YouTube monetization 2018

youtube monetization 2018

How to make money on YouTube, or, how NOT to make money on YouTube. YouTube monetization rules in 2018 have made it impossible for creators to make money from their channels. The new ruling is that you need 1,000 subscribers to your channel and 4,000 hours of watched time.

Not quite sure how this new ruling is going to prevent idiots out there such as Logan Paul from filming things that shouldn’t be on YouTube. In case you don’t know, Logan Paul is a famous YouTuber with way too many subscribers for the stupid videos he  uploads to his channel. He filmed a corpse in a forest while visiting Japan. The person committed suicide and they filmed it and uploaded it. Granted, they didn’t show a face or identity but it’s wrong, VERY WRONG! So tell us YouTube, how is this new ruling of 1,000 subscribers going to prevent this from happening when he had millions of subscribers? This new YouTube monetization ruling would not affect him at all.

There is a lot I can talk about regarding making money on YouTube, which is called YouTube monetization. Many people don’t know you can make money on YouTube. A lot of people make very good salaries by creating and posting videos to their YouTube channel weekly and even daily, while other smaller channels make no money. The more popular You Tube channels make $11,000 a month or more!

$11,000 a month? How is that possible? Well, long story short, YouTube pays the YouTube creator a very small portion of the money advertisers spend to have their ads pop up during their videos. for every 1,000 views with an ad, you might make around $3.00. Depending on the type of video and what category it’s in, you can make more. For example, videos on banking or mortgage have a higher return rate than say, how to knit blankets. Why? Because banks will make much more money if someone clicks on the ads that show up on the videos. That is key. It’s all about the ads that show up on your YouTube channel and if they are watched.

During your YouTube video, an ad must be watched at least 30 seconds or clicked on, in order for it to count towards the 1,000 views. If all your viewers have ad block on their computer, ads will not show up, so you will never make any money. So again, it’s all about the videos, how many you have, how good they are, do people like them, and 1,000 views with ads on them for you to make roughly $3 per said 1,000 views. I know that isn’t much but if you are a large channel with many subscribers, it will add up over time. Many popular channels reach 50,000 views within the first hour of posting a new video.

To join the YouTube partner program and make money, it used to be all you needed were 10,000 views total on your channel. The rules have changed quite a bit since January 2018. YouTube now states your channel needs 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 HOURS of video watched PER YEAR. A subscriber is someone who likes your video so much they click the subscribe button. Doing so adds your channel to their subscribed channels, or, their favorite channels. They will be alerted via email each time you upload a new video.

A lot of small YouTube channels will be shutting down since YouTube raised the stakes far too much. YouTube creators spend a lot of time writing, filming and editing weekly, in hopes of getting more views, subscribers, and in turn, money. It takes a lot of time for all this to happen, meaning, months or even years. Now with the new rules imposed, small youtube channels are more discouraged than ever before.

Here are some comments from forums:

I’m in this same boat as 1,000 of You Tubers It’s so frustrating that they keep hitting us little guys who are following all the rules. That need to start at the top and work down, it’s much easier to view and review there. Man I can go on and on. Makes me personally wanting to give it up. It takes so much time and effort to produce my channel. I’ve only made 90 bucks in a year, no nothing! I agree with you 100%. Maybe if we all post a hanging like Jake Paul we’ll get 4,000 hours and millions of subscribers. How will this new policy effects channels like Paul’s? Hmmmm Yes more subscribers! Thanks Paul, thanks YouTube! You Tubers let all subscribe to each other! Yes we can! If you’d like to help here is my YouTube channel link!

I’d really like to know how a corporation like Google can retroactively, and unilaterally, change the terms of a business contract? If someone is starting a new channel, sure they can come up with a different arrangement, but if that channel has existed for a decade or more, and was earning ad dollars under an existing arrangement how can they suddenly decide that it doesn’t qualify?
But do more than just complain to Google about this, it’s time to complain to the FTC and the US Justice Department Anti Trust division about Google’s business practices, they are clearly intent on creating and maintaining a cartel.

My channel has lullabies that I created. It Doesn’t have many subscribers but an okay amount of views. My son has apraxia and I’m leaving all the monetization to him. Sucks that this is being taken away due to lack of subscribers. My channel is called Simon’s world. Please help keep it going.

What are small YouTube channels doing to stay in the game? They are visiting other youtube channels asking for subscribers in order to make the 1,000 subscriber list. Some have offered to play the videos of others on rotation in order to get the also-required 4,000 hours of views per year. There is always a way to cheat any system, but in the end, it will not prevent someone from uploading a bad youtube video that will offend many. This is the case of a very popular young youtube creator named Logan Paul.

There is one rather large YouTube creator who is no longer with YouTube because he posted a video of a dead body. He went to Japan, to film a haunted forest. A forest many have gone to commit suicide of the years. They came across a suicide victim and filmed the corpse while in Japan’s Aokigahara forest. They posted the video of the body. As you can imagine, this was a problem. For this reason, YouTube dropped him. No more money for him. This youtube creator, Logan Paul, had over 15 million subscribers. A lot of small youtube creators are questioning why they need more subscribers to qualify, when, clearly, someone with a very large subscriber base messed up in a big way! Weeding out smaller channels (with much better content) by declaring they need 1,000 subscribers is not the way to go.

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