the eye from the inside out, dissolving the sugars from diabetes that cause the cataract. It is said castor oil, 1 drop in each eye before bed, each day, will dissolve the cataract after a handful of weeks.

Castor oil can be used to treat cataracts in animals and humans


58 thoughts on “Cure for cataracts without surgery in humans and dogs. Castor oil could save his vision.

  1. You have a beautiful heart. I feel your frustration about the industry. It’s sad that if you don’t have they money you can’t help your dog. I think it’s ridiculous that a surgery like that can be that expensive. Keep reading and keep us updated. I will pray that it will help him and hopefully now you can help others as well. Keep fighting for you dog.

      1. Hi Caleb, I just updated the post today. It’s been 9 months. I treated Jack for about 6 months, 2 drops a day per eye. He still has cataracts but is getting around the house with no issue. He goes up the stairs slowly, roams through the yard, and even makes it back to the back door to be let in. He isn’t cured 100% but I believe the castor oil aided in his achievements. If I would have started sooner, I’m sure he would be better off but I didn’t know. I had no idea the blindness comes on so fast with cataracts. I should have started when his eyesight was failing….about 5 months before blindness….when he was diagnosed. But….I didn’t even think about prevention when he could see fine.

  2. How did the castor oil work? Our dog went blind overnight basically as well. Looking into a natural remedy.

    I’m a lawyer, and I couldn’t agree more about professionals being believed to know everything. I hope the castor oil has been working!

    1. Hi David,
      Sorry for the delay in response. It’s been about 2 months and still dosing. They say it can take awhile, a few months at least. Jack went blind overnight and a few days before he was having some issue seeing treats in front of his face. Before those few days he was fine. His eyes looked fine. Over the course of a week his eyes got the blue cataract over the pupils. Cataracts are excess deposits of sugar and they can’t see through them. Castor oil is potent in dissolving them but so far nothing. I can’t afford $4,000 surgery for each eye. I can’t even afford to have one of his eyes fixed. It’s a lot of money for anyone. I felt so bad but he is now navigating around the house pretty well, although he spends most of his time on the couch.

      1. How is Jack doing now? It’s been 8 more months. I came upon your blog looking for info on this subject because my 13.5 year old Toy Poodle, Bruiser a.k.a “B”, has mild-moderate cataracts. He can still fetch and jump up on the couch, everything he’s always done all his life, so if you didn’t know he had cataracts by looking into his eyes, you’d never know there was a problem coming on. I’ve just begun treating his eyes nightly with the castor oil as of this week. I’m very curious as to how many others have seen results in themselves or their pets, and how long it took. I’m happy Jack got some results!

        My 74 y.o father is also using castor oil in his own eyes, along with CAN-C; he was recently diagnosed as having very early, very mild cataracts. His aren’t even yet visible in his eyes, so we’re hoping early treatment will prevent worsening and reverse what little cloudiness he says he has which, again, I’m not even able to see in his eyes, even with light shining in them.

        Wish my dad and my little B good luck! And good luck to you and your little Jack! I loooove the doggos so give him a kiss on his ears from me. *wink*

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both. Cheers~~~

      2. thanks for your kind words. prayers to your family, your father and B. Jack is doing alright. he improved a bit but i started too late. i read if you start sooner, there will be much difference. he was fine but literally went blind overnight. that is how it happens. if anyone starts to see the blue haze in the eyes, a little bit, it’s time to start.

    2. After 9 months, 6 months of dosing twice a day, Jack is doing much better. He goes up the stairs, doesn’t bump into walls, and finds me in the house. the cataracts are still there but he is much better. I think if I would have started sooner, he would be even better.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I’m going to try the castor oil because why not like you said can’t hurt, but very saddening to know they haven’t had any visible affect. It’s bullshit we don’t have affordable and decent pet health care and it’s our pets that’s suffering.

    1. Agreed. I’m no dr. but I can’t see how they justify $4,000 per eye! Is an eye an eye? Does it matter if it’s for a pet? They do take advantage of people in a weakened state. Not all are like this of course, but most are. Same with funeral homes. I could go on and on. Yes try it, it’s worth a shot. In about a month your dog will be getting around the house again pretty well believe it or not. Jack finds his way upstairs and down the hall when he really wants me. Good luck!

