Covid Vaccine Mandates Can Be Avoided

Covid Vaccine mandates

Covid Vaccine mandates can be avoided when pressure from peers and employers is overwhelming. 

For any of you who feel pressured to get the covid jab and feel like it’s becoming impossible to say no, here are some tips.

This post discusses:

  1. Why covid vaccine mandates and coercion are illegal
  2. Have a practical way to converse about your decision to opt-out.
  3. Feel confident in your decision to speak up and stand up for your rights.

In case you missed my recent article on how Covid Vaccines are mass genocide, check it out after reading this post.

Also read about what the Covid Vaccine really is, by Dr. Carrie Madej. 

Dealing with Employers and School Vaccine Mandates

If an you’re an employee or student who was required or feeling coerced into getting a covid vaccine, here’s how to handle it:


Ask what exemptions are in place for people who need to decline the shot.

If you get any pushback for asking that question, say that is between you and your doctor (HIPAA medical privacy law.) 

If asking for exemptions is not successful, here’s what to do next. 


Pharma can’t be sued for injuries or deaths caused by their Covid Vaccine mandates, but companies, schools and individuals that mandate them can be. 

If an institution is trying to mandate or coerce you into taking something against your will, not only is that 100% ILLEGAL, by forcing you to take a product, they make themselves liable if you get injured or die.

Covid Vaccine mandates can be avoided when pressure from peers and employers is overwhelming. 
Thank you for complying

Given the way our government is promoting covid “vaccines,” most institutions don’t even know that mandates are illegal, nor do they understand the liability mandates expose them to.

To give you some ground to stand on, let’s start here:

Vaccine mandates for experimental covid shots are against the law in the US.

  • You can see the actual law in this letter sent to all Universities currently trying to mandate the covid shot. 
  • Mandates (and shockingly many of the government sponsored vaccine ads) go against FTC law regarding deceptive advertising. 
  • Mandates create all sorts of problems with HIPAA (medical privacy) law – in case you care to see the list of ongoing lawsuits that have arisen when people’s HIPAA rights are violated, you can click here

Coercion tactics are in violation of U.S. and International Law. Covid Vaccine Mandates are not law…they’re a push for their agenda.

The opening frame of the Nuremberg Code—written after WWII to make sure no one is ever again forced to participate in medical interventions without their consent—states this: 

“The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. 

This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved, as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.”

Did you catch that part about: “without…any coercion”?

Covid Vaccine mandates and the entire covid narrative violate all 10 items of the Nuremberg code.

If you want to see what a group of 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 doctors are doing to highlight these issues and begin new crimes-against-humanity trials, you can click here

Covid Vaccine mandates can be avoided when pressure from peers and employers is overwhelming. 
I complied but I still have to wear a mask

The good guys are pushing back.

Covid Vaccine Mandates and coercion are ILLEGAL

If your school or employer goes to court and is found guilty of breaking these very-clear laws, they will lose.


  1. Good Cop: You could mention this liability issue as a way to show you are looking out for the best interest of your school or employer—i.e. you could be the hero that keeps them out of court, helps craft a respectful policy, and saves them countless dollars in legal battles. 
  2. Bad Cop: You could overtly mention litigation and that you would be happy to file a lawsuit if anything happens to you or your peers. This may or may not be good for office politics (or your education/career path), but if you’re in a position of leverage this may be the fastest way to sway in your organization’s policy. 
Stand up for your rights and fight Covid Vaccine mandates. Covid Vaccine mandates can be avoided when pressure from peers and employers is overwhelming. 

Critically important questions to ask:

  • Why are governments literally spending billions of taxpayer dollars to overtly coerce all of us to take these experimental products? 
  • Why are governments using bribery to enforce Covid Vaccines?
  • Are they ignorant of the law or are they actively, knowingly, engaged in something illegal?
  • Why is the White House not quick to point out to businesses that mandates and coercion are against the law? 
  • Why is the FTC not cracking down on illegal and deceptive advertising? – Why is it left to non-profits to take our institutions to task?
  • Why are donuts, cash, or reestablishing pre-covid privileges (like going to a ballpark in NY without a vaccine and sitting where you used to) not at least being frowned up as manipulation, or discrimination, if not overt coercion?

