Best Joker impression tutorial Heath Ledger

Best Joker impression tutorial Heath Ledger

The dark knight is one of my favorite films, along with anything from the 80s; Star Wars being on top of that list. The joker impression is something many people have strived for, with only a handful doing it properly. Heath Ledger’s joker is a massively-iconic character, due to Heath’s perfect execution of the role.

Heath Ledger joker impression from the dark knight
Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger is one of my favorite actors and has been for years. The first film I saw him in was A Knights Tale…a truly awesome film. Whether you are a fan of Heath’s or not, you will love this film. It has everything from well-written and timed comedy to a fantastic story line.

The joker impression of Heath Ledger, for me, is something that happened by accident. Long story short, I worked up the courage to post a video, waiting for ridicule from viewers. Comic book fans are severe in their art and I was thinking it would be a matter of days before I took it down. I dreaded uploading my first video.

As it turns out, many people loved it and I got better at it. A couple videos later showed really nice comments from people so I started the YouTube channel as a tribute to Heath Ledger, THE JOKER BOX on YouTube. It’s a lot of fun as you can imagine. It would be really nice to have a small crew to help out but at the moment, it is just me.

heath ledger joker impression by me

If you’re interested in doing the Joker impression, check out my videos on the YouTube channel and watch the Dark Knight over and over. Study how Heath talks and how he “hits the notes.” Voice impressions are like singing. You need to match the same notes and fluctuations. It’s practice and it’s a lot of fun when you get it right.

The Joker has always been my favorite villain, along with Darth Vader.

Many have demanded I become the next Joker in another film. That praise is awesome to hear! I’m happy they’re happy and entertained. I know I can always be better. Being the Joker in a film would be so much fun, as I have been an audio engineer, photographer and video editor for 25 years each. I love working in production. So, Christopher Nolan, if you’re thinking of doing another film with the joker, I’m interested. It would be so much fun.

Here’s a recent video I made of the Joker impression. Hope you like it.

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Heath Ledger planned to play The Joker in a sequel to ‘The Dark Knight’

Heath Ledger planned to play The Joker in a sequel to ‘The Dark Knight’
Heath Ledger planned to play The Joker in a sequel to ‘The Dark Knight’
I would love to play the Joker, or, at least, do the voice overs, should a new Joker movie come a long. I am a huge Heath Ledger fan. Not only was Heath a fantastic actor, but an artist, photographer and gentle soul. I share many of the same passions as he did, being a professional photographer and filmmaker on the side. I have been a video editor for years, since 1988, and have worked on music videos, as did Heath.
I never thought of doing voice over work of any type until some friends mentioned that I do a couple voices quite well. I never tried or attempted to practice, it just kind of happened. I have recorded the Joker’s voice for clients who needed something silly on their voice mail messages or short Lego films. I also have a You Tube channel called THE JOKER BOX. Here is one of my favorite videos from that channel. It’s just something I do for fun. What do you think?

An interview from Heath Ledger’s sister, Kate Ledger…

He died six months before the movie was released.

Heath Ledger loved playing The Joker in The Dark Knight and wanted to play him again in a sequel movie, his sister has said.

The actor died on January 22, 2008 from the accidental intoxication of prescription drugs, six months before the release of the Batman movie that would see him be posthumously awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

Heath’s sister Kate told that had he lived, her brother had every intention of working with director Christopher Nolan and Batman actor Christian Bale on another film in the franchise.

“He was so proud of what he had done in Batman,” Kate said last year ahead of the I Am Heath Ledger documentary.

The interview has been recirculating in recent days around the tenth anniversary of the actor’s death.

“And I know he had plans for another Batman. He loved working with Chris Nolan and Christian Bale and Gary Oldman. He just had the best time ever doing that film.

“When he came home at Christmas he couldn’t wait to tell us all about it and he was doing the voice and laughing, showing me all the rushes. We had a great time.”

Related: Christian Bale confirms that Heath Ledger really did ask to be beaten up on the set of ‘The Dark Knight’

She denied that the role had made him depressed, adding: “He was a really happy person and he had huge plans for his future.

“I spoke to him the night before [he died] and we were laughing and joking.”



Heath Ledger: keeping his memory alive

Heath Ledger: keeping his memory alive
joker heath
If you’re good at something NEVER do it for free!

There was something very magical about Heath Ledger’s joker in the Dark Knight. Heath has been a favorite actor of mine for quite a while. I wasn’t too sure how he was going to pull off the Joker in the Dark Knight film. Out of all the actors, they chose Heath? Many people, including me, were surprised and very curious.

Well, as you know, he pulled it off incredibly well. I was not able to tell it was Heath, which is the sign of an excellent actor. Still, to this day, after seeing the Dark Knight many times, it is hard for me to recognize both his voice and face.

As you may know, Heath spent a lot of time by himself, preparing for the role. He kept a journal with newspaper clippings and writings, similar to what the Joker would have kept. Locking himself away for days in a hotel room, he forced seclusion on himself. While in Chicago filming the Dark Knight, Heath would spend time in local bars, watching Chicagoans, and learning how they speak. I didn’t realize we have an accent, but apparently we do. Not only did Heath nail the character, he nailed it with the accent.

A best friend of mine, Eric, is a master of comic book history and movie trivia. It’s amazing to talk with him and joke around. Long story short, after the Dark Knight came out, we had to add our best Joker voice impression to silly things we would say. At times he said I did a really good job. I just chalked it up to “whatever” until I heard myself on a recording. I liked it, but didn’t put much stock in it. A few years later I tried it again and thought it was ok. Another few years later I found myself surfing You Tube for Heath Ledger videos late at night when I had the flu. I set up a recorder and went for it. I kind of liked it and wondered what response I would get on You Tube if I dare to post it.

Well, here I am, 2 years later, with a You Tube channel called THE JOKER BOX. When I feel silly, I like to record voice overs as the joker. To my surprise, a lot of people like it. I do feel silly attempting the voice, but it’s fun and a good way for me to unwind when I’m in the mood. Check it out and have a great night.


Me in my recording studio playing around with lines from the Dark Knight.

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