2019 Orange Fury Mustang GT

orange fury 2019 mustang gt with performance pack

NEW 2019 Ford Mustang GT Orange Fury with GT Performance Package 1 Review and the cars I’ve had leading up to it.

This 2019 Orange Fury Mustang GT is brand new with only 90 miles on it. I bought it March 28, 2020.

In mid 2019, I came across a 2019 orange fury Mustang GT premium with performance package 1 at the local car dealer.

This Mustang GT was parked out front and I felt an instant bond with it, if you will. I’ve never seen a car color pop like the orange fury does.

The orange fury color on this mustang gt was unlike anything I’ve seen. Ford’s orange fury and kona blue colors are my favorite.

This 2019 orange fury mustang GT premium with performance pack was parked right out front of the dealership. Here’s a pic from that day.

orange fury 3
Photo I took of the orange fury 2019 Mustang when I first saw it.

A quick look at the Mustang GT window sticker confirmed what I already knew….yeah that’s never going to happen. Too expensive for me.

The price was listed as $46,000, which, is a great price for what you’re getting in a new ford mustang GT, especially as an orange fury with the performance package 1 (solid racing suspension and brembo brakes with sport wing.) Although a great price, this 2019 Ford Mustang was out of my price completely.

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As a teenager in the late 80s and into my twenties, I never had a nice car and that was fine with me. While most high school kids got free car insurance and a first car, my parents made it clear we needed to buy our car and own car insurance.

I didn’t see this as unfair, it’s just how they were, which wasn’t a bad thing.

My brother had a pretty cool 1980s something mustang in 1988. His car had a killer sound system he custom installed, while I drove my 1985 chevy cavalier (I hated that car.)

1985 chevy cavalier
My 1985 chevy cavalier

I got my first cool car in the late 1980s when my brother’s black pontiac 1983 firebird was in accident. The insurance company was going to total it out but I bought it off them for $200.

A small loan of about 5 thousand dollars later in body work and paint; I had KIT from knight rider.

Since I couldn’t afford to buy a car, I brought my brother’s totalled firebird back to life. I had it for 2 years.

1983 pontiac firebird
my 1983 pontiac firebird

After the 1983 firebird I found a used 1991 pontiac firebird, which I bought in 1997. This firebird was my first nice used car. Would’ve loved a Trans Am but couldn’t afford one.

1991 white firebird
1991 pontiac firebird

My next car was the biggest milestone purchase of all my cars. I found myself surfing the web one day and came across this 1998 pontiac firebird. My cousin was with me when I drove about 100 miles to get to this dealership for a test drive.

Not a fan of a larger car payment, I wasn’t sure on the purchase, although I really wanted this silver firebird. My cousin said if I didn’t buy this silver firebird then he would.

I bought it, traded in my 1991 firebird, and we celebrated by going to taco bell right after.

1998 silver firebird
1998 silver firebird

My next car was a 1999 black trans am. It had the power, as it was a V8, and definitely the looks. I loved this car. One of my close friends on the job at the time had a 1999 Camaro that he customized.

John spent a lot of time in his girlfriend’s garage (he lived in an apartment) customizing his Camaro. He was in a cool Camaro club online and was at the track most weekends.

My silver firebird was traded for this 1999 trans am in 2003, resulting in even higher car payments. I did regret this purchase for financial reasons since the reach was just a little too far, financially.

This 1999 was so much fun to drive, very comfortable and had a great sound system. I kept this trans am stock, except for the muffler from a Corvette John gave me.

1999 black trans am
1999 black trans am with black leather interior

I never had a problem driving these cars in the snow, although certain inclines and driveways were difficult.

Having kids changes things so I traded my 1999 black trans am for an pontiac torrent SUV. I refused to drive a soccer mom van so I got a pontiac torrent, which I loved. The torrent was comfortable transportation that cut right through snow and offered more trunk space.

Having more video and photo shoots, this torrent was better for toting around my photography gear.

pontiac torrent
pontiac torrent

About 10 years after the pontiac torrent I got the itch for a sports car again, since they became me, if you will. I love driving them. I’m not a speed demon, I just like the feel and comfort.

So here I go, surfing for a Ford Mustang since they haven’t made trans ams since 2002.

Not sure what sports car to get, I started looking around for a Ford Mustang and came across what would become my next car.

Price and condition being the most important, this 2017 Ford Mustang landed in my search after days of looking around. This mustang was the 6 cylinder. Ah, the dreaded 6 cylinder.

Ford Mustang GT drivers crapped on the 6 cylinder, which I think is BS. It’s a FORD MUSTANG, although I get it, it’s not a GT, it’s not an 8 cylinder Coyote engine.

Well, this 2017 mustang looked great, was comfortable, I didn’t need the speed of a GT, and was still plenty fast. It sounded ok.

