Trump and Biden Presidential debate

The Trump and Biden first debate for the 2020 Presidential election was held in Ohio, and was monotonous to say the least. A lot of people agree the Trump and Biden debate was not only nerve-wracking, but counter-productive for the people.

Although the first debate between President Trump and Biden was more of a verbal fight, I enjoyed it. FULL DISCLOSURE, I am completely against anything Biden or his demonic cronies think they stand for.

I was hoping President Trump would nail Biden on the fake COVID-19 hoax and planned protests, and he did!

The Trump and Biden debate isn’t what many were hoping for, but I was satisfied. President Trump, as always, backed his statement with dates and statistics anyone can lookup, while Biden continued to play the same out-of-tune violin, entitled, “we must mask up or we’re all gonna die.”

People with a brain can see all Biden did was dramatically tug at the heart strings of Americans, using the covid hoax as the main tool. Non-sheep can see what’s going on in America. Democrats have turned the months before the Presidential election of 2020 into a civil war.

It’s sad to think the only people who will find the truth in this post on the Trump and Biden first debate are those looking out for America and what’s in the best interest of the people of the United States.

Democrats are not for the people and they never will be

Take a look around you. All the crazy verbal abusers and aggressive personalities are democrats. Democrats, and the people who follow them, want you to wear masks, and if you don’t obey, you will feel their wrath!

Non-maskers, people with common sense, just want to live their lives. This is what the constitution is all about and sheep fail to see this. If brainwashed people haven’t woken up by now they never will.

Trump and Biden first debate for presidential election 2020 in Ohio.
Trump and Biden Presidential first debate 2020

Chris Wallace, a Fox News anchor, moderated the first presidential debate between President Trump and Biden. Chris Wallace focused on the violent behavior of protests (planned protests by democrats) rather than democratic protest. He focused on areas of the country where protests have turned violent.

At one point, Chris Wallace asked Biden if he had “ever called the Democratic mayor of Portland or governor of Oregon and said, ‘You have to stop this. Bring in the National Guard. Do whatever it takes. Stop the days and months of violence in Portland.’” Of course Biden had no answer. Biden did what democratic politicians do best, they answer with general statements that don’t go anywhere.

Trump repeatedly used the phrase “the China plague,” which some have said is a racist comment. I don’t see the problem with this. It did come from China. COVID-19 was manufactured in China with the help from democrats in a lab in the United States in 2015. This info is easy to find if you’re willing to research. Many people have, while others never will; they’re too busy doing whatever the television and news media tells them to do.

President Trump pointed to a speech that Biden gave as a senator in 1993 in support of the crime bill, which as a law resulted in the mass incarceration of Black men in particular. He then immediately pivoted to talk about his own support among “military generals and law enforcement” and said he thinks Democratic mayors of some cities where protests happened should have used the threat of force to end demonstrations.

Democratic mayors will NEVER end the violence in their cities! Democratic mayors and governors are part of the problem. They assisted in planning the COVID-19 hoax and use it as a brainwashing tool. People must do whatever they say or their lives will never be back to normal again.

Biden said there were “predators on our streets” who were “beyond the pale” and could not be rehabilitated by the criminal justice system. He did not refer to “superpredators,” something Hillary Clinton had done. He has since tried to distance himself from his involvement in aspects of the 1994 crime bill.

Biden, who won the Democratic primary in large part thanks to the support of older Black voters in the South, pointed to large rallies of white supremacists across the country in places like Charlottesville and to Trump’s comments after those rallies, and added that Trump has done “virtually nothing” for Black Americans.

Anyone who mentions color should be marked as racist. Everyone is born and everyone will die. The color of skin is the most ridiculous thing to discuss, whether politics, education or life in general.

Trump and Biden first presidential debate 2020
Trump states facts that can be checked while Biden generalizes and lies

During the Trump and Biden debate, Trump continued to mention the destruction of the suburbs, a racist attack line he’s pushed against Biden for weeks in an attempt to bring suburban voters back to his campaign.

The suburbs have been home to riots, destruction, murders, looting, fires and much more. IF democrats cared about people at all, they would end the riots. Instead, democrats turn their backs on the people, imposing curfews for the fake COVID-19 plannedemic and taking to social media to spew more lies. Democrats are doing nothing for the people but planning riots and financial attacks against them. Can’t you see how obvious it is?

