Tube Buddy SUCKS – Reasons to never use Tube Buddy

Is tube buddy for you tube worth it? Not for me.

Tube Buddy – I got rid of it and here’s why:

is tube buddy worth it
Is tube buddy for you tube worth it? Not for me.

For those of you creating videos on You Tube, you may have heard of a service called TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy is said to be the YouTube creator’s best friend. Tube Buddy is a software plug-in (software that attaches to your computer’s browser: Internet explorer, Safari for mac, Fire Fox) to work with YouTube.

Tube Buddy supposedly can be responsible for getting more YouTube views and subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Tube Buddy is garbage for many reasons and I will tell you why. I tried out Tube Buddy for 6 months. Not only did I waste money, but my browser became unstable (they admitted it would do this), I so NO difference in stats, and it was an overall ripoff.


Tube Buddy makes it easier and faster to do certain things with YouTube, revolving around keywords and keyword phrases and SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) Keywords are words you type into a search engine (Google or Yahoo) to find info on a topic. Supposedly Tube Buddy lets you know what keywords to use so YouTube viewers can find your channel easier, thus getting you more views and subscribers. A Scam.

One popular You Tuber, Roberto Blake, constantly praises Tube Buddy. I’m sure he’s not being paid to say that. Unsubbed from him awhile back when he started pulling the race card on subscribers, including me, when asked simple questions (which had nothing to do with race.) Side note on his channel, I have yet to see him take photos, draw, or do anything creative, and yet he says LET’S GET CREATIVE. Idiot.

Tube Buddy supposedly lets you know, based on other YouTube channels, what keywords to use so your YouTube channel and content can be found by people surfing for topics. Tube Buddy allows you to see what other YouTube creators are using for keywords, so, in essence, you can copy them. All you do is go to other YouTube channels and Tube Buddy lets you see their keywords. This is kind of pointless, since YouTube not only doesn’t rely on this, but no one really (except for YouTube) knows what YouTube uses for their algorithm to get you more views. Apparently Tube Buddy knows.

Tube buddy works with widows and mac

First off, keywords do not play a large part in what people are surfing for. I rarely ever use keywords except for the title of the video and the first line of the YouTube video description. Tube Buddy also allows you to see the keywords other YouTube channels are using. While this is cool, it doesn’t help you much in ranking your channel.


  1. Tube Buddy is a plug-in, an add-on to your browser. Browser add-ons and plug-ins slow down your web surfing experience. Tube Buddy is the ABSOLUTE WORST add-on I have experienced. I have NEVER, in my 25 years of tech support, seen a worse browser plug-in! When enabled, my browser slowed down to a crawl. When I say crawl, I don’t mean an extra few seconds…I mean literally locked up my browser for 20 seconds or more every time I clicked on anything. Ridiculous!
  2. At the time of this writing, Tube Buddy is not compatible with Safari (on MAC) so I installed Firefox. Firefox was painfully slow with Tube Buddy as well. I couldn’t work or surf the web at all when Tube Buddy was enabled. This is reason number one I happily got rid of it.
  3. I pay for high-speed internet (1,000 MB download and 900 MB upload. Yes you read that right.) I’m not going to have some browser plug-in cripple me to the point I can’t type. It took 5-10 seconds for web pages to load in a jerky manner. This Tube Buddy plugin is ALWAYS RUNNING. They don’t tell you this. Whether your web browser is open or not, Tube Buddy is ALWAYS RUNNING! This chokes your computer’s CPU and slows your pc or mac to a crawl.
  4. When I create a YouTube video or web page, I will try to think of what potential visitors will search for on the web to find me. That’s where Tube Buddy comes in. They take the guess-work out of what words you should use. Their product helps to generate keywords or tag words (known as SEO : search engine optimization.) I can do this on my own and have already grown 5 You Tube channels WITHOUT them.
  5. Music selection with Audio hero within Tube Buddy has copyright protection! So the music I’m paying for has copyrights…I CAN’T USE IT IN MY YouTube videos!


