Biden Inauguration – Time is Ticking

biden inauguration scandal

The Biden Inauguration is One of the saddest days in American History. January 20th, 2021, as Biden was sworn in as President of the United States on live tv, according to many.

But wait, was Biden sworn in for real? Was the Inauguration real?

I know you’re thinking this is another conspiracy theory post, but believe me, there are millions of people researching the Biden Inauguration. Way too many loose ends in this 2021 Inauguration.

The Biden Inauguration, and millions agree, felt more like a funeral than a celebration. A dark weight of evil seemed to loom over the small crowd that day and we all felt it.

Many things regarding the Biden crime family were never fully investigated, or were they?

  • Biden transferring millions of our dollars to his personal offshore bank accounts
  • Hunter Biden’s laptop filled with porn (child porn) and pedophilia content
  • Hunter Biden text messages regarding China deals and his Joe Biden’s involvement
  • Election servers linked to the internet to other countries instead of to each other in a secured network
  • Computer algorithms discovered to alter election votes in Biden’s favor
  • and many many more!

Don’t forget that before President Trump left office, he signed the Insurrection Act. The Insurrection Act transitions power to the military in times of crisis.

What is the Insurrection Act?

You don’t think Biden needed 25,000 armed troops to protect his virtual inauguration do you?

The collection of statutes now known as the Insurrection Act provides the president with the authority to employ active duty military against U.S. citizens during extraordinary circumstances of civil unrest or rebellion that threaten a state or its government, superseding other laws that generally prevent the use of forces like the Army domestically in a law-enforcement capacity. 

the Insurrection Act dates back to the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, shortly after his political rival, former Vice President Aaron Burr, engaged in an act of perceived insurrection when he attempted to create an independent republic in the fall of 1806 by forcibly annexing Spanish territory in Louisiana and Mexico. Burr was ultimately arrested the following February. 

Thomas Jefferson, in an annual message to Congress in December 1806, noted that the law had mechanisms for punishing people who commit crimes that could result in rebellion.

Is there Hope for America?

The military is going to be running the show for awhile under the direction of Commander in chief Trump. He has sole responsibility to uphold the constitution when the Supreme Court didn’t want to hear the case, no problem. Dont need you. When Congress failed. Dont need you either.

The troops arent there for an inauguration. The troops are there to save this country from being overthrown.

Many people have speculated, in the last 3-1/2 years when the events happened, or if any of it was true, because these dates kept coming and going, with nothing happening. It upset a LOT of people.

NONE of the events we speculated as being the scenario had ALL of details that were needed.

NO one knew that it would have to wait until Trump actually left office, and the illegitimate government of Joe Biden would be sworn in, at noon, ET, yesterday.

Kamala Harris does not have her hand on the Bible

Biden being “inaugurated” was when the crime was fully executed.

You can’t get arrested for shoplifting until you leave the store. Biden, stealing the role, as a traitor and criminal, sealed their fate.

Washington DC, if you didn’t know, is a foreign corporation, a city nation, on our domestic soil.

Washington DC is an illegal foreign corporation, with an illegally installed government. THIS is why the military are now in control of Washington DC, as OCCUPIERS.

This was a contingency plan put into place in the ’50s, during the Senator Joe McCarthy era, by the military, in case an illegitimate government was ever put in place… meaning Communism. Well, that’s what happened yesterday.

Who’s writing Executive Orders after January 20, 2021?

Who’s in CHARGE? How is a current fake president claiming to write Executive Orders, but none show up in the Federal Registry!?! Check for yourself!! How are the Executive Orders Biden revoked of Trumps still there?!? See for yourself.

Trump still writing executive orders after January 20, 2021
Trump still writing Executive Orders after January 20 2021

Why are more troops arriving in DC AFTER the Inauguration?

More military troops arriving in DC after the “Biden Inauguration.”

It is speculated by many the military is still in DC, with many more troops arriving, to prevent riots once the truth comes out on the evil in government and hollywood. We’re talking mass pedophile rings, money laundering, fake news, and much more.

One of Trump’s mentors was Roy Cohn, an attorney that advised Senator Joe McCarthy, during McCarthy’s exposure of the Communism infiltrators in our government and Hollywood.

