10 tips to grow your YouTube channel fast and get more subscribers.

This tech post is about how to grow a successful YouTube channel and vlog, or even blog, to get more views. 10 tips to grow your YouTube channel fast and get more subscribers.

With simple YouTube videos you can create and grow a YouTube audience that will enable you to sell you products and services and attract a loyal customer base.

Whether you’re new to YouTube, starting a blog or vlog, or you’ve had had one for a bit, these marketing tips to get more YouTube subscribers and views on your YouTube videos are for you.

YouTube is a tool for a profitable online business.

What is a vlog? A vlog is a “video blog.” A blog is a written article on a website usually explaining how to do something. A person who records themselves talking about their life, hobbies or business and uploads it to various video sites (Video Blog) such as YouTube.

A blog is a written article on a website and a vlog is a video version of a blog, talking about it, instead of writing about it.

YouTube is one of the best ways to market yourself or your business. You can grow your YouTube channel faster and get subscribers with a larger online presence. People of all ages and industries visit YouTube on a daily basis. YouTube receives over 100 million video views each day, so it has a massive audience.

10 tips to grow your YouTube channel faster and get subscribers

Not only is YouTube one of the best ways to market you or your business, it also relatively cheap. A YouTube channel is a great way to drive traffic to your website/generate leads.

Benefits of a successful YouTube channel

A YouTube channel will drive traffic, build your brand, generate leads and boost your revenue (monetization.) Video viewers are 70% more likely to make a purchase vs just reading about something on a website. You will grow your YouTube channel faster and get more subscribers with great content and good SEO practices.

Marketing and YouTube videos will help you get found on Google. YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine next to Google (Google owns YouTube.) YouTube is incredibly powerful for marketing.

Having a highly-ranked website on Google will generate more traffic to your website, allowing your YouTube channel to grow faster and get subscribers.

You can also rank your YouTube videos in Google for various keywords. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits of having YouTube videos are numerous for marketing your blog, website or YouTube channel.

Keywords are what people type into google or YouTube to find content.

What comes first – Your website or YouTube channel?

Some people start with a YouTube channel and once that grows in popularity, they add a website. On the other hand you have businesses that start with a website and then add a YouTube channel with videos as an additional way of marketing their business. You should have both a website and YouTube channel.

It’s beneficial to have both a YouTube channel filled with videos, along with a website to promote yourself or your business. You should embed your YouTube videos into your website / vlog, which will not only get you more views, but benefits your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) too.

10 Steps to get started on YouTube:

1. Choose your niche
A niche is your area of expertise. What type of videos will you make? Decide what you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Make sure you choose something that you will be motivated to make videos for months and years to come.

If you’re bored making your video, then viewers certainly will be. Don’t assume that because you know a lot about a topic that others will as well, therefore, assuming it will be a waste of time to make YouTube videos on the topic.

I made this mistake. I thought, why would I make YouTube videos on video editing? So many people already have YouTube channels and already must know how to edit. Truth is, many people don’t and others like to see how other people go about doing things.

2. Create a YouTube username & domain name
The right name will help you build a brand. Have a name that is catchy, memorable and relevant to your topic and make sure you have a web address (domain name) that matches it.

You will want to drive traffic to your website, so make sure the YouTube username matches or at the very least is similar, otherwise you will look unprofessional. It does help to have keywords in your website or YouTube channel name.

If you are selling fishing products out of Kansas you could call the website kansasfishingsupplies.com or something like that. But, by the same token, the famous YouTube, pewdiepie, has a name that isn’t related to anything that he’s doing and makes absolutely no sense.

3. Consistently upload videos
Plan your videos. Decide on their topics and when you will film them. Come up with a film schedule and stick to it. Upload a video once a week or twice a week, etc.

You need to regularly feed your audience with new videos otherwise they will lose interest in you. If you want to grow a loyal following then deliver the content. I would consistently upload a new video every Saturday morning and my viewers always looked for it. They expected videos and looked forward to them. When I stopped doing that after 4 years, views dropped significantly. I didn’t have the time to devote to that channel like I used to.

I currently upload a new YouTube video to that channel when I have time and I see a difference; it was better to be consistent…same time and day.

4. Good lighting, audio and video quality
The better your video looks, the more professional you will be. It is worth investing in a good camera, but the good news is it’s becoming cheaper every year to get a quality HD video camera. If you have an iPhone then you’re off to a great start. Natural lighting is best, but if you film at night, then but some lights!

Here’s a video I made on lighting for YouTube videos

5. Get a good microphone
Having high-quality, crystal clear audio is absolutely essential to your YouTube videos. Don’t underestimate the importance of audio. It’s recommend you invest in a quality microphone, as the built-in microphones with most cameras are often low-quality audio.

Here’s a video I made on getting great audio for YouTube videos

6. Add music to your videos
Films use music to influence the emotions of the audience. Music colors the video and definitely adds color to your production. You could use a subtle background track to carry the subject along and give it more energy, and importantly keep the viewer more engaged.

Remember to lower the volume of the music during editing so people can hear you. Make sure the music you add is either copyright free or royalty free.

7. Get good at editing your videos
Learn how to edit video. Study how other videos are filmed. Experiment with different camera angles. How do they transition from one scene to the next?

A well-edited video will keep attention. Edit out the fluff. If it takes you a minute to open a box during an unboxing video, keep only the first few seconds of the box actually being opened. No one wants to sit watching you open a box in silence. People will move to the next video fast.

8. YouTube thumbnails
All successful YouTube creators have high-quality thumbnails. YouTube thumbnails are an advertisement for your video – they will be the first thing people see and its all they have when deciding whether or not to click and watch your video.

There’s a lot of competition on YouTube, so make the most of every opportunity. Have an interesting thumbnail but make sure it relates to your video content. You don’t want to be accused of click bait (having a video thumbnail that has nothing to do with your YouTube video to trick people into watching it.) Make sure your thumbnail is eye-catching. You can use canva.com to create thumbnails.

9. Advertise/Promote your channel
When you upload a YouTube video make sure you tell as many people as possible. Spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, your blog, embed the video on your website, etc. The more people who know about your video, the more views it will get.

10. Become involved in your niche YouTube community
Comment on other YouTube videos, collaborate with other vloggers, keep an eye on what’s popular. Leave your feedback and eventually people will start to recognize your name and visit your channel.

Here’s a bonus tip… REPLY TO ALL COMMENTS ON YOUR CHANNEL! People hate when you don’t reply…it looks like you don’t care.


One of the main benefits of creating videos for your YouTube channel and website is the SEO benefits that will result for them. The advantage with videos over conventional SEO is that it is often easier to get a YouTube video to rank on page 1 than it is to get a website to rank.

Google’s algorithm to find and index videos will only get better over time. So, if you don’t already have a YouTube channel then now is the time to start. Don’t be nervous. It takes a lot of work, which is why it’s so important to do something you love.

I have a couple friends who I got started in YouTube and they are loving it. I also have a couple friends who would love to start but are too nervous or scared. I get that. You’ll never know until you try.

By following thee tips you will grow your YouTube channel faster and get more subscribers.

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