What’s Happening in Texas? Texas woman talks about power outages

Texas winter power outages

What’s happening in Texas? I mean, what is REALLY happening in Texas with all the power outages?

One can argue that Texas utilities such as gas and electric are not designed for cold weather.

When there is a cold weather / ice snap, along with snow, it can cause power outages. If Texas does not have these utilities weather – proofed, there can be a problem, but many feel there’s more to it.

Much of Texas gets its power from very large windmill farms. The government says these windmill farms are freezing up due to the bitter cold. This can’t be the case, as these very powerful windmill farms are built for all weather types.

Windmill farms are massive and generate electricty

Temperatures in Texas during this 2021 winter storm have been as low as 11 degrees F, which is not low enough to stop windmill farms.

Windmill farms have operated in sub zero temperatures, with sheets of ice flying from their massive blades. I know people who work in the windmill farm industry so I’m aware of this. This was the first red flag for me.

A List of Red Flags

  • Biden hasn’t addressed Texas weather (why would he, he’s not the president)
  • Warming centers will not let people in without proof of fake covid vaccine
  • There is no water
  • There is no heat
  • They will not let anyone in to help residents
  • Grocery stores have no water and are very low on supplies
  • Grocery stores (especially walcult) stick to limited people in stores (covid hoax) even during the Texas winter crisis
  • No word when power or gas will be restored
  • No one allowed on the roads in order to “conserve resources” such as gasoline
  • No worthless pop stars organizing funding for Texas (Gitmo may be the reason)
  • Windmill farms (clean energy) just stop working

Even if there were fundraisers for Texas, people in need would never see the money.

Many believe the government (Deep State) is behind the power, gas and water failures in Texas.

Texas has been very vocal about leaving the United States; now power is off. Coincidence?

Remember, Beijing Joe has allowed China access to United States power grids. Coincidence?

Texas widespread outages have left many Texans struggling to stay warm.

As of Wednesday morning, nearly 3 million Texas households did not have power.

Texas has no electricity, no water and no gas. What is happening in Texas?
No electricity, no gas, no water in Texas

Greg Abbott, Texas governor, said nearly 40,000 megawatts of power remain offline, due to mechanical problems, lack of gas and weather issues.

Families in Houston and all over Texas are doing anything to stay warm, sometimes making deadly choices. Texas Hospitals have treated hundreds for exposure to the cold and for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Many Texans have left home for hotels or stay in their cars to keep warm.

In the Midwest at this time of year, we usually see temperatures anywhere from -20 Fahrenheit (20 below zero) to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Currently we are sitting around 30 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

How is it that a warmer state like Texas is having winter colder than the wild Midwest winters?

Local Texas woman explains what’s happening in Texas

More than 2.5 million Texans are in the dark with no heat for a week.

Frozen pipes are bursting, flooding homes and businesses.

One Dallas apartment building had icicles inside, along with many other homes and businesses. The cold weather has caused plumbing pipes to burst, causing water damage and unsafe conditions.

Texas’ counties warn their water could be contaminated and needs to be boiled, but you can’t boil water without electricity or heat.

What’s happening in Texas? It’s understandable that very cold weather could cause such conditions, but also given that Texas snow does not melt (it burns), things are just not adding up.

I’m trying to think of ways to help people in Texas out. I’m far from Texas, so not much I can do but I’m looking around. Please try to think of ways to help people out. Let us know in the comments on any thoughts. We have to work together. It’s up to the people now. Share this out.

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