oculus go unboxing virtual reality headset

oculus go virtual reality vr headset oculus go virtual reality vr headset

In this post I will include the unboxing and review of the oculus go vr headset.  I finally bought the oculus go and LOVE IT! There are 2 versions. oculus go as a 32GB and a 64GB. The 32GB is only $199 and the 64GB is $249.

$50 more was worth doubling the hard drive size for loading apps, videos and pictures. I wasn’t looking for a VR headset until a friend brought his oculus go to work. I love this VR headset by oculus!

oculus go virtual reality vr headset
oculus go virtual reality VR headset

What is a virtual headset? The best way to explain it would be to imagine a cool 3D scene from a movie you recently saw. Now, with that, you are also able to turn your head and have a look around the entire scene. In front of you, behind you, above you and even the ground beneath your feet. It’s purely 3D all around you. A full 360 above, below and all around you.

floating oculus go menu while looking through the oculus go vr headset
floating oculus go menu while looking through the oculus go vr headset

Putting the oculus go headset on for the first time, I was greeted with the main menu, which floats before you. The background was a customized high-end apartment, which is viewed at 360 by turning your head or rotating. It’s amazing! It’s truly another world. I ordered the oculus go the same week.

This is the first VR / 3D 360 video I saw, which blew me away. The video is of Magga Braco, professional dancer and choreographer. I follow her on YouTube and it was cool to see her in 3D. With the oculus go VR it’s like she’s there.Of course you won’t see her in 3D in this video…you need to view it via the oculus go for that…but it’s still a great video.

You can get this video by downloading for free right to your oculus go headset from the oculus store, all right within the headset after you connect to wi-fi during setup.

Magga’s videos are just some of the free videos available on the oculus go menu.

One of my favorite apps for the oculus go VR is the dinosaur clip of about 8 minutes in length where you follow “Blue”, the velociraptor from Jurassic park. This clip is amazing and features a T Rex as well. The 3D immersion and sound from the built-in speakers is very good. Using headphones, it’s even better, as with any device.


Setting up the oculus go is very easy and requires no complex tech background. Inside the box comes an index card that says DOWNLOAD THE OCULUS APP from the app store. Once this app is on your iPhone or iPad, you enter basic information and it talks to your oculus go, setting it up. You only need to use this app once. The oculus go does not require a phone to operate, it is purely a standalone item. I had mine up and running in less than 5 minutes.

What does the oculus go come with?

You get the oculus go, the remote, usb charger cable and cleaning cloth and small manual. You also get a soft rubber insert spacer if you want to use the oculus go with prescription glasses. Speaking of prescription glasses, you can also order prescription lenses for the device via their website.

There is no case so I bought the CASEMATIX Virtual Reality Headset Case for Oculus Go VR Headset for $25. I have other cases from this company, which I use for camera lighting in my studio and love them.

Comfort factor

The oculus go is very comfortable. After wearing it for about an hour it was just as comfortable as was when I first put it on. The straps are adjustable and made of soft cloth / nylon. The face plate which rests on your forehead and cheekbones is a very soft plush fabric.

oculus go vr headset is very comfortable to wear, even after an hour of use.

Battery life

This is rechargeable with the standard rechargeable usb cable. The headset lasts about 2.5 hours on a full charge and warns you when running low on power. oculus does not recommend using the headset while plugged in but many have done it, including me, with no issues. I guess that’s a disclaimer in case something happens they can say, well, we told you not to use it while charging!

Oculus go VR headset unboxing and review video by me

Other VR headset options

There are a few options out there when it comes to VR headsets. Two of the others I looked at are the oculus rift and vr headset for the PS4. Being a PS4 gamer, it would be very cool to game in 3D vr. I decided to go with the oculus rift for price, portability (no wires required to use it unlike the PS4 and I liked what I saw on the oculus go.)

I’m sure I will get the PS4 VR headset but for now I wanted to toy around with this oculus rift. It’s a cool toy and learning tool. National Geographic has a channel with VR content, along with other informative channels. One of my favorites is the travel app where they show video clips and photos in 360 VR while narration plays. Last night I took a tour of Rome and learned some of the history behind the coliseums there. I felt like I was sitting just outside, because, well, I was, in a way. I loved it.

oculus go vr headset
oculus go vr headset

What other things can you do with it?

There are meeting rooms where you can join others with the oculus go and have conversations, watch movies together in a virtual movie theater and just hang out. You can watch concerts together in 3D VR and many other cool things.

I created a virtual apartment and customized some walls with actual photos I took. I don’t plan on using this feature much but it’s cool knowing that you can meet others and host in a virtual world. Watching a movie with my brother or friend while they are at their house sounds pretty cool. OR, you can hold a meeting with others. Each person in the meeting room will appear as a virtual animated character, which you customize.

Speaking of watching movies and videos, there is a built-in browser. I’ve already watched YouTube and HULU and the experience is that of sitting in front of a big screen in a movie theater. A lot of people like to watching movies or videos in bed.

One thing you can’t do is walk around and have it track your steps. There is no outside source of tech watching you walk, as with the PS4. That’s not a big deal to me. I would rather be cable-free and not walk into furniture anyway.

oculus go with remote pointer
oculus go with remote pointer


  • Lightweight Headset — designed with innovative, breathable fabrics and injection foam molding developed for professional athletes
  • Wide Quad, Fast-Switch LCD — dramatically improves visual clarity and reduces screen-door effect
  • Next-generation Oculus Lenses — offering a wide field of view with significantly reduced glare
  • Integrated Spatial Audio — speakers built into the headset, transporting you straight into VR and making the headset easy to share with someone else
  • Standalone VR — no additional devices required while in VR (Oculus Go requires the Oculus Companion App, downloadable from the iOS and Android store on a smartphone).

So if you have $199, you can immerse yourself in virtual reality. It is an amazing piece of tech and each time I wear the headset, I’m just in awe. It’s one of the best things I have bought in a while. There are many free apps for download along with apps to purchase, which are the same price roughly as in the app store.

Final thoughts. Yes I highly recommend it and would buy this again. The price tag is not bad at all compared to other tech out there, which is surprising.

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Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

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