The federal government, and even some states, aren’t being subtle about trying to get everyone to take these “vaccines.” 

Why is Government Forcing Covid Vaccine Mandates? Powerful video that must be watched

They are shoving vaccine mandates on us and using every well-honed tactic of fear, guilt, shame, and attempts to withhold freedoms that they can come up with to force their “vaccinations.”

This propaganda is happening from the White House podium and our taxpayer dollars are funding the largest, coercion-based, “vaccine” promoting, media blitz in history. 

In case you missed it, here’s a recent quote from Joe Biden?

“The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours.”

I’m not a lawyer, but that sure sounds like coercion from Beijing Joe. 

U.S. Government is NOT following the Constitution (and hasn’t for years.)

  • They are breaking the Nuremberg code.
  • They are contributing to the division in this nation. 
  • They are being dismissive of the risks these products carry.
  • They’re tying our freedoms to compliance with what you think it best.
  • They are stepping into the middle of a private decision between us and our doctors.
  • They are unraveling trust in science, medicine, and our government. 

If our federal government can unashamedly break the law, encourage social media titans to censor all dissent, suppress or withhold all non-vaccine treatments, and erode our freedoms, who then is actually looking out for us?

Covid Vaccine Mandates and coercion are Illegal

If you want to get the “vaccine” (that’s your choice), does it not bother you to see what our federal government is doing? 

If clear examples of government overreach don’t bother you, it could be because they have worn you down by taking away so many of your freedoms that you’re willing to make this intellectual compromise just so life can “go back to normal.”

We can go back to normal with no compliance. If everyone disobeyed, we’d be getting somewhere.

If you think giving up your freedoms has ever resulted in getting them back, you don’t know history. 

What will happen to the Vaccinated by 2023? I pray this video isn’t true.

If you think governments are going to resolve these problems, you don’t realize yet that they are behind it all.

The only way we take back our freedoms is to fight for them. NO COMPLIANCE!

What more would have to happen before you stand up for yourself?

Thousands of people are dying or suffering life-long permanent disabilities after getting jabbed, and yet, people line up for the experimental serum designed by the government.

The mainstream lying news media outlets aren’t reporting Covid Vaccine deaths and tragedies on television for a reason.

The lying news media works for the government (The Deep State.) When will you realize this? When one of your loved ones dies? Or will you simply think their death was from “covid?”

When will YOUR LINE be crossed for unethical government overreach, and when will you stand up and do something about it? 

Vaccinated People are still getting “Covid”


Given that our leaders aren’t likely to be held accountable or change their thinking about everyone getting the jab, let’s turn our attention back to the immediately practical.

Make sure to submit in writing and email, your objection to being forced to take the jab, and let it be known that if you are forced to do so, or if your employment is threatened, you will consider legal action. 

If you need help finding an attorney to pushback against your school or employer, here are some resources for you:

  • Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) – In order to obtain potential legal assistance, email ICAN at fr*****@ic********.org and provide a copy of the written notice from your school or employer stating that the COVID-19 vaccine is required. You can also see this letter ICAN is sending to all universities mandating vaccines. 
  • America’s Frontline Doctors, Legal Eagle Dream Team (love that name) – has put together fantastic letters you can share with your employer or school to put the fear of God in them by showing them how untenable a vaccine mandate is and the scary volume of liability they would have if they tried to. 
  • Children’s Health Defense – has put together this simple one-page letter explaining the law to any employer or school that attempts to mandate the covid vaccine. 
  • Health Freedom Defense Fund – They aid families and individuals whose health rights have been infringed and they support legal challenges to unjust laws that undermine our health and freedoms. You can contact them and see a list of resources here. Their legal team can also send Cease-and-Desist letters on your behalf if needed. 
  • State-by-State List of Vaccine Attorneys. If you need help for a more specific situation, you can check out this list of attorneys standing by to help. 
  • For those living in Canada, you might be able to find legal help here


If you are under pressure from anyone in the medical profession to get a covid jab, here are some ways to handle it. 


