I sold my lawn mower and bought a push mower and couldn’t be happier!

If your lawn mower is not starting or is dying out, or you’re tired of lawn mower maintenance and upkeep costs, I have an easy and simple fix. This is something I did in the spring of 2018 and have not had a problem since.

It’s one of the best things I ever did for my lawn!

I had a Toro lawn mower. This Toro mower was 2 years old, did a great job, but it was just too much for my yard. We have a very small yard, like what a townhome would have.

I hated making special trips to the gas station because the gas can was empty.

I did all the common lawn mower maintenance yearly. All gas was emptied end of summer, changed oil in the spring, and replaced the air filter and spark plug yearly. The carburetor was also cleaned almost every other grass cutting.

There were other issues we all face. Not enough gas in the tank. Here we go to the gas station. More time wasted! All these things annoyed me beyond words. The expenses and headache were an extra stress in life, which I don’t need at all.


I got rid of the Toro lawn mower and bought a push reel mower. These are the old-time motorless lawn mowers you have seen. These reel mowers have come a long way and aren’t just found on farms anymore.

lawn mower not starting is not an issue with reel lawn mowers

I was surprised to find these reel mowers popular, and even saw a neighbor using one, which is what gave me the idea in the first place. I bought the same one as him. There’s a wide selection of simple-to-use push mowers. Here’s the one I bought from Amazon, which has 5 blades.

I’ve also used this push lawn mower on my dad’s large yard, which took no time at all to mow by the way. I spent the same time cutting his grass as he did, with his standard mower.

lawn mower not starting issues are a thing of the past.


  1. Very easy to push (My 7-year-old uses it.)
  2. Very quiet. I can cut the grass at 8am without waking anyone.
  3. Never needs sharpening.
  4. Never have to buy gas, air filters or spark plugs.
  5. The reel lawn mower will not stall.
  6. The reel lawn mower will always start.
  7. Not expensive (under $80).
  8. Heavy Duty, yet easy to manage.
  9. Takes less space in the garage…can hang on wall.
  10. No maintenance.
  11. I don’t smell like gas fumes after cutting the lawn.
  12. Cuts through grass like butter, leaving a nice natural cut.
  13. Can adjust grass cut height
  14. Fun and easy to use.

There is something therapeutic about pushing this reel lawn mower. Once I tried it, I knew I would never go back to a standard lawn mower again. I love the soothing metal swishing sound it makes as it cuts easily through the grass. It’s very soothing and theraputic.

Here’s a video of the reel mower I bought.

You can buy a rear catch bag to grab the grass but I did not. I never used a bag for my standard lawn mower either. I prefer to have the grass settle into the lawn for reseeding.

You may find it odd after growing up with a motorized lawn mower, as I have, as we all have. I wanted to try something different, while getting something that just works every time. I’m huge into saving time and money where I can, and this is one of the best things I’ve done for my lawn and sanity.how to fix lawn mower not starting.

I sold my Toro

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