Tube Buddy free version is incredibly limited, so I upgraded. At the time, I was paying $19.95 a month and an additional $4.95 a month for each additional You Tube channel. $30 a month to find keywords? I can do that manually for free.

I have 25 years experience in the IT industry (computers) so I kind of know how things work, such as SEO and website building, and when I’m being taken for a ride. Most millennial You Tubers praise Tube Buddy. DON’T buy into it! Most of these You Tubers are paid to praise Tube Buddy. One such YouTuber, who constantly praises Tube Buddy is

If Tube Buddy approached me and offered their service for free I’d turn it down.

I have done A LOT of research on Tube Buddy. I would never tell you anything that wasn’t true.

Tube Buddy also focuses on the YouTube creator who doesn’t want to create their own icons in Photoshop for their videos. There is a very generic thumbnail photo tool where you can type text on top of an image from your video. Although cool and fast, they only offer 10 fonts? Half are really bad and hard to read, not to mention your thumbnails look lame and incredibly generic. Do yourself a favor and create really cool pro thumbnails at FOR FREE!

Tube Buddy also offers an option to copy and paste the same text across all your videos in one click. Pretty cool and time saving but I don’t want my You Tube video descriptions or tags the same ON ALL MY YOU TUBE VIDEOS!

As I said, Tube Buddy allows you to see keywords / tags everyone else is using on YouTube, whether they use Tube Buddy or not. This is cool, but, out of the 50 tags / keywords, someone may use, only about two or three were good ones. You can tell if they’re good tags because Tube Buddy puts a number next to each tag (if good) to let you know how it ranks. I saw a lot of junk words in the tags section of videos so this feature wasn’t helpful at all. All this feature did was show me that people don’t put much thought into what they’re doing.

There are MANY options Tube Buddy offers with their paid subscriptions, most of which I WILL NEVER USE. I’m creative and love creating custom thumbnails on my own. A thumbnail is the little image used to show what You Tube videos are about. Here is a free website where you can create killer thumbnails not only for You Tube but other platforms in social media as well.

tube buddy not worth it
It’s no secret big You Tubers get paid to promote products. What do you think You Tube is?

I grew a couple YouTube channels WITHOUT TUBE BUDDY, and all the huge You Tubers did as well, and you can too. I also couldn’t stand paying for high-speed internet when my browser dragged ass from that plug-in.

Here’s one huge thing that pissed me off (pardon my Italian.) Tube Buddy offers free music from a site called Audio Hero. The tracks sound GREAT and very pro. I downloaded music to use in 5 separate You Tube videos.

Those YouTube videos got flagged for copyright infringement from the music so I couldn’t monetize those videos (make money from my videos.)

I sent an email to Audio Hero each time my YouTube videos including their music got flagged, and each time their story was the same. “We can’t be responsible for what music can or cannot be monetized.”

Twice, I was told by two different reps, that “the music Tube Buddy offers via Audio Hero probably sounds too close to another song out there with copyrights on it.” Really? It sounds too close?! What an idiotic response. In other words, not only do you not know anything on how this works, but you allowed music with copyrights by other artists to exist in your library!

I work in the music industry and that’s BS! The algorithm for such things is incredibly complex. Google can catch the difference! These people are clearly clueless! This is not how it works at all! What a lame ass lie.

Audio Hero and Tube Buddy are using music that isn’t royalty free and THAT’S A PROBLEM! Audio Hero is a paid service but you get it “free” with your paid service of Tube Buddy. Shouldn’t you get royalty free music with your Tube Buddy paid service? I got tired of spending hours filming and editing my work just to have it flagged by YouTube because of one stupid song used by a bs company.

By the way, You Tube has a library of music that is awesome, available to their video creators. I never had an issue with it.

You Tube creators, some of them huge names, had their You Tube channels shut down by using Tube Buddy. Apparently using such a tool goes against what YouTube allows. WHY RISK IT.

You may love Tube Buddy and that’s awesome. Tech support was always fast and friendly. Find the tool that works for you and use well. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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