Nurse Tiffany Dover passes out on tv after getting COVID Vaccine

Tiffany Dover passes out on live tv after getting covid vaccine

Nurse Tiffany Dover passes out on live tv after getting COVID-19 Vaccine and hasn’t been seen since. There have been other covid vaccine problems, which have been hidden from the public.

During a covid vaccine press conference at a Chattanooga hospital on December 18, 2020, head nurse, Tiffany Dover, passes out on live tv after getting The covid vaccine.

Shortly before passing out on live tv, Tiffany Dover said, “All of my staff, you know, we are excited to get the vaccine. We are in the COVID unit, so, therefore, you know, my team will be getting the first chances to get the vaccine.” 

During her interaction with the press, Tiffany Dover suddenly started feeling uneasy and said, “Sorry, I’m feeling really dizzy.” Tiffany Dover passed out on live tv as medical experts came to assist her.

Doctors from the hospital were quick to inform the public that her passing out was in no way related to the ingredients in the (illegal) Pfizer experimental covid vaccine. What else do you think they would say?

The video clip of Tiffany Dover passing out on live tv after getting the covid vaccine was quickly pulled from most media outlets, but social media users screen grabbed the video before it was taken down.

The video clip of Tiffany Dover passing out on live tv has been shared all over social media. Twitter and Facebook said it’ll be fact checked by Saturday of this week as “missing context” by Facebook and Twitter.

Of course it will be fact checked by facebook and twitter, as they have been telling people what is right and what is wrong for months.

Social media monsters such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been filtering everything political and covid-related for months. Why do you think that is? Politicians and big social media sites don’t want people to know the truth..

Covid Vaccine problems not reported

There were two other serious adverse effects from the covid-19 vaccine this week, which were not reported. Alongside these two cases, four other recipients developed Bell’s Palsy after getting the covid-19 vaccine.

If people knew about the serious side effects of the covid-19 vaccine, do you think they would inject it into their bodies? How many other covid vaccine issues are we not aware of?

Tiffany Dover “recovered later” and assured everyone her passing out had nothing to do with the covid-19 vaccine. It was actually the hospital issuing that statement on Tiffany’s behalf, as all of Tiffany’s social media has disappeared. Interesting.

Nurse passes out on live tv after getting covid vaccine
Tiffany Dover gets covid vaccine and passes out shortly after

How could medical experts know Tiffany Dover’s passing out was not due to the covid vaccine without examining her or running any tests?

CHI Memorial removed the video of the nurse passing out on live tv and continued to remove comments about the nurse’s reaction. If this were such a small incident, CHI Memorial hospital shouldn’t censor this public information.

Why was CHI Memorial hospital so quick to remove any trace of the video of their nurse passing out on live tv from the covid vaccine?

Dont forget, Americans who receive the Covid vaccine will only be immune for two months and will need to get a 2nd shot to “stay immune.”

Doctors question covid vaccine

The covid-19 vaccine is looking worse each day, with top doctors questioning why there’s a forceful push to vaccinate a planet of healthy people against an illness that isn’t a clear threat.

Regardless what the news and politicians tell you, covid-19 is much less of a threat than the standard flu. Covid-19 is a rebranded flu. There is a reason coronavirus has been on the back of Lysol cans for years…it’s the flu and it’s nothing new.

Tiffany Dover said, “It just hit me all of the sudden, I could feel it coming on. I felt a little disoriented but I feel fine now, and the pain in my arm is gone,” Dover said, when she came to, according the the hospital.

CHI Memorial hospital said Tiffany Dover frequently passes out when she feels pain. Pain from a needle in the arm? Maybe she’s in the wrong line of work. Why hasn’t Tiffany Dover come forward to make these statements on her own?

The medical team at CHI Memorial hospital in Tennessee claims that Tiffany Dover’s passing out was not related to the ingredients in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. What do you expect them to say? Politicians and local governments need everyone to get the covid vaccine.

With most people already against the covid vaccine, this nurse passing out on live tv isn’t helping politicians to sell their product.

To get a vaccine that was developed rapidly for a virus that is not the Black Plague, was a mistake. There are many bad things in the covid vaccine including MRC-5, which is fetal tissue from aborted babies. Read up on the covid vaccine ingredients.

Tiffany Dover lookalike Hoax

With no word yet from Tiffany Dover, it is unclear the status of her health or death. A photo has surfaced of “Tiffany Dover” standing with staff at CHI Memorial hospital after she passed out on live tv from the covid-19 vaccine.

In this photo, it is clear the girl present does not appear to be Tiffany. Something very odd is going on and they don’t want us to know what it is.

Tiffany Dover lookalike hoax. Is Tiffany Dover dead or alive after getting the covid-19 vaccine
Tiffany Dover lookalike Hoax

  • her eyes are blue in the before image, now they are dark
  • her eyes are wider in the second shot
  • the ridges around her eyes are also different
  • her shoulder and chest are different proportions
  • her neck is longer and wider in the second photo
  • the necklace does not hang as loosely in the second photo
  • her forehead is wider in the first video
  • her hair is also straighter in the first photo.

It is believed Tiffany Dover has passed away after receiving the covid vaccine. For those who know Tiffany Dover, know she was very active on social media.

Tiffany Dover death searches

Ever since the covid-19 vaccine Tiffany Dover received on 12/18/2020, she has not been on any social media. In fact, all of Tiffany Dover’s social media accounts have been closed for some reason.

The following day, a death record appeared for a Tiffany Dover, 30, from Higdon, Alabama, where the relatives list matched people found in Tiffany Dover’s friends list on Facebook.

The Facebook page for Tiffany Pontes Dover had not been updated since December 12th. The last post had 8500 comments from concerned people from all over the world including Germany, France, Hungary, Turkey, Poland, Italy and Spain.

Before Tiffany Dover’s social media accounts were closed, thousands of people have asked Tiffany to respond on her social media with her status after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. Tiffany has not responded to any posts.

One early comment (from someone who was not on her friends list) stated that Tiffany is fine and recovering at home… Recovering from what? If she was fine why would she need to recover and why would she not respond on her own? It is understood that Tiffany Dover was always active on social media.

Someone “recovering” from a fainting episode should be able to go on social media and reassure her friends and family that she is ok. Tiffany Dover remains silent.

UPDATE – It’s 3 months later, March 2021, with still no sign or word from Tiffany Dover.

Where is Tiffany Dover?

Many people have died after receiving the Covid “Vaccine”, which the lying news media will never report.

Take care of yourselves and look out for one another.

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