Arrests of famous people update and GITMO 2021

Arrests of famous people update March 10, 2021

Arrests of Famous people update 2021.

Update for 2021 regarding the arrests and executions of famous people and politicians (The Deep State)

In this video Juan O Savin says our nation has to fix the terrible mess it’s in (caused by The Deep State) before arrests of the cabal can happen.

The job of the US military is to protect the people FIRST, against enemies both foreign and domestic.

The US military ran an investigation into the 2020 Presidential election voter fraud and found Trump to be the winner by a landslide, as predicted.

The US military will not arrest those responsible for crimes against humanity (The Deep State / Cabal) until given orders by the President.

I thought this video was interesting; it puts the GITMO update questions into perspective.

This video sheds light on what has to happen before military arrests and tribunals at Gitmo occur.

Arrests at Gitmo is a multi-layered process and this video explains what has to happen first.

The US courts will not hear cases regarding election fraud, as they are part of The Deep State (Cabal.)

This problem is much larger and deeper than we can imagine.

Take off your masks…this goes against The Deep State’s planned covid hoax Agenda.

God Bless America!

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