Cohn DESPISED Communism, like Joe McCarthy, and so does Trump. This is where this all comes from.

Jewish Bolshevik Communism: the descendants of Esau of the Bible. These are the ones who enslaved us, through the Rothschilds. They mentored Lenin and Tolstoy, they mentored and helped Mao Tse Dung install Communism in China.

Emergency Broadcast System

US Space Force is what controls the satellite network that controls the Global Emergency Broadcast Alert system. The NWO cannot control it.

When you hear from Trump via the Emergency Broadcast Network, that’s when the Space Force will take control of ALL of the communications mediums, including the Internet, cell phones, TV networks, et al, and ALL will hear the truth about what has been going on.

emergency broadcast system for government use

Some radio stations and television stations, local and large, have already been visited by authorities regarding the Emergency Broadcast Network, detailing their compliance. Stations are not allowed to block the Emergency Broadcast System announcement.

They will maintain control of those mediums (radio, tv, cable, cell phones) for 10 days, where you will SEE the arrests, you will SEE their military tribunals, for treason against the US and against the planet’s humanity.

You will SEE their executions (much like executions were public events, during the 19th century, for a reason… so that others would not commit the same crimes.) At least, it’s been said we’ll see the executions.

Check this video out regarding the Biden inauguration and decide for yourself

Trump went to Florida to witness the first launch of that satellite system being implemented. These are ALL related.

It’s the first draining of the swamp. The military is going to be running the show for awhile under the direction of Commander in chief Trump, via Insurrection Act.

Maybe it would be better for America if the Military were in charge of the country instead of Biden because the Military don’t play around and they will clean up the country as it should have been years ago!

You have nothing to fear if you let the military do their job. The military does not take sides. The military will apply justice as it should be. Everything needs to be cleaned up, including judges of the Supreme Court. It’s for the good of the people as a whole!

Many thought the arrests of famous people and politicians would be happening before the 2021 inauguration but it did not, as far as we know.

Why does anyone need 25,000 armed troops to protect a Virtual Inauguration that is on TV, not in real life? That is complete “overkill” of man power and just doesn’t add up.

The Democrats and their jackal media have seized upon the Capitol building incident on January 6 to paint Trump supporters across the board literally as dangerous insurgents.

Everything you think you know is a lie, painted by the news media, who are controlled by government, which is controlled by much higher powers (evil.)

Over the past few days, blackouts worldwide have been happening in relation to this fight for the republic and world freedom.

Blackouts Happened

Pakistan was hit with a blackout, which affected 210 million people. This was to disrupt a planned sale of General Electric to a Chinese (CCP) conglomerate.

Other blackouts happened in Italy in connection with the hacking of the US election by a former IT manager and other related turmoil.

Berlin also had a blackout, apparently related to a clean-up operation of Dominion Voting Systems.

In Canada, border restrictions were in force in Quebec. Victoria, seat of the most radical, dictatorial, deep-state and China connected state government in Australian history, also had blackouts on Monday.

The promise of Trump and the patriots is that President Trump will remain President for at least another four years.

President Trump has reportedly dismantled the Banking Act of 1871, which installed the corporate central banking system in the wake of America’s debt crisis following the 1860s civil war.

Declassification of Documents

The declassification of documents by Attorney General William Barr. Trump authorized Barr to declassify anything he wants. Barr can give the declassified documents to anyone who might benefit from them.

We know that text messages related to the Russia investigation between Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok are on the list of things to be declassified.

We also know the gang of 8 intel briefing on the status of the Russia investigation will be declassified.

The possibilities for declassification are endless since Barr has complete authority and discretion.

The secret communications and reports of those involved in the Russia investigation will be available for the public to read for themselves.

The declassified documents will paint a clear picture of the criminal activities of those who tried to remove Trump from office.

It is said all this will be happening sooner than March 4, 2021.

American people are tired of waiting for justice to be done, but perhaps waiting a little longer isn’t so bad.

If none of this is true, remember you are an adult and were born free. Our founding fathers penned this decades ago. NO ONE controls you or your way of life. NEVER be afraid to speak your thoughts or express yourself, especially to the face of evil.

On the surface, January 20, 2021 was one of the saddest days in American history, but perhaps, only on the surface.

As always, do your research and follow your gut, not the crowd!

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