Mask Mandates In Schools – Letter To The Principal

mask mandates in schools is child abuse

Mask mandates in schools are a form of child abuse.

Schools are now in session for many of our kids and the mask mandates are right there with them.

Lawsuits have taken place between parents and schools regarding mask mandates; the most recent being from Minnesota parents.

Many people and parents wonder what they can do against possible vaccine mandates and mask mandates, being that they are “just one person.”

Just one person can make a difference.

I’m just one person and I started this blog to raise awareness to help people put pieces of the covid puzzle and government corruption puzzle together.

Other blogs and video channels were started by just one person to raise awareness as well, and it’s working.

mask mandates in schools are not laws. children should not be wearing masks in school for health reasons. masks are a form of child abuse.
Mask Mandates in schools – A Form of Child Abuse

When all these “I’m just one person” people start to do something, it all adds up.

If starting a blog isn’t your thing or you just don’t have time, you can at least write the local school and let them know how you feel, whether you have kids in school or not.

Maybe you can email a local restaurant or store voicing your thoughts on mask mandates. If enough people did it, it would all add up.

Every little bit helps to push against their agenda.

Whether you have kids in school or not, you are paying taxes for the school system and you do have a say.

Email I Sent To The Principal


Although I do realize you need to follow state mandates, which are not laws, it is unacceptable for our kids to wear a mask in a hot gymnasium and school in general.

Kids were sweaty and hot and had to wear masks. Where does this end? When will someone actually step in and say something for the kids?

They were given a mask “break” of a minute, which is also ridiculous, being there is a virus (not really…it’s not the Black Plague of 1348.) Either there is a virus on the loose or there is not.

Seems the school system believes there is, and a mask won’t do anything; this is common sense.

These are mandates not laws. This is a form of child abuse and when does it end?

These are our kids and these same kids are present in grocery stores and restaurants where no masks (that do nothing) are required. Masks do nothing, especially against a “deadly virus.”

The government and schools do not mandate what we are to do, as we pay taxes for salaries. 

You can chalk this up to another upset parent but my kids will not be wearing masks much longer; many other parents feel the same. 

Perhaps you’re familiar with the lawsuits in Minnesota; parents vs mask mandates in schools. This is a very real thing. 

I listened in to the meeting regarding no masks in the school a couple weeks ago for our kids and parents were not happy, voicing what is right. Was this all overlooked? Why was the meeting even held if nothing was going to be done?

Whether you want to believe it or not, parents are not happy. Little by little they are taking their kids out of school for home schooling. I know a few families who have already done this, including ones in your school. 

There may come a time when there are no kids to teach. We are all part of the community and need to work together.

These are not laws. 

I know your hands may be tied but something needs to be done. At what point will something be done? This has been going on for over 15 months.

The school system needs to step up and realize the children are being affected. The school system needs to start listening to parents.
This is ridiculous compliance for non-laws and our kids suffering.

That wasn’t so hard was it? Just write an email.

I’m sure the school will come back with some song and dance, which I will reply to in a general way.

Even though they more than likely will not work with me, imagine if they got another email, and another, from different parents.

I wanted to write this to let you know that you are not just “one person.” You have the power to do something and in numbers, it is much greater.

Share your thoughts on Mask Mandates In Schools in the comments section below.

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