Mandatory Covid testing at Ohio State University

Ohio State University announces Mandatory Covid testing

Mandatory Covid testing for all students and staff at Ohio State University; twice a week!

Mandatory Covid testing, along with Mandatory vaccines, are against the law and US Constitution.

Ohio State University email regarding Mandatory Covid Testing

President Kristina M. Johnson sent the following email to The Ohio State University community on March 4, 2021.

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff: 

This is covid hoax was always bad, with government scare tactics to force people into getting “vaccinated” by a virus that doesn’t exist, with an experimental gene-altering, DNA scrambling serum, which they call a vaccine.

We have now reached the midpoint of spring semester, and our work together to slow the spread of COVID-19 continues to make me proud. The most recent report from the university’s Comprehensive Monitoring Team (CMT) shows that our collective efforts to wear masks, physically distance, practice good hygiene and avoid large gatherings are working. The lessons we learned through the fall have also positioned us better to quickly identify trends going in the wrong direction and address them. 

This week has shown an uptick in our on-campus student positivity rate over the last seven days. It remains low at 1.02% and the total student positivity rate is currently under 1%. While these numbers are promising, the infection rate among on-campus students has doubled in just one week. The university is acting quickly to curb this increase in our positivity rate, which is being driven by cases on the Columbus campus. Therefore, starting Monday, March 8, students who live in university housing or university-managed facilities on the Columbus campus will be required to schedule and complete two COVID-19 tests each week until further notice. More details are available on the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website.

This increased testing will improve our ability to quickly identify COVID-19 cases, most of which are asymptomatic, and protect others from getting sick by isolating those cases and quarantining their at-risk close contacts. This step is possible because Ohio State’s on-site testing lab has ramped up considerably this semester.

It’s important to remember that we have found minimal evidence of people becoming infected while working, learning and teaching on campus.

We have much to look forward to in the coming weeks, including spring commencement and increased distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations in our state and across the country. In order to fully return to doing all that we love, including the potential of an in-person commencement, let’s continue to stay safe and healthy, Together As Buckeyes.

Sincerely yours,

Kristina M. Johnson PhD


There is No test available for Covid

Let’s make it clear again; there is no test available for Covid!

The PCR test is used to test for “Covid.”

The PCR test is nothing new; it’s been around since 1993.

The PCR test amplifies DNA to test for bacteria and virus counts in your body.

The PCR test is used to test for the fake covid virus. Ohio State University announces Mandatory Covid testing
They use the PCR test to test for “Covid”

If a PCR test shows you have any bacteria count in your body (you do if you’re alive), they mark you as Covid positive.

EVERYONE has traces of bacteria and some amount of viruses in their body! This is NOT a Covid test! The PCR test is a generalized test for the bacteria / virus count in a living being.

What is the PCR Test (rebranded Covid test)

The “covid test” has been found to contain Morgellons.

Morgellons are moving Nanotech Fibers. They are In The Covid-19 Test Swabs! 

Sometimes called “molecular photocopying,” the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a fast and inexpensive technique used to “amplify” – copy – small segments of DNA. Because significant amounts of a sample of DNA are necessary for molecular and genetic analyses, studies of isolated pieces of DNA are nearly impossible without PCR amplification.

Often heralded as one of the most important scientific advances in molecular biology, PCR revolutionized the study of DNA to such an extent that its creator, Kary B. Mullis, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993.

Once amplified, the DNA produced by PCR can be used in many different laboratory procedures. For example, most mapping techniques in the Human Genome Project (HGP) relied on PCR.

PCR is also valuable in a number of laboratory and clinical techniques, including DNA fingerprinting, detection of bacteria or viruses (particularly AIDS), and diagnosis of genetic disorders.

Covid “Testing” contains Ethylene Oxide

Along with “Covid tests” being laced with ethylene oxide, the long Q-tip has broken the blood brain barrier in many patients. This is very bad.

Some ways the “government” uses fear to fulfill their Agenda:

  • Non-stop talk on the fake news media (daily) about covid for over a year
  • Mandatory Masks (for only 2 weeks – still going on after 10 months)
  • Businesses forced to close if they don’t comply with covid hoax rules
  • Separation of the people (maskers vs non-maskers)
  • Stay 6′ apart
  • No gathering in groups
  • Mandatory Masks in public places
  • Fake covid numbers (actually the flu)
  • Never a mention of the flu, even during flu season, on lying news media
  • Everything is Covid on lying news media (flu no longer exists)
  • Covid “vaccine” killing people (fake news not reporting this)
  • Government talking about vaccine passports (no freedoms until “vaccinated”)
  • No freedom until you get vaccinated
  • Most television shows have actors wearing masks (even imaginary worlds have covid.)

 Did you know Democrats blocked GOP Bill Requiring Illegal Immigrants to Be Tested for COVID?

The government (Deep State) wants total control.

You do see how things are getting worse, don’t you? They are taking our freedoms away right in front of our eyes.

Either we rise up and fight, showing no compliance, or face history repeating (Nazi Germany.)

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