2017 silver mustang
2017 silver mustang

Although I loved the 2017 sliver Ford Mustang, I felt I wanted the better engine, the sound of that engine and just the overall FORD MUSTANG GT experience.

I was happy with the 2017 6 cylinder, which was perfect for driving to and from work and running errands. Just like the 4 cylinder ecoboost mustang, it was good enough.

The 4 cylinder ecoboost Ford Mustangs are plenty fast, but you just don’t get that sound of the coyote engine in a 4 cylinder.

But, does someone who doesn’t go to the track, in their mid-40’s, need a Ford Mustang GT? I continued to surf for videos online, learning the differences between the Ford Mustang ecoboost and Ford Mustang GT.

2 years later, the local Ford dealership had a 2019 orange fury Ford Mustang GT parked out front. I never saw anything so artistic in a car before. It was art on wheels and I loved the color, orange being one of my favorite colors.

The 2019 orange fury sticker price was way out of my range, of course, and I also didn’t need it. That orange fury 2019 Ford Mustang had less than 100 miles on it and no one was buying it.

For what you get in a Ford Mustang GT in looks, performance and quality, the price is very reasonable, but it was still way out of my league.

The orange fury Ford Mustang GT sat out front of the dealership for close to a year, mocking me. I test drove the orange fury mustang three different times, a couple months apart, pretending I was actually going to own it.

Well, long story short, after a year on the lot, a few trips to the dealer, many hours haggling and waiting, the price dropped by $5,000 and although still a bit out of my range, it was kind of doable, so I bought the 2019 orange fury Ford Mustang GT.

orange fury 2019 mustang gt with performance pack

Did I need the 2019 orange fury mustang GT with less than 100 miles on it? NO. I don’t need the speed and I’m not a kid anymore.

Did I need the insanely awesome sound of a V8 Coyote engine? Kinda of…haha.

For some reason, through the years, I felt I wanted to achieve having a car like this. Part of the reason is I could never afford it while everyone else had nice cars.

I’m not materialistic and I don’t care about others have. I just really like the car, even though a car is just another means of transportation. I wrestled with the decision for months.

I didn’t get this Ford Mustang GT to be like anyone else or to appear cool by any means. I simply love these cars. And no, I don’t know how to rebuild an engine. I’m far from a car guy. I just simply love and enjoy these cars.

If you are a car guy, Ford Mustang GT are so easy to upgrade and customize. Ford Mustang GT’s are built for upgrades.

There is no way I could have a sports car in my 20’s like this, especially with the car insurance rates I would have paid.

It’s fun to give my kids, who are pre teens, a ride in the mustang. They really love riding in this car, which is one reason I got it. Another is the comfort. My lower back isn’t the best all the time and this 2019 orange fury Mustang GT is a great ride.

The performance pack 1 makes for a very solid, tight, smooth solid ride since the suspension is much better. The brembo brakes are very good at stopping. I highly recommend the performance package 1 or 2 if you can afford it. The suspension is more solid and you can feel it. This means it’s much better at faster speeds on turns and the brakes are just solid!

Again, I don’t race these cars. I respect and love them for comfort and performance. Although I love this orange fury color, it does stand out a lot, which I’m not too fond of.

Here’s a video I made on the 2019 orange fury Ford Mustang a week after getting it.

The monthly car payment isn’t something I look forward to and in time it will get really old. Every time though, when that 5.0 engine starts, it’s worth it.

The 2019 Ford Mustang GT is the best Mustang ever built. It won’t be remembered like the 1965, and it’s not even the first year of a new generation, but there’s none better. It’s faster than ever, rides better than ever, and handles better than ever. It charges hard and corners flat, especially with the performance package 1 or 2.

Passenger-carrying isn’t the best, but that’s par for the course. It’s a sports car-and for its performance, it’s a bargain.

The Ford Mustang GT was redesigned in 2015, and last year it got tweaks to its face, including standard LED headlamps, a more pouty mouth and lowered nose.

It might be argued that 2018 was just as good, because there are no mechanical changes for 2019, except for ? drum roll ? the return of the Ford Mustang Bullitt, a 480-hp near-identical clone of the Mustang GT. I test drove the Bullitt as well.

For 2019, Ford makes active exhaust standard equipment, and bundles a new 1,000-watt audio system with some models. Also, every model now has optional forward-collision warnings with automatic emergency braking, which not all rivals offer.

Thanks for reading. After writing this, I didn’t realize I had as many cars as I did. HAHA. They were all fun, and as my oldest son says, you only live once. He’s right.

The Ford Mustang GT with the 10-speed automatic transmission gets 16/25/19 mpg and this is just a little “worse” than my 2017 Ford Escape SUV, which was nowhere near as fast obviously.

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