People Don’t Want To Wear Mandatory Masks

mandatory masks in stores

Mandatory Masks in stores and public places seem to be enforced everywhere, without signs of letting up.

People Don’t Want To Wear Mandatory Masks in stores or public for many reasons.

According to a website,, people who are not wearing masks in stores, outdoors or public places are looked down upon.

Despite mask mandates across several states and “recommendations” from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a life-saving gesture, many individuals choose not to wear masks in public as a means of protecting themselves and others from COVID-19.

Gotta love the little jabs by media such as “a life-saving gesture” and “masks are a means to protect yourself and others.” Brainwashing.

Early Days of Covid Scare Tactics

In early 2020, the birth of the COVID plannedemic, the CDC said healthy people didn’t need to wear face masks. Then, a month later, in April, 2020, the CDC (lying chaos-spreading organization) issued a recommendation advising everyone to wear a cloth face mask or covering in public to help slow the spread of covid.

The CDC said they were “advising people to wear masks”, which has turned into mandatory.

Within days of the mandatory mask mandate, small businesses were forced to close due to lack of customers, while larger businesses enforced mandatory masks in stores.

Covid, if you don’t know by now, is the common flu. Coronavirus has been listed on the back of lysol cans for years.

Notice how the lying news media hasn’t reported on flu statistics in over a year. The MSM (Mainstream Media) wants covid to have the front seat.

It’s the job of the lying news media to spread fear, which forces the government’s agenda; controlling people.

Many People know Covid is Fake

Remember the #filmyourhospital videos that went viral in early 2020 and were taken down from YouTube, Facebook and twitter? The truth on empty hospitals was getting out and the government can’t have that; it ruins their plans for New World order and control of the people.

The government is about money and control, and those who are awake ruin their agenda.

Big Pharma makes billions of dollars a year selling people medications they don’t need; the “Covid Vaccine” is no different.

Since most people will not comply with government, the government needed to scare people into taking the Covid Vaccine. How do they do this? Fake a Pandemic; make the plannedemic look real by forcing everyone to wear mandatory masks in stores and public places.

When the covid scare tactic started to lose steam mid-2020, the government enforced mandatory masks in stores by not allowing anyone in public areas without a mask, and now, they’re working on forced vaccinations and digital covid passports.

The CDC says we may need three covid vaccinations a year forever; good luck with that.

Mandatory masks in stores. Despite mask mandates across several states and and recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a life-saving gesture, many individuals choose not to wear masks in public as a means of protecting themselves and others from COVID-19.
I will obey

Stores close, people lose jobs, people are shunned by their peers, and, as always, people are separated. The media has separated people for years; using the race card via news stories to segregate people…and now…the plannedemic.

The government says the Covid Vaccine is for our protection, when, what they really mean to say is, “we own you, you will obey or suffer the consequences.” You may not have a job, may not be able to buy food, may not be able to be anywhere in public. Read the book of Revelation in the Bible…you’ll learn a lot.

After 12 months, the lying news media and politicians continue to push the agenda relentlessly; they will never stop until government gets their way; everyone will be vaccinated.

Why is the government pushing a vaccine for a fake virus (the flu)? Why is Bill Gates suddenly a doctor? Why are masks required even if you get the “vaccine?” Why is Fauci saying two masks may be required. What crazy clown world are we living in? Take a few huge steps back and look at what is going on.

Do some research on Fauci to see what other medical scams he’s been involved in…AIDS is one of them.

Most states have issued their own rules regarding mandatory masks in stores and public places. Last August, Vermont was the latest to announce a statewide mandate requiring all residents wear face masks in any indoor public space, as well as outdoors if they can’t adhere to social distancing. 

The CDC says, “To be clear, we’re talking about people who should be wearing a mask, per the CDC, which includes almost all healthy kids and adults.”

Read that line again. The CDC wants EVERYONE to wear a mask and this includes HEALTHY PEOPLE.

Some people still refuse to put on a mask or face covering when they leave the house, regardless of the rules in their local area.

The CDC wants you to believe you’re contagious until proven not infected. But, even if “not infected”, you still need the covid vaccine.

They will test you with a PCR test, which was never meant for covid testing. The PCR test was around 3 decades before the covid chaos started. A PCR test is not used to test for covid; it’s used to test bacteria levels in the body, which everyone has.


Some mask-refusers are getting called out on social media. On June 22, 2020, San Diego resident Amber Lynn Gilles took to Facebook to “out” a Starbucks barista who refused to serve her because she wasn’t wearing a face covering per local and state rules. 

In Florida, many areas have ordered residents to wear face masks at all times when in public, following skyrocketing numbers of COVID-19 diagnoses throughout the state.

“Skyrocketing Covid” numbers. Who says covid is skyrocketing? The lying news media, which works for the government, which is controlled by The Deep State.

If You Don’t Want to Wear Mandatory Masks – Why Wear Them?

Most people don’t wear mandatory masks for various reasons

  • Asthma
  • Bacteria breeds in dark damp places – don’t breathe bacteria – it’s bad
  • You are FREE
  • Breathing Carbon Dioxide is very bad; it’s at hazardous levels in a mask
  • They know covid is fake
  • They are awake

No one has the right to question you or force you to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is not a law.

No one is allowed to question your medical history, as that is a hipaa violation; they can be fined heavily.

The next Agenda push is to get everyone vaccinated. The government knows most people are weak in the area of peer pressure. Many will cave and take the Covid Vaccine just because the government and news media says they need it.

It’s your health and your body. You have the final say what happens with your life.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. People need to work. People need their jobs. Many people just can’t take a mask off.

There will come a time you will be at the crossroads with the decision to make. Will you wear a mask until they say it’s ok not to, and will you stand your ground and not get the “vaccine” no matter what happens?

As always, I’m not telling you what to do; I’m providing info so you can think outside the box.

What are your thoughts on mandatory masks in stores and public places? Let us know in the comments below.

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