Filming YouTube videos with iphone for your YouTube channel

Filming YouTube videos with iphone for your YouTube channel

Filming YouTube videos with an iPhone for your YouTube channel is very common. You don’t need an expensive video camera or Hollywood sound stage to make a great YouTube video. One piece of iPhone gear I highly recommend is the Shure mv88 microphone for iPhone. Sound quality will make or break your video and this mic steps up your videos in a huge way!

Most famous YouTubers started with an iPhone, more basic than the one you own now. Using an iPhone to film for YouTube can be done with great results and it’s done everyday.

I have been filming and editing video content for 25 years at the time of this writing. I have used some of the very best still and video cameras, and yet, most of my filming for YouTube is done with my iPhone.

My iPhone is always on me, ready to film in HD. I have a 27″ iMac in my recording studio / video editing suite, and yet, most of my YouTube videos are edited on my iPad pro using LumaFusion. LumaFusion has become the go to app on the app store from apple for video editing. It is amazing and very easy to learn. More on that later in another blog.

how to edit video with lumafusion for youtube

So why would I film on my iPhone and edit on my iPad? Convenience. Technology is getting smaller and faster. Photos and video I capture with my iPhone are automatically backed up to my apple icloud, then synced to my iPad, since it is also connected with the same apple icloud account.

Once the files are on the iPad in camera roll, I import them into LumaFusion for video editing. Everything, including uploading the videos to YouTube, are done on my ipad pro.

As your YouTube channel makes you money, you can invest in better equipment.

The most important things to have for great quality YouTube videos are video quality and sound. Great sound quality is a must. If filming with your iPhone or iPad, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND these lavalier lapel microphones. Just plug them into your iPhone or iPad for instant pro audio. The pack comes with 2 microphones. You can purchase a 2nd mic and and Y connector for an interview situation. This is the best piece of tech I’ve bought for my YouTube channels.

Lighting can be achieved easily for your videos by using natural light. Film in a room with windows and white walls preferably. This will allow the light to bounce around and fill the room.

If you don’t want to be limited to daylight hours for filming, here are some LED lights by GVM I use. I bought 2 and couldn’t be happier!

If you want to make your videos even more pro, you I highly recommend using a tripod always! One other thing you can purchase to keep the iPhone or camera steady at all times is a gimbal.

Do you use your iPhone for YouTube? what do you think? What camera have you upgraded to?


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gameboy iphone case is flashback fun to the 80s

gameboy iphone case is flashback fun to the 80s

This Retro 3D Gameboy Soft Silicone iPhone game case cover for Apple iPhone is one of the coolest iphone accessories I have seen in a long time. Not only does the cover look cool and fit your iPhone perfectly, but the games function as well! The cover protects the back of your phone.

I’m an 80s kid and just ordered one. This is a great gift for anyone with an iPhone, born in the 1970s or 1980s. Father’s day is coming up so I ordered one for my brother as well.

gameboy iphone case
playable gameboy iPhone case

The case is made very well, has a few color choices and comes with an extra battery. The games are from the classic Gameboy era and even have sound.

Although we have awesome games and apps at our fingertips, I’m always happy to see retro games turn up, as I’m a huge fan. Our generation saw the beginning of arcade games with pacman, donkey kong, jungle hunt, galaga, galaxian, etc. etc. I remember playing pong as a 5-year-old in our house when it was first introduced. My dad connected the console to a 9″ black and white tv. Ah the good old days.

Check this Gameboy case out on Amazon. Would make a great gift for anyone into video games who grew up on the 80s.

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