Trump has covid-19

Trump has covid-19

Friday morning, October 2, 2020, It was announced President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for covid-19.

I’m not going to give you covid-19 stats or quotes from politicians or so-called doctors or the news media. I still believe, and always will, that covid-19 is a hoax.

Let’s look at some facts regarding Trump has covid-19

Just 2 days after the first presidential debate with Trump and Biden, Trump is diagnosed with covid-19. For the next presidential debate, the moderator would have the right to mute President Trump’s mic. President Trump had no symptoms of any illness the night of the first presidential debate of 2020 or the day after.

If President Trump has covid-19, it is either staged or part of the agenda

I don’t believe for a second President Trump has covid-19. Covid-19 is a hoax, a political tool to destroy the United States, designed by democrats and China. Some of you may think this statement is absurd, and to this I say, do your research.

Trump has covid-19 diagnosis along with Melania Trump

Either Trump was given a virus to stage a covid-19 illness, unbeknownst to him, or he is laying low in “quarantine” for some reason. The 3rd and more ridiculous-sounding explanation would be if Trump and democrats were all in on the destruction of America and this is a power play to fool the people for what is to come. I know this sounds crazy and I hope I’m wrong.

If all politicians are on the same team against all Americans, where does that leave the people? It leaves the people more confused than they already are. ANTIFA and democrats have planned riots, created the fake covid virus to keep people isolated and hating each other.

The COVID-19 hoax has closed businesses, people lost jobs, kids are home schooled (schedule issues for working parents) and the stock market continues to crash all from a fake virus spread by the news media. Why do you think social media platforms are censoring and banning everything truth seekers post? Think about it.

The news that Trump has covid-19 gives democrats hope that Trump supporters will now wear virus hoax masks. Democrats hope that if everyone wears a mask out of fear, they will be more easily-controlled.

If covid-19 is real, President Trump falling ill should have no affect on what truth seekers feel. Trump is just one person who fell ill with covid-19. This one case should not affect anyone’s belief just because he is the President of the United States.

I still believe covid-19 is fake. Facts are there if you choose to research. The drug hydroxychloroquin has been said many times to kill COVID-19. Did you know the drug hydroxychloroquin is completely safe to use? Hydroxychloroquin has been prescribed since 1955 with no side affects at all. It has been subscribed to over 25 million people for close to 75 years and yet, the CDC banned it.


Why would the CDC and the government ban Hydroxychloroquin if it’s completely safe to use? The answer is simple. The CDC doesn’t want their covid-19 hoax defeated. The CDC wants to keep the covid-19 hoax alive. Why would they allow something (hydroxychloroquin) to put an end to their agenda? They want everyone to think covid-19 is as bad as the Black Plague, when in reality, it’s much weaker than the standard flu.

Why do they want to keep the covid-19 hoax alive? Simple. It controls the people.

Trump has covid-19 days after first presidential debate 2020

If hydroxychloroquin was made available, people would have hope, which is not allowed. The man behind the curtain would fall.

You see, the government (Democratic party) doesn’t want the people to have any chance of hope. There is a hidden agenda to create a new world order and this has been their plan for generations. Why now? Who knows.

News that Trump has covid-19 has spread like wildfire all over the world. Is Trump really sick with an illness or is he just laying low in “quarantine” for some reason. Either there were too many threats against him or he needs to lay low for other reasons. A way to keep the President safe is to say Trump has covid-19.

I don’t know the real answers and maybe we never will, but my point is, you have to THINK and RESEARCH! Don’t accept everything you’re told without proof!

YouTube is working overtime, pulling all videos related to covid-19 by video creators. The only COVID-19 videos on YouTube are ones from news media networks (liars.) Don’t you think that’s odd? Today especially, the day Trump was diagnosed with covid-19, YouTube broke records in censoring and removing covid-19 videos.

Everything you see in this world is not what you think it is. Do your research! Unfortunately research takes time and people can’t be bothered with it. They’re too concerned about what style mask they’re going to order online.

What THEY are planning to do is hidden in plain site in the form of movies, shows, music and the news media. Everything you know is brainwashing and it started since the days of the printing press generations ago. Think for yourself and research!

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