Will YOU Get Vaccinated?

People will not get Covid Vaccine

Most people are against the Covid “Vaccine.” Will YOU get vaccinated?

Chinese Officials are dodging the Covid Vaccine.

As the Chinese regime races to vaccinate tens of millions through coercive policies and a propaganda, many Chinese officials are quietly dodging the covid vaccine.

Amid Beijing’s aggressive vaccine push, dozens of officials from parts of Liaoning, China, have cited various health reasons not to take the COVID-19 vaccine, internal documents state, dated late March of 2021, obtained by The Epoch Times.

In a town called Xintai, located in the center of the province, only three out of 66 officials have gotten vaccinated, with another two on the registration list—showing a dismal willingness rate of less than 10 percent. Most people will not get the Covid Vaccine.

Government Officials come up with reasons against Covid Vaccination

Fifty government officers and those with the local judicial office and law enforcement gave reasons to not take the Covid Vaccine, such as underlying illness, allergy, pregnancy, recent surgery, or a cold, according to a March 29, 2021 chart that summarizes covid vaccination efforts.

Reasons given for not taking Covid Vaccine

  • Illness
  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy
  • Recent Surgery
  • Cold
  • Diabetes
  • Poor Heath
  • Age
  • Untested Vaccine
  • High Blood Pressure

Allergy stood out as the top reason to not take the Covid Vaccine, cited 22 times.

Twenty people cited high blood pressure while five mentioned diabetes

In Tai’an County, China, which has jurisdiction over the town, only four people in the 56-member Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau consented to being vaccinated for the fake covid virus, with three people excusing themselves over “poor health.”

In some cases, overzealous officials have gone door to door to vaccinate residents and even threatened to blacklist the uncooperative.

Australians REFUSE to take the “Covid Vaccine”

The leading vaccine maker, state-owned Sinopharm, announced plans on March 28, 2021, to conduct third stage trials overseas to observe how long protection from the virus would last.

In Hong Kong, at least 12 locals have died following Beijing’s Sinovac Covid Vaccine shots, although authorities said the vaccine was not the direct cause for their deaths. Of course it wasn’t the cause of 12 deaths, each of whom took the Covid “Vaccine” (sarcasm.)

“We know nothing about this vaccine,” a mainlander surnamed Li told the Chinese-language NTD, an affiliate of The Epoch Times. “There’s no third stage trial data nor analysis on whether it can produce antibodies at all, whether we can still get infected or infect others. We know nothing.

“We are better off simply having a few bowls of chicken soup at home to boost our immunity, don’t you think?”

Most people will not get the Covid Vaccine. People do not want the Covid Vaccine.
Most people will not get the Covid Vaccine

Podcast version of Most People Against Covid Vaccine

Americans don’t Trust the “Covid Vaccine”

“There is a tendency for people to be very cautious when they are being required or being encouraged to get a vaccination when they are not clear on has this been tested properly,” said Kieran Fogarty, the director of the Interdisciplinary PhD program at Western Michigan University.

In politics, Fogarty said people believed a certain party has responsible for pushing the vaccine. He said the FDA is the FDA no matter who is in office.

“The perception around the vaccine itself is clearly tied up in a lot of political and social factors,” said Fogarty.

Well, that’s the thing, this “Covid Vaccine” has not been tested.

Covid is the flu, which has been around for years.

The flu has been rebranded as “the deadly Covid” to turn people against each other via masks and Covid Vaccines.

The Covid Vaccine, is not a vaccine at all and people are dying after taking the “vaccine.”

More Covid Lies by World Health Organization (WHO)

“Experts” estimate that at least 70% of the population will need to be immune to the virus to stop community spread of COVID19.

WHO named public hesitancy towards vaccination as one of the Top 10 Threats to Global Health in 2019, affecting not only public health, but businesses and economies. 

While the numbers in this latest study do show that overall, there is more confidence than not in a COVID-19 vaccine, The WHO says that a vaccine won’t work if people don’t take it.

Why people are hesitant against Covid Vaccine

The reasons people are reluctant to get a covid vaccine vary.

Globally, concerns about side effects are cited by 34% and concerns about clinical trials moving too fast are cited by another 33%. 

Among those who would not get vaccinated, worrying about side effects is most cited in Japan (62%), while the speed of clinical trials is most mentioned in Brazil and Spain (by 48% in both countries.)

Globally, one in ten say they are against vaccines in general (including 14% in India and South Africa), they don’t think a vaccine will be effective (15% in Germany), and say the risk of getting COVID is low (20% in China and 19% in Australia).

Around one in four adults (24%), across the 15 countries think the chance of getting COVID-19 is so low that a vaccine is not necessary at all.

Adults in India stand out as being particularly likely to agree with this statement (52%.)

The US follows next, though at a distance, at 31%, while Canadians are least likely to agree, with only 16% sharing this opinion.

Remember the nurse, Tiffany Dover? She took the Covid “Vaccine” on live television in December 2020?

Tiffany Dover hasn’t been heard from in 4 months.

Tiffany Dover was very active on social media. All her social media is still dark, with no word from her after 4 months.

There is no trust in governments, now more than ever. The government has been pushing the Covid Vaccine and when you don’t take it, your rights are threatened, hence, the Covid Passport they are trying to pass.

If you don’t take the Covid Vaccine, you will not be able to enter public places, attend events, travel or have freedoms. This is unconstitutional.

Biden says if you don’t take the Covid Vaccine, you won’t be able to do what you want or need to do; no freedoms. Interesting.

Read the US Constitution here to get refreshed on your freedoms and to see how government is taking our rights away, which is against the law.

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