Why is death hard to accept?

how to cope with death

Why is death hard to accept?

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We all know death is a part of life but coping with it is very difficult. You cannot have one without the other. The birth of a child is generally a happy occasion, and accepted. Death, on the other hand, is met with shock and denial most of the time. Although we understand the cycle of life, it is hard for us to comprehend that someday it will be our turn. Everyone goes away when it’s their time. The thousands of people on the streets of New York, 100 years ago, are gone. A clean slate. Not many among the living know the achievements of those who went before them. All the late hours spent on the job to better the company, all the stress endured with life’s problems, amount to nothing in the end.

The same tombstones off the expressway in one of Chicago’s largest cemeteries, are the same tombstones as when I was a kid. It feels as if people buried in cemeteries have always been there. They’re still there and I’m still here. We’ve been in our separate realms the entire time. Hard to believe the realms will merge one day. One day, some kid may spot my tombstone and think the same.

Here is a link for more reading on coping with death if that is something you are going through.

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