Walmart Racist Clothing Display

Walmart hanging figures from ceiling

There was a Marketing attempt by Walmart / Walcult to display clothing, which looks more racism than marketing.

The visual of people hanging from the ceiling of Walmart looked really bad to most people entering the store.

Action News took photos of the offensive display in Walmart of what appeared to be people hanging from the ceiling, and shared the images with people across the Las Vegas area to get their reactions. The responses to the hanging display were mixed.

Now, I don’t shop at Walmart / Walcult and never will. I’m posting this to see what you all think.

One man pointed out directly why the display in Walmart was offensive: “Four black items hanging from the ceiling as if they were four black people.”

Another person seconded that man’s assumption saying that the display looked like “people hanging from the ceiling.”

Whether or not Walmart had a racist intent when creating the display, it was disturbing enough to take it down.

Walmart racist clothing display in Las Vegas, nevada
Walmart racist clothing display

Seriously, what was Walmart / Walcult thinking? No one thought that looks like people hanging from the ceiling when it was setup?

Who wants to think Walmart is hanging people from the ceiling, no matter the color of their skin?

Nice way to greet your customers Walmart!

It’s a very disturbing way to sell clothes to the masses of people who flock to the Walmart stores.

Another person said the Walmart display looked like “mannequins of people hanging from the top of the roof.”

Regardless of Walmart’s intent, the visual of people being hanged from the Walmart rafters was creepy and unnecessary, shocking people who walked into the Walmart store in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Some people thought it was a Walmart Halloween decoration forgotten. This doesn’t look like any Halloween decoration I’ve ever seen. The figures weren’t wearing masks or Halloween colors. This is a weak statement.

“Halloween’s gone, but you still have four figures hanging from the ceiling,” one person told Action News. Clearly, this display was alarming for people in the North Las Vegas Walmart store.

Walmart took the display down on Thursday without comment.

Was the Walmart clothing display showing hanging figures from the ceiling a visual dealing with racism, the presidential election, or just a stupid marketing mistake?

Walmart has remained silent on the issue, which is never a good sign from a company like that. Walmart doesn’t want to address the concerns of the public, and they have been known for creepy goings-on in past years. Look up Walmart underground tunnels for starters.

Either the Walmart display was intentional or the company does not see the harm in (how could they not.)

With customers offended and terrified in the way they were, Walmart should at least offer a statement clarifying the display of hanging “people” from the rafters.

I haven’t set foot in a Walmart / Walcult in years and never will. I always get a creepy feeling while inside any Walmart / Walcult store and there’s a reason for that.

What do you think?

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