Doctors work for you, not the other way around. 

If a healthcare professional is pressuring you to take the shot, politely (or confrontationally if that’s your style) fire that doctor or nurse and find a new one. 

Covid Vaccine mandates can be avoided when pressure from peers and employers is overwhelming. Don't let your doctor pressure you into getting a Covid Vaccine.
Trust us, we have degrees on our wall. We know what’s best for you

There are doctors happy to protect your right to decline the Covid Vaccine shot. 


Ask for a Lab Test to Screen You for Susceptibility to Vaccine Injury

The best “screening” I could find is this laughable, propaganda document from the CDC that basically says unless you have a severe allergic reaction to polyethylene glycol (or your first covid jab), you should be good to go. 

There is no test your doctor can give you to screen you for possible complications.

Not one.

Let that sink in. 

If you don’t believe it, ask for a test. 


If you ask the unanswerable question, you’ll likely get the standard, canned reply… “Not to worry, the vaccines are safe and effective, and the risks are one-in-a-million.” (BTW, injuries are way more than one in a million).

In case you get that predictable reply, here’s all you have to do—repeat your question. 

Say, “I get it doc, but how do we know MY body is not at risk for becoming injured”?

An honest doctor (or nurse/pharmacist, etc.) will tell you there’s no way to know. 

No modestly-informed person, certainly no medical professional, disputes that all medical products carry risks. 

Furthermore, is there any medical professional or public-health leader who denies that these shots have injured or killed people?

From blood clots, to menstrual issues, to Bell’s palsy, to anaphylaxis’, body-wide hiveslife-altering tremors, and death, these vaccines carry very real risks. 

Read A LOT MORE on what the Covid Vaccine has done to people.


Some devastating injures from a covid “vaccine”

  1. Suffer from debilitating tremors.
  2. Are unable to work, thus they lost their income.
  3. Are unable to drive.
  4. Get no worker’s compensation.
  5. Have no recourse to sue the manufactures. 
  6. Have mountains of debt from all their medical bills.
  7. Have been abandoned by their own medical profession.
  8. Can’t file an insurance claim because their situation isn’t covered.
  9. Have to rely of family members to meet their most basic and personal needs.
  10. Blame themselves for not “doing their homework.”
  11. DEATH

MANY DOCTORS even know the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) existed before they took the shot.

Covid Vaccines can be avoided when pressure from peers and employers is overwhelming. 
Have you had enough yet?

People taking the jab “trusted the science” and now have been left with injuries that may be lifelong. 

How do you know this wouldn’t happen to you?

Is this the time for blind faith, or is it the time for tougher questions?


In case you need any other questions to reason with your friends or medical professionals, here are some other talking points to choose from:

  • Ask when the clinical trials for these “vaccines” ended? Hint: They haven’t. They aren’t schedule to be over until near the end of 2022 or sometime in 2023. 
  • Ask to see the results of the long-term safety studies. Hint: There aren’t any. How could there be?
  • Ask to see the “package insert.” What’s that? It’s an informative piece of paper that should come with every shot. If you can find one, you can ask questions like: 
  • What does it mean “There is no FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccine?” (p.1), or 
  • Why doesn’t it list “stopping transmission or infection of the ‘SARS-CoV-2 virus’” as one of the benefits (p.3)? Hint: that’s because SARS-CoV-2 is the virus–Covid-19 is the symptoms you manifest. Accidental omission? Hardly. 
  • Ask when we’ve ever used an unapproved vaccine (or any vaccine) in the middle of an outbreak. Hint: We never have. Why not? What problems could that cause?
  • Especially if you’ve already had covid: Ask when have we ever vaccinated people for a disease they have already overcome? Hint: We never have. Why would we do that now? What risks does that present
  • Ask what other medical product has ever been prescribed for every medical condition, every gender, and (almost…they’re working on it) every age? Hint: Not one. So, what makes these products something that is “safe and effective” for everyone, without even adjusting the dosage regardless of how old you are or how much you weigh?
  • Ask if they’ve seen any of these 18 reasons not to get the shot.

