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I always wanted to setup a saltwater aquarium. The fish are much more colorful, lively and fun, I thought. I was right. They are much more intelligent and definitely fun. The saltwater aquarium hobby is very frustrating in the beginning and can be for awhile. Although you are careful, there are many gotchas in this hobby that will more than likely kill your fish in the beginning. It is sad and very frustrating, and I cannot stress that enough. Once I felt I had a good handle on things, I started a You Tube channel called Rotter Tube Reef, to help others out. I never thought I would have the amount of cool followers that I have and for that, I am grateful. What started out as a simple video educating those on the ich parasite and marine velvet outbreaks that can wipe your fish out in a matter of days or hours, has turned into a helpful video channel. I post each Saturday on You Tube. Check it out and subscribe for more videos. Saltwater aquarium care and maintenance by Steve Rotter ROTTER TUBE REEF on YouTube.

fowleri tang rotter tube reef
My Fowleri Tang – 13″ long

Saltwater aquarium knowledge that’s fun. I’m open and honest and tell it how it is. ROTTER TUBE REEF was started in 2015.  Saltwater fish really interested me but I had no idea on how or where to start. I knew nothing. I spent hours watching you tube videos with conflicting information. If you get into this hobby, I highly suggest you stay far away from forums. There is one huge forum in particular that is garbage. It’s filled with people who have no idea what they’re talking about, and not to mention, very rude. Those of you in the hobby know what forum I’m talking about. Within a year I moved to saltwater and absolutely loved it. Saltwater fish are much more intelligent and actually recognize you and know when it’s feeding time. One visit to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago in the fall of 2013 and that was it. I was hooked. I saw the displays and the clown fish and had to have them. After about 6 months my 28 gallon JBJ nanocube was upgraded to a 75 gallon aquarium. I loved it but outgrew it within a year, purchasing my 125 gallon aquarium. The 125 is perfect since it’s 6′ long. I’m not a fan of tall tanks since they are harder to clean and most fish don’t swim up and down, they swim left and right. It’s always better to have more swim room.

I have a lot of tips on my Rotter Tube Reef saltwater aquarium channel. Check it out and subscribe if you haven’t already. New video every weekend.

picasso clownfish
My picasso clown fish

Current saltwater tank specs:

125 gallon saltwater display tank

1 vortech mp40 power head

1 Hydor power head

20 gallon eshopps sump

ROTTER TUBE replaces sump socks

2 Rio + return pumps – 2500+

T5 lighting with ATI bulbs

Eshopps 200 protein skimmer