During the first Trump and Biden presidential debate, President Trump said of Biden, “If he ever got to run this country and they ran it the way he would want to run it, our suburbs would be gone, you would see problems like you have never seen.” I COMPLETELY AGREE! If Biden gets in, we are doomed. You think the country is bad now, wait.

“This is not 1950. All of these dog whistles and racism don’t work anymore,” Biden responded, pointing to the integration of many suburbs. I’m not sure what that means. It’s ironic Biden said racism doesn’t work anymore. After all, it was the democrats who planned the ridiculous and humiliating (to the people of the United States) George Floyd death hoax. Planted bricks on pallets on every street corner in every major city around the world for ANTIFA-paid protestors to use in response to the fake murder of a felon (33rd level mason in the Illuminati) Do your research people! George Floyd is still alive and he and the fake cop Chauvin knew each other and worked together for 17 years! Chauvin is a crisis actor and has been on the scene of the Boston bombings, Sandy hook and now this George Floyd death hoax. Connect the dots people! Research!

For weeks Trump has attacked Biden and warned suburban voters that their communities would be destroyed by plans to build low-income housing in their neighborhoods. The attack most notably surfaced when Trump and the Republican National Committee invited the McCloskeys, a St. Louis couple who were charged with unlawful use of a weapon after they aimed guns at Black Lives Matter Protesters outside their property, to speak at the party’s convention about the threat of the movement.

In their speech, they warned Trump supporters that what happened to them could “easily happen” to anyone. Now, read that again. What happened to Trump supporters can easily happen to anyone. Really. Death threats by supporters of the Democratic Party and ANTIFA members and the Democrats don’t stop it. Democrats are NOT for the people of the United States!

Wallace raised another issue Trump has used in recent weeks to ramp up his racist rhetoric: the administration’s plan to direct federal agencies to halt training sessions on racial sensitivity. And he asked if Trump believed racism existed in America.

“I ended it because it’s racist,” Trump responded. “I ended it because a lot of people were complaining that they were asked to do things that were absolutely insane. It was a radical revolution that was taking place. They were teaching people that our country is a horrible place, that it is a racist place,” he added.

Here’s the race card again. Of course racism exists in America! Racism exists all over the world! There are still places in the southern states white people can’t go into because the south still has a grudge against “Yankees” and this is white vs white! When people think racism they usually think of color or nationality. Racism is a problem that will never go away because people have it set in their minds to be against others. When did the civil war happen? That’s right, a very long time ago, and yet, grudges and fights are still very much alive today.

I’m tired of hearing about the black votes or the hispanic votes. That’s racist talk. Why can’t it just be votes? You must realize that democrats are the ones stoking the fires of racism. Democrats have planned the BLM, which is nothing more than an organization to fund ANTIFA for protests and what they plan on doing next to corrupt America. I’ll say it again…DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Joe Biden wears a wire during Trump and Biden first presidential debate in 2020.
What’s this? Joe Biden is wearing a wire. Biden refused to be scanned for electronic devices. Interesting. I wonder which of his handlers were feeding Biden lines.

Wallace ended the segment by asking Trump if he would condemn white supremacists and the violence groups of armed civilians who have caused protests across the country.

Trump, who said he was “willing to do that,” then told white nationalist groups like the Proud Boys to “stand back and standby” before adding that most things he saw were from the “left wing.”

“Somebody has to do something about antifa and the left. It’s not a right-wing problem. It’s a left-wing problem,” the president added.

Countless people agree with what President Trump said there, along with his other statement. Antifa is an evil organization funded by George Soros.

The first presidential debate between President Trump and Biden had Trump bringing up facts that can be checked, while Biden just smirked with black glassy eyes, playing that same out of tune violin.

It is feared that if Biden becomes president, he will quickly be removed due to his “dementia”, making Harris the president. It is then, America would be truly destroyed. Obama and the Clintons are waiting in the wings to finish what they started, which is destroying America from within.

If Trump wins, and I’m sure he will, there will still be problems. Democrats will never stop their social isolation and curfews from the COVID-19 hoax they started to keep us at odds with one another. Thousands of businesses and jobs will be lost and do you think democrats care? They do not. Democrats and the ones who control them want a new world order. You better wake up and research!

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