The Fall of the Cabal – A Janet Ossebaard Documentary FULL VIDEO

The Fall of the Cabal - A Janet Ossebaard Documentary FULL VIDEO

The Fall of the Cabal – A Janet Ossebaard Documentary FULL VIDEO

THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT… The Fall of the Cabal is a Documentary of nearly 3 hours made by award-winning author and researcher Janet Ossebaard.

The Fall of the Cabal is about the downfall of the 1%, often referred to as the Cabal: a small group of people who run the world through their excessive wealth and power.

They concocted an evil master plan to completely dominate and submiss humanity … a plan in which corruption, secret services, secret societies and high treason reign supreme. Yet, the 1% did not take into account the following two things: the people started waking up and were helped by an ally at the top: the mysterious Q.

The revolution that followed is the focus of this documentary about the Fall of the Cabal. The Great Awakening, mentioned in every source text, is happening NOW. The Plan to Save the World is happening NOW.

What is The Deep State / Cabal?

A truth-teller named Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands posted a carefully constructed and painstakingly created docu-series titled, “Fall of the Cabal.”

As one might imagine, The Fall of the Cabal documentary goes into detail regarding real events and provides clear examples with a very compassionate purpose of exposing some of the horrific crimes of the cabal.

Janet Ossebaard explains that her purpose is to wake up people, not traumatize them. In this area of information, this is not an easy task to do, but the documentarian uses examples and poses questions that should become rhetorical to the viewer.

Fall of the Cabal speaks about false-flags with an objective perspective of time and alternative revelations, goes into human trafficking, pedophilia, media manipulation, ritual sacrifices, and finishes by offering a positive perspective of what’s being done as many awakened would attest to.

Janet Ossebaard’s effort in the Fall of the Cabal documentary contains thousands of hours of research and Ossebaard herself asks that anons do their own research and double-check everything she presents.

The Fall of the Cabal has been banned by YouTube

The Fall of the Cabal video

As those who follow Prepare for Change know, the whole presentation aligns with the years of information The Fall of the Cabal Documentary provides.

Please take the time – about three hours total – to view this important series and consider sharing with your loved ones.

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