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youtube sucks

More and more video creators are getting fedup with YouTube. You know why? YouTube has failed the video creators. YouTube is definitely not what it used to be.

YouTube will probably be here in the next 10 years. Video is the most popular form of media and entertainment but video creators don’t have the freedom with video they once did with the YouTube we knew years ago.

A good friend asked in 2005, “hey, did you hear about YouTube? It’s where you can put videos of yourself up on the internet.”

Checkout the first video I made for YouTube. A fun evening of filming in 2005. Simple cameras, not even HD. I uploaded 3 years later to YouTube. Vader and Emperor.

I’ve been into video production since early 1990s and this includes filming and editing video. Since we were limited to showing our work on video tape, this YouTube would be perfect!

YouTube sounded familiar but with limited technology and internet speeds, I didn’t think it would catch on for years…and I was right.

10 years later, YouTube was crazy with creators all trying to make money.

The cool YouTube lasted until 2015, followed by the terrible 2017 YouTube changes and that’s when demonetization kicked in unfortunately.

Demonetization is the act of taking money away from video creators. YouTube demonetized thousands of channels without any real reason other than these small channels no longer meet YouTube standards.

YouTube was great until google took it over. Then the sponsors who are responsible for placing ads on YouTube videos you watch got all sweaty with issues so YouTube change their terms again.

youtube sucks

I could go on and on how YouTube changed policies to hurt small video creators but I won’t. You can find that info. on YouTube all over the internet.

YouTube isn’t the same video platform anymore; they are controlled by sponsors, google and full of limits. YouTube has been removing thousands of videos that do not “fit their terms or hurt feelings of sponsors.”

YouTube has removed most of the good videos and disabled many smaller channels from making money (not like there was much money to be made on YouTube anyway.)

All YouTube creators have delusions of being the next YouTube channel with 1 million subscribers and 1 million dollars in the bank (even me at one time.)

The pay a video creator gets from YouTube now is terrible. Not even people who have lots of views on their videos and tons of subscribers have low pay because they’re not following the YouTube rules good enough.

Creators will not be able to make a name for themselves, like many creators did before them. Even stricter YouTube regulations will face some of them.

youtube monetization sucks

YouTube just kept getting worse. I believe you needed 100 subscribers to become a YouTube partner, which means you were allowed to have ads placed on your videos. This meant your channel was monetized, which means you can now make money.

YouTube didn’t pay much even back then. I think the amount was roughly $1.00 for every 2,000 views. So all the hard work you put into your YouTube videos…if you got 10,000 views on said video, you made about $5.00, which you have to pay taxes on. Or was it $2.00 for ever 1,000 video views, making it $10.00. Whatever, it was a ripoff.

But wait, a few years later YouTube decides you now need 1,000 subscribers to make money on your videos instead of only 100 subscribers. A subscriber is someone who likes your channel so they subscribe to it.

YouTube rules got worse, causing many video creators to leave  YouTube.

I had 4 different channels on YouTube, all completely different from each other. After all the video work on all channels, I made enough money each month to pay my cell phone bill. It’s not a lot but every little bit helps so I’ll take it.

Once 2020 rolled around and the coronavirus hoax, setup by the United States government, hit, YouTube was deleting videos by the thousands for “conspiracy theory” practices. Actually, the people were just waking up to years of brainwashing and wanted to voice their opinion on coronavirus and house arrest (social isolation.)

Not just coronavirus videos, but all forms of political videos that didn’t agree with the US government or their agenda, were removed from YouTube by YouTube / Google.

I started my a video sharing site, like YouTube, called ROXYTUBE www.roxytube.com

YouTube has sunk to all time lows. With massive video censoring, deleting of videos (which paid video creators pennies), I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I started ROXY TUBE. ROXY TUBE is a video sharing website like YouTube without the politics, red tape or sponsors controlling everything.

Sure, YouTube is a video sharing monster but it took them 15 years to get there. YouTube has pissed a lot of video creators off and I’m one of them. I got sick of seeing them treat video creators like crap so I ventured out on my own.

Yes there are plenty of video sharing sites out there such as vimeo, but I didn’t want to spend money to upload videos. I started ROXY TUBE video sharing so I can have my own thing and help video creators achieve their goals.

Who knows what’s in store for ROXY TUBE down the road, but I’m having a blast designing, creating and running it. It’s always awesome to get an email notification alerting that someone has uploaded another video to ROXY TUBE.

Many people thought YouTube was awesome back in 2015 and that it would continue to be the perfect video platform. It’s sad that out future generations will not experience the good ol’ YouTube we knew. Those were some good times…fun times…inspiring times.

At the time of this writing, ROXY TUBE has been operating for 2 days, with 7 video creators on it. I wonder what the future will bring. I’m excited to find out.

If you would like to check out ROXY TUBE, we can be found at www.roxytube.com

Share the site out with your friends and any video creator who you think will enjoy it. We don’t compress videos so the quality you upload is the quality you will see, always.

I write about anything techy, music, photography, artsy and whatever I think you may find interesting.


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