Kill ICH in your saltwater aquarium

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 How to Kill the Ich parasite in saltwater aquariums (Kindle Edition)

I absolutely recommend this book! Not only for those who just can’t get rid of ich in their tanks, but also for those just starting the hobby.
Ich is brought up in very good detail!, and not only ich, we also get to know about some other common parasites which i personally think was a great idea to include as well. And as long as you follow the authors guidelines, you will most likely be able to prevent parasite introduction in the first place..Give it a read!
How to Kill Ich in saltwater aquarium ebook. How to kill ich and marine velvet parasite in your saltwater aquarium for good. saltwater fish dying for no reason? Gasping for air and not eating? Not moving? Hiding? It’s called Ich or Marine Velvet in your saltwater aquarium. This nasty parasite is a silent killer. ich embeds itself in the flesh of fish and eats. After a few days it drops off in the sand bed and encrusts in a cell. The parasites multiply, releasing hundreds more parasites into your tank that seek out a fish to host and eat from the inside out. Fish die quickly.  I learned the hard way by losing most of my fish when I was starting out. Saltwater ich and marine velvet and oodinium is a parasite not a disease. It must be removed permanently from your aquarium. Feeding your fish well is not enough. I wanted to share what I have learned about ich and marine velvet to help your fish and aquarium stay healthy.  I put a lot of research and time into this book and it works! I have cured many aquariums using these easy-to-follow steps. You will be very happy and your fish will thrive!