Should I cancel cable tv?

Cancel cable tv and save a ton of money. You won't miss a thing!

Should I cancel cable tv?

cancel cable tv and save a ton of money
Cancel cable tv and save a ton of money. You won’t miss a thing!

If you want my opinion, you should cancel cable tv. I cancelled cable in 2015 and wouldn’t take it back if you paid me to use it. I am not much of a television watcher, but even if I was, there is absolutely no loss. Trust me on this.

What made me extra made was calling comcast (one of the cable companies we had) to get a clueless rep. I’m a tech and wound up solving most of the issues on my own…some things that should not take 3 visits (when they actually show up.) This one issue took 3 different comcast techs to come out and they had no clue why certain channels weren’t coming in. The 4th tech informed me he was actually a tech, while the 3 others were general contractors wearing comcast shirts, who were clueless. It was a simple fix, and one I resolved on my own. The 4th guy just confirmed that I fixed it. I saw paying comcast as a source of misery. Over priced misery that I didn’t need.

How I got rid of cable tv – MOHU house antenna setup – sky antenna cable tv alternatives

I’m always thinking of ways to save money, being that we’re on one income only with a family of four. I am doing something I never thought I would be able to do…buy everything! I’m so lucky and blessed to have the job that I have to provide for our family. It’s not easy at all, which is why some things, such as cable, had to go.

The final monthly cable bill of roughly $100 came in the mail on a Saturday 3 years ago. I had it. I let my wife know the day will be coming but didn’t know when. I had purchased a house antenna from Amazon that got rave reviews from hundreds of people. They were right. Let me tell you something about HD tv. There is no such thing as HD tv with cable companies. HD is a resolution of 1080, as you may have heard. Cable companies broadcast in a resolution of 720. It looks good but it isn’t real HD. It’s a compressed signal so they save on their bandwidth. Remember, their cable lines are carry data signals for everyone in your neighborhood, from emails to streaming online, to cable tv, to phone calls. If everyone had pure HD tv it would be slower or even more expensive. A house antenna is PURE HD. Signals over the air like old school tv, are pure HD and they’re FREE! The picture looks amazingly crisp. Way better than any cable company can provide. My MOHU SKY 60 TV antenna gets channels from 60 miles away. Since Chicago is 40 miles, there is no issue.

Don’t you miss your DVR?

Nope, because I have HULU, which is awesome. We use HULU for streaming HD movies and shows to our tv via apple tv. We watch America’s Got Talent. If we don’t watch it live, we will watch it the next day on HULU anytime we want. The shows are always there, unlike with a DVR, where you have to record the shows to the DVR then fight with your spouse when they erase your shows!

We also rent movies or stream. Being that I’m huge into You Tube, that’s what I will mainly watch, along with the kids. This is the way of the future. Cable companies will fall and I can’t wait. They had their chance and blew it. Rates are at an all time high, when, in fact, they should have been dropping! Cable has been around since the early 1980s and rates are increasing! Our $100 a month cable bill was basic channels and one DVR only. Not even sports channels! FOR WHAT? I don’t watch sports, but still!

By the way, if you want sports, ESPN and even HBO and larger companies have a monthly plan for $9.95 a month? Something like that. You can buy a monthly from them to watch their shows. You don’t need a cable company.

I pay for internet access and HULU only. I save $100 a month by having no cable bill. We tried Netflix and hated it. The movies were old with not much variety. Hulu is the winner for current tv and movies. Other than that we rent movies from the library for free or spend $1 at Red Box. A couple of friends pay $180 a month for cable tv….to channel surf! CRAZY!

I also haven’t had a house phone since 1999. I told everyone I knew to cancel their house phone…we all use our cell phones anyway. I heard the same story, no I couldn’t do that! You need a house phone. For what? We grew up with one, that doesn’t mean we still need it. Sure, you may need it for some things, like older people living with you or a home security system, but overall, it’s not needed. Home security systems are best with wi-fi anyway. There are no phone lines for robbers to cut. If they do that, your alarm system can’t call the police. Think about that.

Installation of my MOHU SKY 60 TV antenna

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Antenna from Amazon that I have and love. It’s perfect! Mohu Sky 60 TV Antenna, Outdoor, Amplified, 60 Mile Range, Durable Lightweight, Mount Kit Included, Roof or Attic, 4K-Ready, 30 Foot Detachable Cable, Premium Materials for Performance, MH-110585

HULU – streaming tv. $7.95 per month.