Rotter studios Chicago suburbs recording studio

ROTTER studios in Elgin – some gear:

– Logic Pro multi track recording DAW

Focusrite Saffire 40 pro – audio interface – Pristine mic pres

– 27″ iMac i7 – 32GB ram

– All project files are backed up end of each session.

– 4′ X 4′ acoustically – sound vocal / amp booth

– Yamaha HS8 studio monitors

– Mesa Boogie fifty fifty tube power amp

– 4 X12 guitar cabinet loaded with celestions

– Line 6 pod pro preamp – great for recording guitar or bass direct

– Rocktron voodu valve tube pre amp

Guitar and Bass plugins by Toontrack – pro amp sims

– Peavey Revalver III.V guitar amp sims

– Sennheiser instrument mics

– Shure SM57 dynamic instrument mics

– Shure SM81 condensor mics

– Shure SM27 vocal mic

– Shure SM7b vocal mic

– Yamaha DTEXPRESS IV digital drum kit

– BBE 462 Sonic Maximizers

– AKG monitor headphones

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