      1. Have you ever thought it may be good to find out why he has diabetes and use natural methods to improve this condition with alternative remedies just like the castor oil for the eyes. Perhaps the insulin is preventing the castor oil from doing it’s work and the diabetes just continues. Don’t do anything drastic, but maybe some research to find more information on this first.

      2. Yes, I am a huge supporter of herbal. I have been reading a lot but have not come across anything I feel would work. In the meantime, poor Jack was peeing uncontrollably on the couch, the floor…even while just standing there. Getting him on the meds stopped that within a few days. I didn’t know how long it would take to research and find something and didn’t want him peeing everywhere and being uncomfortable. The caster oil has done nothing.

  4. HI Steve, I was encouraged when I read your blog and ordered the castor oil right away before reading the comments. Like you said it’s cheap and worth a shot, my pug is in the exact same situation, ahe can’t even see her food in front of her when I put it down, and her eyes look exactly as you described. I took her outside for a walk yesterday, it’s like she’s frozen, doesn’t want to walk at all, must be because she can’t see in front of her.
    I’m curious when you mention the uncontrollable peeing, because she does that also. She has diabetes, and is on meds for seizures, gets twice daily insulin injections. I might as well buy stock in the puppy pad companies, I am going through probably 50+ per week. And spend most of my free time mopping the floor and doing laundry. Did you find some meds to help with that? That would be amazing.

    1. Hi Marlene, so sorry to hear about this. It’s terrible for you and your dog. Along with diabetes, Jack has cushings disease. He got hit with cushings first and is on meds for it, which are expensive. 6 months later he went blind from the diabetes. With his sight, in the course of a week he went from seeing to not seeing in front of him, to being blind. OVERNIGHT. that’s how it works. I have included a link to cushings disease below, which includes a lot of uncontrollable urination and over drinking. I also included a link where I get the meds online from a pharmacy that is MUCH CHEAPER. The cushings meds from a vet are around $120 a month roughly. I’m getting them for $30 a month. No more peeing. No more issues.


      This site is legit, a pet pharmacy online. You need a prescription from your vet for it. It’s called Trilostane

    2. Hi Marlene, so sorry to hear about this. It’s terrible for you and your dog. Along with diabetes, Jack has cushings disease. He got hit with cushings first and is on meds for it, which are expensive. 6 months later he went blind from the diabetes. With his sight, in the course of a week he went from seeing to not seeing in front of him, to being blind. OVERNIGHT. that’s how it works. I have included a link to cushings disease below, which includes a lot of uncontrollable urination and over drinking. I also included a link where I get the meds online from a pharmacy that is MUCH CHEAPER. The cushings meds from a vet are around $120 a month roughly. I’m getting them for $30 a month. No more peeing. No more issues.


      This site is legit, a pet pharmacy online. You need a prescription from your vet for it. It’s called Trilostane

  5. Hi Steve, I’m with you….A true believer in natural remedies,, Drugs and Doctors are great in a life or death situations other than that they are still ” Practicing” while making a killing. Anyway, I have a 13 y. old Catahoula Leopard that in the past few months started developing cloudy and blueish eyes and also I noticed that he started bumping in to things..Vet told me that it was cataracts and nothing could be done but surgery…I like you started researching and found pretty much the same info you found but one got my attention and I gave it a try.. All sicknesses and diseases starts from poor diet , water quality, meds , vaccines etc. Based on much research on cataracts, I changed my dogs diet, started feeding him ” Blue Senior dog ” Rich in antioxidants Grain free, all natural treats with antioxidants blend as well with wild blue berries , cranberries pomegranate from NUTRO Ultra..Get it at petsmart. In his water bowl I’ve been adding about 10 drops of dandelion root extract…Supports the liver, good digestion, healthy heart and “normal blood sugar” Cancer etc Look in to it for more of it’s benefit. you could get it at amazon..some will cost up to $39. but look around and you’ll find it for $7.
    Also giving him Primalix CATARACTIN for Cataracts in Dogs I get it at Read about it there, you’ll also find other great stuff for all kinds of health problems.
    I’ve been making green tea , putting in the fridge than mixing with his water.. little more each day to allow some getting used to it.

