The social dilemma documentary on Netflix thoughts

the social dilemma documentary review

My thoughts on the social dilemma documentary on Netflix

The social dilemma on netflix talks about social media such as Facebook and YouTube and how they track you and control your life. Social media is highly addictive for many people and this can be dangerous to your mental health.

Social media is highly addictive to most people and can also be dangerous in the ways of stalking, cyber bullying and hate speech.

The biggest danger in social media is mining (tracking) your personal data and selling it.

Facebook makes most of its money by selling your data. Everything you post and share with the world is stored forever and sold by Facebook.

It’s no secret Facebook is not its own entity. Facebook works alongside google and YouTube to collect data and sell it for big money. Facebook also works closely with the government, because it was designed by the government and not just Suckberg.

Another reason social media is bad is its censorship. Everyone posting to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook know all too well what it’s like to have their videos or posts removed. Facebook and YouTube have agendas and they work closely with the government. Any media they do not agree with or that doesn’t fit the agenda will be removed.

The social dilemma on netflix addresses the evils of Facebook and social media. It’s something everyone should watch in order to keep informed on what is going on with the social media world.

One thing I wanted to point out with the social dilemma documentary on Netflix is that I actually appear in the documentary. I found out from friends and coworkers that a video clip I filmed of myself appears in the social dilemma documentary on netflix.

Having my clip appear in the social dilemma on netflix was a little upsetting, I have to say, for a few reasons.

When filmmakers create something, they MUST get permission to use someone’s likeness in their production. When I have filmed actors or actresses, they must sign a release form.

Release forms should always be used, regardless of the size of the production.

There is a grey area in the music business and filmmaking business where creators assume it will be ok to use someone else’s work or likeness, if the video is posted on social media platforms.

Just because you post a video on social media does not give anyone the right to use your video or music in their production, especially if they are making money from it.

I have reached out to the director of the social dilemma, Jeff Orlowski, letting him know he should have asked permission. I have not heard back yet.

It is only common courtesy to ask someone for permission to use their likeness or video clip or any work in a production.

What if I didn’t want to be associated with the social dilemma documentary on Netflix?

What if I didn’t want to be on a network (Netflix) that promotes pedophilia (The cuties show on Netflix.)

If you’re a competent filmmaker or business person who follows the law and does things the proper way, you already know it is your legal obligation to ask permission to use anything you have not created! Some people may not want to appear in a world-wide documentary. Some people may seek legal counsel to go against the production.

These are my thoughts on the social dilemma documentary from Netflix.

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