How To Handle A Corrupt School Board – Replace Them ON THE SPOT!

vail Arizona school board replaced by parents

Vail school board replaced on the spot by parents in Arizona on Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

How do you handle a corrupt school board? YOU REPLACE THEM ALL on the spot with patriotic parents!

Parents in Vail, Arizona, fedup with the corrupt school board, grouped together and created a new school board amongst themselves during a canceled meeting by the school board.

Vail School Board Flees the night of a school board meeting and Parents Elect New Board on the spot, voting unanimously to End Mask Mandates.

Hundreds of parents showed up to the Vail School Board meeting to demand the board make masks optional. The board didn’t want to hear it so they walked out of the meeting before it began. The parents, under Robert’s Rules of Order, voted in a new school board that same night.

The new Vail school board members voted to end the mask requirement in Vail Schools. The old school board members revealed exactly who they are and that includes GOP LD 10 Chairman, Chris King.

Emotions flared in Vail, Arizona, Tuesday night, after parents shared their frustrations about the Vail Unified School District still requiring its students to mask up.

On Tuesday, April 27, 2021, the VUSD school board was planning to discuss its mask policy after Gov. Doug Ducey enacted a new executive order that lifted the state’s order to require face masks in schools.

As this new order allowed “K-12 school districts and charter schools still maintain the right to institute and enforce policies to mitigate against COVID-19 spread, including the use of masks,” several local school districts elected to maintain its mask mandate throughout the remainder of the school year.

When the announcement was made, the VUSD school board immediately shared with its community that it planned to continue its current COVID-19 mitigation practices, stating that its board would discuss the matter this week.

Hundreds of parents showed up to the Vail School Board meeting to demand the board make masks optional. The board didn't want to hear it so they walked out of the meeting before it even began. So the parents, under Robert's Rules of Order, voted in a new school board.
New Vail School Board Election by the People

When the meeting date came, Vail school district officials decided to cancel it a few minutes before it began, citing safety concerns after parents and community members rallied outside the district office, calling for the district to lift the mask mandate.

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After the community heard the news of the Vail school meeting’s cancelation, parents were upset. They demanded to speak to the board. Five parents along with their kids were allowed to speak to the board.

Pima County Sheriff’s Department deputies were called, however, their presence only made some parents’ voices louder.

To be clear, there were no riots or trouble; parents just wanted the Vail school meeting to take place.

What Parents in Vail School Board meeting said

“These are my rights as a parent and they don’t get to decide how I raise them and what I believe is true and factual,” one parent said. “It’s disgusting what’s being done and I don’t agree with it. I don’t. When you look at the flu, it also causes death. It also hurts people.”

About 90 percent of Vail school parents support the no mask mandate for their kids.

One parent who has two children in the district said she worries this community has reached a breaking point it cannot come back from.

“They have never asked for our input on anything. They literally invented three different ways to educate our kids, so they could try to appease everyone during a pandemic. The community gets torn apart and we are so divided we can’t get put back together again. Vail’s all about our community.”

A New Vail School Board Self-Elected

In the end, the corrupt school board members quit or were removed that night, and parents created a new school board on the spot.

The new school board, comprised of parents and patriots, made the ruling that masks will be optional by all students, teachers and staff, along with “covid tests” and “Covid Vaccines.”

Perfect way to handle a corrupt school board. Fire them, elect a new board on the spot!

New Vail school board Election by Parents

This is a very powerful video; we need more people like this! This is one of my favorite posts.

There are more of us than their are of them. TIME TO TAKE DOWN THEIR AGENDA!

I am so proud of these parents rising up to battle mask laws and mandatory vaccines.

I wish I was there!

What are your thoughts on the New Vail School Board Election? I’m sure I already know. Let us know in the comments below.

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