    I started doing this for 10 days now and I noticed his energy level has gone way up, Also it seams as he’s been seeing better , haven’t been bumping into things and when I do hand signals from close to his face now he’s responding..and he wasn’t anymore. his eyes are still cloudy but shows;s only been 10 days though. Meantime i’m still researching..that’s how I came across your blog.

    Good Luck to you

    1. Thank you I will get the dandelion root extract to put in the water. Will have to check if Cataractin is better than just Castor oil on it’s own. I was wondering about the green tea though, isn’t it too much of a stimulant?

    1. Hi, I did see an improvement with the castor oil but it was not a complete miracle fix. The main reason for this, from what I have read, is that I started too late, about 6 months too late. From what I have read, if I would have started once I got the news that he may go blind, or even the week he did, it would have been better. I still continue to dose. He is doing really well. He went from staring at the walls to going up the stairs and making it from the back of the yard to the back door where he waits to come in. So yes, for Jack, it’s better but not 100%. good luck.

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  7. I have a 11 week old puppy who has cataracts. I am going to try this for her. I will keep you posted. I am going to take her to the vet a few weeks or about 2 months after i try this to see if they have gotten better. Thank you for this post! Has Jack made any more improvement?

    1. Hi, so sorry to hear of your little puppy. That’s not right. If they are not too bad, the castor oil should work. Jack is much better than he was. He still can’t see like he used to but he isn’t bumping into walls or just sitting there anymore. He goes up and down stairs and finds his way around slowly. Poor guy. I think his vision is good maybe to see blurs in front of him. I started way too late but I didn’t know. I hope you have good luck. keep us posted if you wish.

      1. Steve , I have been researching on YouTube how to raise the potassium levels in our body and I came across this video by Dr. Eric Berg the most important electrolyte. In this video one thing caught my attention and that was he said he always recommendstarts to his diabetic patients to increase their potassium and that reduces the need for insulin. He said it is very hard to fix diabetes with out enough potassium. I don’t know if that will help you with a place to start for helping jack with his diabetes . It may be as simple as diet and nutrition. I hope that helps !!! Ron

  8. I will keep you posted! She walks in circles all the time we basicallyhave bbumper pads on every table and chair and door frame! How long till you started to notice that there was a slight change. I did call my vet to talk to them about it they told me i was crazy!

    1. It took a couple months before Jack was walking around via memorization of the house. He walks around couches without touching them….goes upstairs. It’s amazing how well they adapt if they know the house. It will take longer for them if they are new to the house. We have been in the house for 10 years and he’s been blind for only a year so that helps. He was pitiful, going in circles, just sitting there, walking into everything. After about 6 months he was night and day better. I wish I would have started the castor oil sooner. He literally went blind over the course of 2 days. Cataracts weren’t there and then they were. No warning. Most vets will look at your like you’re crazy. MOST VETS DO NOT practice holistic medicine. They practice what the books tell them to. Same with regular doctors. I learned long ago to trust my inner feelings and research research research. Most doctors or “professionals” don’t know everything but pretend they do. They may frown on the idea of other ways to treat things because again, they practice what has worked and what will make them money.

  9. Hello sir steve. I read ur blog twice and it sounds good to treat our fur kid with natural with their health issues. Im Febien from the Philippines and i’d like to try ur recommendation the castor oil for my dog. He develop cloudy in his one eye and i suspected that it was a cataract or due to his age. His a senior dog. Thanks and God bless.

  10. Hi Steve,

    Did you notice any spikes in glucose levels since you started to use Castrol Oil? Our Yorkie boy is 13.5 and has been a diabetic for over a year now. He is stable on 5 units twice a day and we have strong discipline around his diet these days. Only the best and healthiest stuff. He has fully mature cataracts and has been blind about 9months and just like your story it happened over night. Beating myself up till this day that maybe I could have done something different but what is done is done. He is healthy all around with no ketones, and all of his parts in good shape, but I certainly don’t want to roll the dice on a cataract surgery at this age. I been reading about CAN-C drops but have split opinions and this is how i stumbled on your sight. Even if Castrol Oil doesn’t work to the fullest extend I just don’t want to worsen his diabetes which is under control. Much appreciate the feedback. Thanks All the best

    1. Hi, sorry to hear about your boy. We noticed no spike in any levels and Jack has been tested for diabetes and his cushions every 6 months. No issues in using it for us. I have also not read where anyone has issues with it. Use as you see fit, but we have been fine. I have seen nothing worsen the diabetes. Jack was just bumped up to 6 units twice a day because after a year he started peeing a bit in the house. He was also drinking a lot more. I have also started buying more insulin when there is only 1/3 left in the bottle. It’s a fact that the strength will run down over time. So every 2 months or when there is 1/3 left. Good luck.

