You only live once

You only live once

You’re reading this! Congratulations! You woke up this morning!

On the train ride to work this morning I heard the conductor talking with a passenger about purchasing something. The passenger responded, “that’s really nice but it’s really expensive.” The conductor replied, “You only live once. Tomorrow is not a guarantee.”

The conductor went on to say, when he’s on his death bed, he doesn’t want to have regrets about not doing or buying certain things. Again, tomorrow is not a guarantee.

This reminds me of what my grandfather said long ago when I was a kid. “You can always make more money but you can’t make more time.” Money is made to be spent, but you also have to be smart about it of course.

you only live once
Believe it or not, you will be here one day. Enjoy life.

We always think tomorrow IS a guarantee but it’s not. THAT TOMORROW WILL come for each of us. How many do you have left? Would you want to know? Enjoy life while you can. Easier said than done, I know.

Scary isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “You only live once

  1. Very true. We can’t take our money with us to the grave. Have you heard of the joke of the millionaire that wanted to be buried with his money?

      1. He would tell everyone that when he would die he wanted to take his money with him. So they asked the wife if she granted his wish and she said of course. They were shocked to hear that she did. She told them that she gave him a check.

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