You might even curiously point out that:

In 1976, our government stopped a rushed vaccine program (for H1N1) because:

  • 450 (of 45,000,000 who were vaccinated) reported developing Guillain-Barre syndrome (.00001%) 
  • 30+ people died (less than .000001%)

For comparison sake… 

(NOTE: The numbers below rely on a reporting system that is notorious for capturing only a small fraction (1%) of known adverse events, Nonetheless, let’s compare the best data we can find from US and EU government agencies.)

That’s probably a few more clotting disorders than you heard about in the news…and yet the covid-vaccine agenda marches on.

What would it take for us to finally be alarmed at the carnage these covid vaccines are causing?

If you formally ask the CDC such questions, be prepared for a long silence

My doctor informed me that the covid shot is available for when I want it. I cut him off with a firm “I’ll never be taking it” and that was the end of that.


You may be thinking, “OK, I get it—the vaccines carry real risks and the mandates are illegal.” 

BUT, if I cause a ruckus or say no to the shot, I’m also saying no to seeing my family and friends; I’m likely losing my ability to travel, and I may have a pick an uncomfortable fight with my work/school, etc. 

If that’s you, perhaps this quote from Benjamin Franklin can be of value: 

“He who gives up a little freedom to gain a little security, deserves neither and will lose both.”

Yes, your life, and your choices in the near term may get annoyingly, unpalatably disrupted. 

Your family may refuse to talk to you. 

You may have to find new friends.

You may travel less. 

What is better, handing over your freedom and gambling that you won’t get injured, or adjusting your strategy and expectations, finding new friends, and fighting for your freedom.

Which choice will you look back on and say was the right choice?

Here are two things I can tell you:

  1. Given that demand for the covid jab is plummeting, the propaganda engine is kicking into high gear. The pressure is not going to let up anytime soon. You’re either going to cave or find your backbone and stand up for your rights under the U.S. Constitution.
  2. You are NOT alone. The truth-loving, science-protecting, freedom fighters are not cowering in their basements.

In addition to knowing you’re not alone, be encouraged by looking at the revolutions of history that have overthrown tyranny; our ancestors did it, which is why we have the U.S. Constitution – they wrote it FOR YOU!

What you find is that there’s a good chance we don’t even need a majority. If (from the estimates I’ve seen) 13-20% of us will get loud, organized, and stand up for truth, we win!

It takes courage to stand up for your rights; no one said it would be easy. 

These conversations on Covid Vaccine mandates are uncomfortable, but do you have a better option? IF you give in to pressure, they win, and you could die or be disabled for life. Maybe you’ll be fine, for now. Is it worth the gamble?

Once they take our freedom, they won’t give it back. 

If we cave in now, there will be more mandates and more erosion of our freedoms.

Here’s the thing about speaking truth and asking genuinely-thoughtful questions—there’s no need to be rude, or bombastic; truth just needs to be spoken.

People will recognize truth when they hear it. 

Will you let your voice be heard and stand up for what’s right?

I hope you found this both helpful and inspiring.

Don’t be bullied into compromising your integrity and succumbing to an illegal mandate.

The time to stand up for truth is upon us. It may get uncomfortable, but so be it. 

For all of you who’ve felt too fearful to speak out, we need you. 

Find the courage to join the fight; it’s upon us.

What are your thoughts on Covid Vaccine Mandates and how to avoid them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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