Mask Burning at Ohio State Capitol

Idahoans burn masks at State Capitol

Idahoans burn masks at Ohio State Capitol, March 7, 2021.

Idaho State police on Sunday were investigating a peaceful protest at the state Capitol in Boise, during which, scores of Idahoans burned masks to protest coronavirus public health recommendations they view as restrictions on freedom.

Mandatory Masks are a restriction of freedom and hazardous to your health.

Covid was designed to scare people into taking the “Covid Vaccine”, their experimental drug to kill or sterilize people.

Mandatory masks are NOT a law, just a mandate to control people into obeying.

Masks will not protect you from a “virus”; it says so on the side of the box.

cloth masks will not protect you from any virus. mask box says will not protect against covid.
Cloth Masks will not protect you from any virus

Masks are nothing more than a tool used by The Deep State (corrupt government) to separate people.

People are waking up to the Covid hoax and government corruption.

What The Deep State (News) says about covid – FEAR TACTICS that NEVER end

The U.S. added a record 380 new coronavirus variant cases Sunday, continuing a trend that has seen the country double its known total of such coronavirus infections since Feb. 18.

Different versions of the virus that cause COVID-19 are spreading quickly even as the pace of new infections has generally been falling nationwide.

The variants can spread more easily, dodge some treatments and immunities or both, leaving them a threat even as more Americans get vaccinated.

The U.S. has 3,133 known variant cases, up from the 2,753 reported Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control said Sunday.

The Deep State uses SCARE TACTICS via FAKE NEWS, FAKE COVID STATS and FAKE VIRUS to brainwash people into loss of freedom.

They want everyone to take the covid death shot, which is NOT a vaccine.

Idahoans burn masks at State Capitol March 2021

Breathing Carbon Dioxide is BAD

Mandatory Masks, Covid testing and Covid Vaccines are crimes against humanity

There has been blow back against Idahoans burning masks at the State Capitol by people who believe Covid is real. These brainwashed followers of the shadow government (Deep State) continue to obey politicians pushing the Agenda.

Writer’s Notes

It’s a shame people continue to believe whatever the television says.

After a year, brainwashed people still believe covid is real. If they want to wear masks that do more harm than good (breathing in carbon dioxide and bacteria), that’s their right.

I’ve seen many posts from people worshipping the news, who still believe covid is real. The things they say against people like us (truth seekers) are amazing. They call us stupid, saying we are going to kill everyone by not wearing masks. This is troubling on many levels.

It’s their right to wear masks, as much as it is our right to see the truth and not wear them.

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