The world is getting worse with covid19

covid19 hoax by redonkulas live from the lair on

The world is getting worse with covid19 hoax running the show.

Check out this video from RoxyTube, our YouTube alternative, which started in 2020 to battle social media censorship.

This video talks about the world getting worse and where it is possibly headed, with the covid19 hoax and crooked politicians running the show.

This video, entitled “the beginning of the end” is by Redonkulas. The Redonkulas channel (Live from the Lair) is an excellent source at reporting what is going on in the world.

Redonkulas can be found on YouTube / EvilTube and

YouTube has banned many videos from Redonkulas. I wonder why that is…

As a response to this video, I’m reporting in from IL.

The criminal “governor” #pritzker is locking down the state of IL. Pritzker says there are to be no gatherings during the holidays or other times. Well, TOO FN BAD!

Governor Pritzker is a tyrant. Most people in IL are against Pritzker and demand jail time for him. The previous governor was thrown in jail and it’s high time Pritzker is as well.

Pritzker is pushing to raise taxes by 20% in IL! This isn’t going to fly with the people of IL .

It’s obvious Pritzker wants to destroy the people and the economy with extended lockdowns for the fake covid19 virus and the closing of businesses.

Pritzker is pissed he isn’t getting the 20% to line his pockets, which is why he’s enforcing tighter lockdowns in IL.

The state of IL legalized marijuana…where’s all the money from that? Tollways have been paid off years ago and where is all the money from tolls collected daily?

Taxes were raised on alcohol and cigarettes many times and where is the money for that?

IL is one of the worst, most expensive corrupt states.

The people pray for arrests and executions of the corrupt liars!

WE WILL NEVER COMPLY and will NEVER wear masks. ALL BS!

ALL NEWS NETWORKS LIE! People were following Fox News and finally are beginning to realize they lie as well. I have been saying news lies for years. Finally most people are starting to wake up!

All news is scripted and planned!

The covid 19 HOAX is NOT the black plague they make it out to be.

I have family working in hospitals and they always have said, hospitals were EMPTY back in March, April and May of 2020.

Hospitals get a kickback of $2,000 by the government for each patient death marked as covid19. Resources confirmed this.

Covid19 is a BS HOAX used to brainwash people and make this country a dictatorship! You better start learning to disobey the demons!

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