    2. Hi,
      If you are considering Can-C then I would suggest you look at “Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX” instead as it is much cheaper and contains FOUR TIMES as miuch of the active ingredient N-Acetyl-Carnosine than Can-C. You can read all about the Russian and Chinease studies of the effectiveness of N-Acetyl-Carnosine simply by searching on the web or you can find out more on the website that manufacture and sell Cataract Clear 4% NAC XTRAMAX, together with some reviews from existing customers..

  11. My 9 year old diabetic (diagnosed in march 2018) schnauzer ( 25 lbs) suddenly went blind a week ago from cataracts. I ordered the castor oil and have been giving him one drop in each eye twice daily for the past 3 days. No progress noted yet; too son to tell. His eyes seem to be draining and the hair around his eyes seem to mat closed. I am currently wiping them with warm water using a cotton ball or tissues. Has anyone else experienced the eye draining issue? I am so hoping the castor oil works on our special guy.

    1. I had the same issue. The sooner you start with castor oil, the better chances you will have. I used it for close to 6 months on Jack and saw a difference. Unfortunately, he’s still blind, but I can tell he is better than he was. Jack was completely fine and then the next day, couldn’t find his food or snacks on the floor. A week later he was blind completely.

  12. Hello… My dog has the same problem. Going to start this treatment tomorrow. Been bling now for a day or two. Hopefully this helps. My vet did not recommend surgery or anything else. Just could not help further. He cries and is very unhappy. Really sad for him. Keep you posted weekly

    1. I’m sorry to hear this Kevin. It really is a sad thing. I was miserable to see Jack staring at a wall just a foot away….just sitting there looking at a corner. He is much different now. The drops did help him a bit but I started way too late! The good news is they will learn the house and their other senses with heighten. sense of smell and hearing will get better. Jack gets all over the house, maneuvering around furniture to get to the kitchen and his food and water dish. I swear he must be counting his steps! It’s important to not move furniture or leave things on the floor they can bump into. Jack goes up and down the stairs as well, although slow…..and finds his way to our room. Good luck.

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  14. THANK YOU EVERYONE for all your comments. Tears of relief. My lil girl Patra, min pin yorkie, 13 in June went blind from diabetes in December. I have been researching everything and had a consultation with a holistic vet in Florida, who came highly recommended. He recommended the castor oil which I am about to start. Where do you put the drops in her eyes – the inner corners or the full eye? She also has liver issues with inflammation, so made the turmeric paste tonight, which is a natural alternative to steroids – happy to provide recipe but you can google it). I am following his regime for a few weeks now. He has had a lot of success with diabetes and dogs. If all goes well, he thinks we can reduce her insulin in half. Only been a few weeks trying his suggestions. I home cook and she is hard to please. Lost 2 pounds & is super skinny, but still eats if she likes the food. Have 20 cans of Glycobalance she won’t eat anymore. Won’t eat any of the canned diabetes food. It is so hard trying to make sure she eats. Next step is a nutritionist. Anyone know of a good holistic one? Her brother has cataracts in both eyes, so will start castor oil with him as well. She is starting to just stand there, breaks my heart. Glimpses of her personality are coming through since using his recommendations. Been 4 months since diagnosis; praying it is not too late to save her other eye. You all are amazing pet parents to do what you are doing. My vet’s assistant said she would not try as hard as me and would have given up. Not me. I want to show the regular vet (whom we adore) that there are holistic remedies that work. If anyone is interested in knowing the other recommendations I was given, I would be happy to share. IF you want to speak with him, he does phone consultations for $3 a minute, as each pet is unique. It was worth every penny! We are all in this together and stronger together. THANK YOU Steve and eveyone for your input.

      1. Thank you. Don’t feel alone reading everyone’s comments and have hope. Thank you all again.

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